"Time is ticking..." Hermione tapped her watch, calling up the stairs to Ginny.

"Blah, blah, blah!" Ginny called back down.

"Honestly, 5 more minutes and I'm leaving without you." Hermione adjusted her scarf over her warm wool jacket.

"Ok, ok." Ginny stepped down the stairs from the girls dormitories into the common room.

"You've got to be kidding me." Hermione snorted as she viewed Ginny's outfit. "You'll freeze to death!"

Ginny smirked, spinning around. She wore a long-sleeved grey t shirt under a green strapless dress, jeans, a red belt, and a green scarf. Her hair glowed- offset by the green. Still, 33 degrees outside, and it was a bit chilly.

"Like it?" Ginny tugged on black gloves and slipped into her bright red snow boots.


"Oh my, time is ticking!" Ginny interrupted, rushing out of the portrait hole.

"Ginny!" Ginny slammed the portrait behind her, to the fat lady's cries, and raced down the corridors and staircases to the entrance hall, giggling.

"Ginny!" Hermione caught up, laughing as well. She tugged on Ginny's sleeve and collapsed onto her shoulder, giggling with her friend.

"Why if it isn't Weaslette and the Mudblood," the familiar snide voice came from behind the two girls. "I had no idea you lovebirds were so close." The tall blonde newcomer chuckled, swaggering toward Hermione and Ginny. "I'm surprised, Weasel, I never thought you needed money that badly." he sneered.

"Why if it isn't Ferret boy- in the flesh." Ginny mocked him, stepping forward in a mock of his strut. She met his gaze, though a whole foot shorter (thanks to her mother's damned genes.). "Do us all a favor, Malfoy, and bugger off. Unless you want me to get all mammalization on your arse."

"Oh, please, like a Weasley could scare me!"

"Honestly, like a Malfoy could scare me!" she mocked.

"Try, Weasel. I dare you."

"Really?" her eyes glinted as she cracked a smirk to rival Malfoy's own. "Get ready to be scared."

Malfoy scoffed, sneering down at her.

"Close you eyes, Ferret." she ordered him.

"You think I'm scared of the dark?" he snorted, but obeyed. "You are-" he was cut off when Ginny placed a single delicate kiss on his lips.

"Whew. Good lord, maybe you do win," she wiped her lips, "That was rather scary." Ginny smirked, swiping on some more of her signature verbena lemon lip gloss.

Malfoy stood, still, with a strange expression on his face- something between shock and horror and cockiness.

"Wait-" Ginny turned back to him, "Let me take the words out of your mouth- 'Now I have to go and decontaminate myself from the real world, I better go cry off to my big bad daddykins to give me more worthless shit and pay more attention to me.' Am I right? Or will you finally see the light and choose the smarter choice of 'You're right, Ginny, you are a goddess and I deserve nothing more than to grovel at your feet.' Which one... Draco." she fluttered her eyelashes in mock coyness, then snorted. "You worm." she shook her head, leading Hermione toward Hogsmeade, leaving Malfoy standing still alone.

As soon as they were out of sight, Hermione slapped the back of Ginny's head. "Ginny, are you serious?!" she squealed.

"What? It shut him up, didn't it?" she argued, walking ahead to the thestral-driven carriages waiting to drive them into Hogsmeade. "And for once he wasn't fighting."

"Or being a prat - I get it. But... wasn't that just a bit uncalled for?" Hermione dragged her to the nearest carriage.

"Puh-lease." Ginny snorted. "Believe me, that was nothing - if I had really kissed him he would've exploded from-"

"Ok, Ginny, I get it. You can shut up now."

"Oy! Ginny, Hermione!" Ron and harry ran to catch up to them, leaping down the stairs.

"Hey, boys." Ginny nodded at them.

"Did you see Malfoy? He about knocked me out as I went came into the entrance hall!" Ron fumed. "He was practically boiling over!"

"You do have to admit- it was kind of funny." Harry chuckled, "I've never seen him so red. Wonder what he was mad about..."

"Seemed slightly loopy to me." Ron shrugged, "Anyway, let's go."

Ginny hid her grin as the carriage bumped it's way along, moving off toward Hogsmeade.