Yes, I am deranged. All these self-inserts with real people, I thought, What if a videogame

CHARACTER was sucked into ANOTHER videogame?

That my friends, I find interesting.

Disclaimer: I own tos and Zelda, and if you believe that, I have a bridge to sell you.

"Hey! Wake up! Hey!" an annoying voice nagged.

Was I asleep? I haven't been asleep in... two thousand years? I opened my eyes and realized I was no

longer on Derris-Kharlan, but what looked like the inside of a tree. I sat upright and a little ...fairy?

"Finally you woke up!" it said. "C'mon! The Deku Tree has summoned you!"

"The...Deku Tree?" I raised an eyebrow.

"Huh?" it whilred around. "Oh no! Kratos, have you lost your memory?"

If only I had been that fortunate.

"I'm sorry, but I think you have me confused with someone." I said.

"Nope. You're the kid."


"What?" I blinked. "I outlive you, that's certain."

"I am NOT ten years old!" the fairy flew around.

Wait... what? I looked into the mirror and almost gasped. I was about ten, short, pointy ears, and an

unusual green outfit, and I didn't have any weapon on me.

"What in the name of-?" I stared.

"You HAVE lost your memory Kratos!" the fairy swirled around. "Oh no! This is terrible!"

"Would you mind telling me what your name is?" I snapped.

"It's Navi! And I'm your partner!"


"Come on, let's get to the Deku Tree and maybe he'll help you."

Without a better choice, I decided to follow the small winged-being outside, where a girl ran up.

"Kratos!" she smiled. "This is wonderful! You finally have a fairy!"

"..." I gave her a blank stare.

"Kratos?" she frowned. "Are you okay?"

"It's awful Saria!" Navi said. "Kratos has lost his memory!"

"What?" the girl gasped. "Is it true? Kratos, don't you remember me?"

I shook my head. Never seen anyone like her- Wait...

"Oh no..." she frowned. "Go to the Deku tree!! He'll help you remember!"

"Yes! Let's get going!" Navi whirled around.

Having nothing to lose, I followed the light-speck through the strange village and up to a boy.

I am considering killing him.

"You can't get in!" he said. "I, The Great Mido, will never let you in! You don't even have a fairy!"

"Then what's she called?" I pointed to Navi.

"A a f-fairy?" He gasped. "No way!"

"Let me in."


I glared, but apparently I'm not as threatening when I'm this small.

"If you want to get in you at LEAST need a sword and shield!"

Not a bad idea. I need SOMETHING dangerous with me, or I'll grow soft. I decided to let the fool live

until I found these items.

"Come on!" Navi said. "Let's go to the shop! They sell shields!"

Yes, they sold shields, but they cost fourty... ruppees? Odd currency. The next thing I knew, I had to

scrounge around for cash.

"C'mon!" the fairy said. "Look in the grass! And break open rocks!"

Money here comes from the ground? How convenient.

I managed to gather twenty ruppees, but I still needed twenty more.

"Hey!" Navi said. "Up on the that cliff! There's alot!"

I looked up at the cliff near the shop, there appeared to be no way to climb up.

"How do I get up there?" I raised an eyebrow.

"Well, it's not like you have wings..." Navi turned blue.

"...Is anyone looking?" I asked.

"Huh? No. Why?"

I unfurled my sapphire wings and quickly flew up and grabbed the ruppees.

"OH MY GODDESSES!" Navi gasped. "You're a-!"

"Shh." I glared, jumping off the cliff and folding up my wings.

"You're a fairy!"

What-? If she wants to see a fairy, she should've seen Mithos.

"WHAT?" I gasped. "I am NOT a fairy! I'm an angelic being."

Since when do I shout? Huh... Well then, I am a child again...

"Whatever." Navi stopped whirling around. "But seriously! How do you have WINGS?"

"None of your business." I stated, walking into the store.

Once inside I bought a shield, then it floated over my head.

"You got the deku shield!" Navi chirped. "Isn't it PRETTIFUL?"

"How is it floating?" I blinked, looking up at it.

"I...don't know." the fairy stopped.

"Now where can I find a sword?"

Apparently, in a giant bowling alley. How does the boulder keep rolling? That's impossible...

"WHOAH!" I ran into another pathway, right into a large chest. "Ugh!"

"Oooowww." Navi whirled around. "That looked painful."

"Shut up." I griped, getting up off the ground.

"Open the chest already!" the annoying pest flew around.

Which I did, and I was met by an extremely bright light, how does that happen?

"AH!" I covered my eyes. "That's BRIGHT!"

"You got the kokiri sword!" Navi chirped. "Equip it on the start menu!"

"The what?" I stared.

"Huh... I dunno... it just came out..." the fairy seemed scared.

"...Right." I nodded slowly.

Once outside I headed toward Mido's house. From what the other Kokiri said, he was a jerk. In his

house I found several chests, so... I took the contents. The bastard deserved it.

"C'mon Kratos!" Navi whirled around. "We have to go to the Great Deku Tree!"

Once again, I was before Mido.

"You can't come in without a sword and shield!"

"I have both you idiot, look." I showed him the sheath and shield.

