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Konoha had two sides, one for boys and one for girls. The elders had believed that it was better this way, since the boys could concentrate on their missions rather than just girls and visa versa.

However boys that are 15 would go to the other part of Konoha and would pick a wife. This was tradition ever since the first Hokage's death.

Though there was a fatal error. It had seemed that long ago a mother had died giving childbirth, insisting that the baby was a girl; her last words were "Naruto". Tsunade had respected the mother's plea and had raised Naruto as a girl.

Naruto had always known he was a boy…he didn't know why he was disguised as a girl, but he accepted it as a common thing.

Time passed and Naruto realized that the boys that had come to pick wives would look at him funny. They made him feel naked and he didn't like that. He later realized that it was his looks and that he did look quite attractive.

Naruto had then made a plan, when the boys come to find their wives he would look the dirtiest and most disgusting girl there. He became quite proud that no boy would come near him, though it was quite tiresome to be called 'dead-last' involving on how girls look.

When he had heard that a legendarily attractive boy named Uchiha Sasuke of high ninja status would be visiting tomorrow, Naruto would make sure to look his worst, after all this 'Sasuke' person sounded like a bastard.

Sasuke hated his 15th birthday. It was stiff, formal and most of all it was expectant. The expected him to get a 'creditable' wife so the legendary Uchiha race would go on.

'Hn, as if I would ever pick some rabid hormonal creature they call girls; delicate my ass.' Of course Sasuke had heard of the 'dead-last' of the girl village, every boy did, she was after all a legend. Sasuke was slightly curious on how terrible she would look, and what kind of voice she would have. The interest disappeared and soon dread took over. 'Why me?'

Naruto awoke, and the first thing he thought was 'Time to get dirty!' He first bypassed his usual shower and started to do his chores.

Afterwards he went and played in the dirt playground getting his hair dirty and messy and his clothes dingy. Once he was done and with his stomach growling, he decided breakfast was in order. He decided that onion and garlic ramen was best (AN: they have this kind of ramen…well if they didn't, they do now).

Naruto looked at his appearance, and was satisfied. He had remembered when he had cut his hair incredibly short when he had heard that this Sasuke guy liked long hair 'Hah, he will never like me now! Muhahaha'.

His hair was matted and oily looking, his skin looked unhealthy, his clothes were smelly from doing chores and dirty with caked on dirt, in fact the good looking thing about him was his eyes. Naruto found that there was nothing he could do about his eyes, and he had tried everything.

Sasuke awoke and his first thought was 'Here comes hell…'. He did his usual routine; he showered, brushed his teeth, and then ate breakfast. He then took a deep breath and took his first step towards the girl's side.

As soon as Sasuke crossed the border, two…things became latched onto each of his arms. One was a revolting pink that seemed to ooze a repulsive odor. For a second Sasuke thought that he would die from the fumes they called perfume. The other was the lesser of two evils but seemed to try to seduce him with certain body parts. They seemed to be arguing about something….

"Sasuke is MINE, Ino-pig"

"Yeah right Big Forehead, like he would pick you over me!"

…. How pathetic, if he had the choice he would pick neither of them. He decided that he had enough of this and simply left them seems as though they haven't noticed that he left. Well…that was a great first impression. Sasuke went towards the forest for some cover. He didn't want to see another girl if he could help it.

He was caught off guard when he found someone training there. 'Don't all girls have the fear of breaking a nail?' He was then struck with the rich scent of broken up dirt. The girl had short golden hair and the most amazing blue eyes he had ever seen. The girl looked as if she had been training for hours. He then noticed that she was extremely flat chested and how dirty she looked. Sasuke smirked…'this must be that legendary dead last'.