Mc: Yeah, so welcome to my first fanfic! I decided to do Daa! Daa! Daa! Because it's one of my favorite animes. I'm also a huge KanataXMiyu fan. So this fanfic starts out at the wedding part of the episode and moves on from there. I DO NOT OWN DAA DAA DAA OR THE SCENE UP TO THE KISS. Just wanted to make that clear.

A Kiss That Started It All

Ding-dong Ding-dong. Wedding bells rang and great excitement filled the church as news of the prince's wedding filled the air. The doors opened and everyone in the church looked over at the couple.

The blonde-haired girl Miyu was wearing a long, white ruffled dress, with a wavy veil and white collar necklace. She was looking away from the brunette-haired boy named Kanata. He was wearing a ruffled blue and white long sleeved shirt. He too was looking away from the one next to him.

The two reluctantly walked down the aisle as the stepsisters sweat-dropped and the jealous girls cried for the prince. They reached the altar and an old man wearing a purple outfit stepped forward. Kanata's eyes widened.

"Dad!" he yelled with a surprised look on his face. Miyu gasped at the sight of his familiar face. He just wagged his finger.

"I am a Father. Not Dad." He smiled and looked at them.

"A monk as a Father? It's all messed up!" Kanata exclaimed. Father just kept smiling.

"Don't worry about the minor details. You know, you two look pretty good!" He stated as he winked at them.

They winced and looked away from each other. W-why…with Kanata? The thought was running through Miyu's head.

The same was true for Kanata. Why…with Miyu?


They glanced over their shoulders at each other. When their eyes met, they blushed and looked away again. There was a long silence.

Miyu looked down. What are we doing?

"Hey Miyu…" Kanata's voice broke through the silence.

"Eh?" Miyu blurted out, startled.

Kanata continued, "Well you know… I feel kind of stupid…"

Miyu nodded. "Yeah."

Kanata turned to face Miyu. "Why don't we stop fighting? At least when we're in the story."

Miyu looked surprised, but turned to him and nodded. "Yeah you're right. I was able to become the princess, too." They smiled and turned to face the priest once more.

The priest grinned and held up his book. "Now that you two have reconciled, you may now kiss the bride."

Miyu and Kanata flinched. "EH?"

The priest came closer to them and raised his eyebrow. "You are going to vow your eternal love. Please, kiss the bride."

Miyu was blushing, the priest was making kissy faces to mock them, and Kanata was getting angry at him. What the heck are you talking about, Dad? And that attitude pisses me off even more!

Miyu, on the other hand, was freaking out. W-w-w-what should I do? This is a dream but…but…

Geez…why do I have to kiss her? Even if it is a dream… Kanata was thinking to himself.

It's not reality. It's just a dream.

That's right. It's just a dream. Kanata looked at Miyu.

Yeah, it's just a dream. Miyu looked back at him.

If it's with Kanata… maybe it's okay.

If you're okay with it, then…

Miyu closed her eyes and spun around to face Kanata fully. Kanata did the same. There was silence until Kanata gulped and placed hid hands on her shoulders. Then…

Miyu looked up at him, her face flushed, as they leaned in closer to kiss. They closed their eyes as their lips touched, in a sweet but passionate kiss.

The scenery around them started to fade, and Miyu opened her eyes to the familiar setting of the living room. She was still in her PJs sitting at the table. Kanata stirred and opened his eyes, also coming back to reality.

Wanya walked by with a laundry basket. "Oh! Did you both fall asleep? Why are you blushing?"

Miyu and Kanata looked over at each other…

and smiled.

More to come! I just wanted to get the first chapter done. Now the fun begins and let me tell you its WAY different than you would expect. Look for later chapters to come, I'll try to update this every day if you like it.