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Naruto awoke to see that he was alone, 'where's Sasuke?…not that I miss him or anything'. Rising out of bed with a satisfied yawn, he went to get some breakfast..

Making sure he put on his necklace he stumbled out of the room. Naruto was a bit groggy, as invading thoughts kept his mind awake the night before. No, he decided, he didn't want to think about Sasuke anymore, the guy was too…too…something . With that thought (or lack of) in mind he headed off.

Going down the stairs and into the kitchen he found he was now in the presence of what we call humans. One was Sasuke…but the other guy was a mystery. He had long hair, at least up to the middle of his back. Naruto thought that no other guy would be able to pull off the look without looking like a sissy. Sasuke seemed to trust him though.

"Uh…hello", Naruto said cautiously .

The man turned revealing pale, pale eyes. 'Hey that kinda reminds me of Hinata…' Hinata was one of the few girls that was actually nice to Naruto, something he always treasured. She never did talk much but she did listen, and sometimes that was enough. Hopefully this guy shares the same kind of kindness since they have the same eyes. "So its true, Sasuke picked a fiancé" he with a belittling tone 'Or maybe not…' "I heard from Lee that you picked one, but I have to see it to believe it"

Those eyes…hell they were creepy. He saw eyes like those before but never directly, Hinata never seemed to meet his eyes much, or anyone else's for that matter. "So uhhh …" God, what do you say in this situation? I mean the guy came over to gawk at you…now what? Should he roll over? Play dead?

"She looks acceptable, though she can be easier on the eyes…though I suppose I put my expectations high." Wait, now stop right there…was this guy calling him ugly? What a fcking BASTARD! God he thought Sasuke was bad, but geez this guy takes the cake! Deciding that he was most certainly NOT going to introduce himself, Naruto turned heel and left, sure he was still hungry but he would not allow that…that JERK to seem him like this.

"Control, remember what Tsunade said about control…' He remembered that particular lesson, he had been pissed, and rightfully so! Those girls, they had no right in stealing his stuff! Going to Tsunade he ranted and raved until he felt that he presented his case well. However Tsunade barely spared him a glance and told him that if he wanted to be a shinobi he would have to learn control, even on his emotions.

Taking a deep breath, he tried to remember happy things, like ramen, and cake…mmm cake. stomach growling ensues 'DAMN YOU HUNGER!'

Meanwhile with Sasuke…

The first thing Sasuke did was glare, and then glare harder.

How dare Neji insult Naruto! What gave him the right? He wanted to throw him out, but he know that he would have to act civilized.

"May I ask why you must insult my bride?" 'You pompous asshole!'

"Oh, I was merely stating facts. I meant no offense." Translation: "Yeah, so what?"

"Ah, I see. I'm really sorry Neji but I must retire from our conversation I have much work to do." 'As in leave bitch'

"Oh really that's too bad…maybe another time then." Translation: "I'll be back."

Walking Neji out, he went to find the dobe. She was probably hungry, and now she's upset. Sasuke sighed, why is it me that has to clean this up?

Sasuke didn't have to go far, he just had to follow the growling noises of his fiancés stomach.

"Oi, dobe. Neji's gone."

"Neji? You mean that jerk that really needs his ass kicked?"

Sasuke held in his laughter for that one, it was just too true. "I'm sorry you think of him that way." 'Yeah right.'

"Well bastard you really need to think of better friends to hang around, though it does make sense. A cold bastard like you is likely to attract another cold bastard." (AN: never typed bastard so much in one sentence before P)

"He is not my friend."

Naruto shrugged, "Whatever. Hey, do you have something to eat around here? I'm starving!"

"Your appetite never ceases to amaze me."

"I am a growing boy ya know!"

There was a pregnant pause


Naruto's eyes widened, 'SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT, THINK NARUTO THINK!! If there was a time to have a miracle thought it would be now!!'

"Uhhh, its uh ya know, an expression?"

Sasuke merely looked at him with blank stare.

"Heh, heh so uh where's the food?!

Sasuke just rolled his eyes, "This way dobe."

"Oi, are we having ramen? Please, PLEASE say we are having ramen! I haven't had the stuff in AGES."

"If you honestly think I am going to allow you to have ramen for breakfast your sadly mistaken. I may allow you to have it later today, but only if you prove to me that your worthy of such a reward."

Naruto bristled at this..'Was that a challenge?' He was sure he prove his 'worth' a hundred times over! Naruto had never in his life, thought of himself as 'unworthy'.

"What would I have to do in order to win my so called 'worthiness'"

"Hn, beat me in a spar and you can have your ramen, but for now were having a normal breakfast."

'Ha beating Sasuke will be a piece of cake! I mean, how could I lose? This is ramen we're talking about here!'

"Agreed, prepare to get your ass kicked bastard."


Naruto couldn't believe it…he LOST?! What would happen to his precious ramen now? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo……………..

Naruto immediately glowered at Sasuke, How DARE he win! How DARE he take him from his ramen!! His expression changed to shock when Sasuke said, "Hn, not bad for the second training session. I suppose I shall be lenient and allow you to have ramen…"

Naruto blinked, as slow realization of what Sasuke just said and what it meant, was sinking in. Naruto, for a brief, very very brief second, thought that maybe, just maybe, Sasuke wasn't so bad after all.

AN: Could it be? Naruto's feelings are…dare I say it?…changing? Le GASP And if anyone is wonder as to why Neji is being such a jerk, its because that's how he was before Naruto changed his outlook. I remember hating him quite intensely in the manga, because seriously conceited bastards like him need to die. But then he redeemed himself and he's tolerable. Sorry if anyone of you like Neji, but that's just my opinion.