"Wh-WHAT? Wait! I only see the sheath! Where's the sword? Show me the sword!"

He DID ask for it... I kicked him in the knees, making him fall onto the ground, and then I put

the point of the sword to his throat.

"See." I smirked.


This boy should get together with Zelos...

"Kratos!" Navi said. "Don't kill him!"

"Why shouldn't I?" I raised an eyebrow. "I'm sure if anyone ELSE was in my posistion and being

bossed around by this shrimp, they'd want to kill him."

( A/N. It's true. Who DOESN'T want to kill Mido? I mean my DAD played it and the first thing he did

when he had the sword was slash him and then swear because he didn't die! I like my dad.)

"Well..." Navi answered. "Because he's for future plot."

I rolled my eyes and walked past the boy, who was in a fetal posistion. That's when I learned

two things. One, the monster's here pop out of nowhere, two, apparently, I can no longer use my

advance techniques for fighting...

"AH!" I slammed into the wall. "That is IT!"

I drew the sword, jumped into the air and slashed the creature down the middle.

"You sound so CUTE when you scream!" Navi laughed.

Curse this age's high-pitched voice and emotional tendencies.

"I'm going to peel off your wings if you don't shut up!" I shouted.

"But you're CUTE! Along with that little hat!"

That reminds me, since when do I wear a hat? I took it off.

"What? No! You can't do that!" the fairy swirled around.

"Why not?" I stated. "I don't wear hats."

"But the hat's your trademark!" it moaned.

"No it's not, 'Blame your fate' is my trademark." I griped.


I'm taking orders from a fairy... how far I've fallen... I walked into the clearing to see a giant tree. Wow,

it kind of looks like the Giant Kharlan Tree-

"Navi, thou art back."

Except that it talks...

"Whoah!" I gasped.

"Kratos," it said. "If thou art courageous, I need your help."

I nodded.

"A curse hath been cast upon me by a desert man, wilt thou break the curse?"

I stopped to consider.

"Fine. However I have a question for you..."

"What asketh thou?"

"...Do you know of a place called Symphonia?"

"...Hath thou injured thine head?"

I sighed, maybe I was the only one who had a clue what was going on...

"Nevermind. I"ll help you though."

I wasn't going to get any answers otherwise...

"Go forth, and may the goddess of luck smile on thee."

I almost gasped as the tree's front simply opened up. I've seen strange things in my centuries, but

this... this was the strangest.

"Let's go Kratos!" Navi chirped.

I wonder how the inside of this tree can be larger than it's outside. There are webs and more of

those man-eating plants in here, a some skeletons with spider legs. I've seen worse.

"Kratos! You've gotta get through the web in the floor!"

"How do you suggest I do that?"

"Go REALLY REALLY high and jump!"

I stared at her. "...You're kidding, right?"

"Do YOU have a better idea?"

In fact, I did.

"Fire ball!"

The web shriveled up, Navi instantly started nagging.

"WOW! How could you do that-? Hey wait a minute! You still need to get the slingshot!"

"What? Why would I need-?"


Holy mana, she is even more annoying than Pronyma! So I found myself having to go to the second

floor (Which was not difficult thanks to my wings.) and going through this room to find the slingshot.

"There, I've got the retarded slingshot, can we go now?"

"Sure! Just shoot the ladder down!"

"...I don't need a ladder." I said slowly. "I can just fly to the door."

She was silent for a moment.

"Oh. That works too."

I sighed and headed for the door. After yet more traveling and more of that fairy NAGGING- Sorry,

we finally got to the basement.

"We have to light the torches, burn the webs and get to the next level through the water!"

"Or I could just set fire to the webs and fly over to the higher section."

"Oh shut up! Are you trying to put me out of a job buddy?!"

"Is that possible?" I asked, somewhat hopefully.

After getting through these fairly easy 'puzzles' I found myself in a room with three- What the hell-?

"Watch out!" Navi shouted. "Deku scrubs! Use your shield to fire the nuts back at them!"

I put the deku shield in front of me, deflecting one deku nut.

"Hee!" one of the creatures laughed. "You'll never beat us without the code!"

"Code-?" I blinked.

"Oh drat! I bet if we went into one of the other rooms YOU SKIPPED we'd have found it out!" Navi

griped. "IDIOT!"

"Shut up you little insect!" I snapped.

"Twenty three is number one! Twenty three is number one!" one of the creatures laughed.

"...Two, three one?" I blinked.

"Oh, wait..." the creature blinked.

"YOU IDIOT LEROY!" one of them shouted. "WHY did you tell him that?"

"MORON!" the third called.

"I was trying to TAUNT him..." Leroy moaned.

"IDIOT!" the other two shouted, shooting at him.

"AH! MEANIES!" Leroy shot back.

The three 'scrubs' began to fight amongst themeselves, and eventually they were all out-cold.

"..." I stared.

"Wow. That was...convenient." Navi said.

Before me was a large door, was it just my imagination, or did I hear legs moving behind it...?

Heh... I understand if you don't like it. But er...can you tell me what you think? After all, I just

broke my 'five story limit'...hee...