Today I can do anything,

Let my thoughts run free,

See things that never existed,

Be anything, be me.

Today I am a warrior,

For lands far away,

Today, I am a sorcerer,

For today is my day.

Traveler of distant lands,

Adventurer so bold,

Time and wind ensnare me,

Wrap me in their folds.

I've traveled the roads of wind,

Seen distant lands aplenty,

And yet at the journey's end,

My heart just feels empty.

For on the warrior's blade I carry,

The blood of others lies,

For in my battle versus Frey,

I've taken innocent lives.

Oh be careful what you do to today,

For when tomorrow comes around,

You may regret what you did then,

Without a thought or sound.

Whispering silently,

Death is not a game,

When it's over, will you be able,

Your own fierce joy to tame?

Being a hero's not easy,

The glory has a price,

The path of evil is breezy,

She wasn't able to resist its vice.

She was led into temptation,

Felled by the arrow of a friend,

She tried to wrest from me power,

Again her life had to end.

Killing Frey wasn't easy,

Pity, yes, I did feel,

But yet, I had to do it,

To keep innocent blood from her steel.

From ground to gem to ground again,

Her blade and mine did cross,

She betrayed the one she called friend,

I too did feel his loss.

So today do something good for the world,

Today see her grave and weep,

Frey was tempted by power,

Today, turn away, just leave.

Today you can do anything,

Bu play the part of yourself,

Just go on helping the world,

And you'll be a hero to someone else.

So be a hero in a different light,

Only in story and song,

As long as you only dream of the fight,

You can do no wrong.

Fight evil in the way of keeping,

Your feet from that dark path,

Just you keep on dreaming,

And it will start weakening at last.