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The castle was a black citadel, over molten lava, which of course, posed a difficult question. How was I supposed to get up there

without wings? I doubted the hookshot would be able to-

"Hey, Kratos!"

I turned around and almost fell over my own feet.


Anna was grinning at me from behind, Darunia, Abigal, Impa, Martel and 'Rauru' with her as well, though I deduced them to be

illusions, based on the fact they weren't entirely solid. Anna gave me a thumbs up.

"Leave this to us, 'kay?" she winked. "Hit it!"

There was a bright flash, and another burst of light behind me, where a bridge of multi-colored light had solidified, making a path

into the castle.

"..." I began to say something.

"No need to thank us, we just rock like that!" Anna grinned.

"Go get'em, Kratos!" Martel cheered.

"Yeah, Mr. Hero," Abigal smirked.


"Fishstick-!? At least I'm not a child!"

"Don't make me whip out some tartar sauce, wench!"

"And lemon!" Martel snapped, flushing.

"Ladies, please..." 'Rauru' sighed.

"Oh...sorry, Origin..." Martel flushed.

"I'm not!" Anna huffed, glaring at Abigal.

"At any rate...we have a gift for you," Origin looked at me, "I assume Mae would've given it to you, if she hadn't been


"Woah-!" Navi dingled.

A faint golden glow surrounded me, then died down.

"Light magic," Martel chirped, "you can use it with your arrows, it'll be useful since you can't do much else magic anymore."

"Oh cool!" Navi dingled. "These will be a big help!"

"Good luck," 'Rauru' nodded.

"...Thank you." I smiled, "I'll see you later."

Anna blew me a kiss before the lot of them disappeared, Navi going 'ooooohhhh!' as I felt a tint of color flush my cheeks.

"Be quiet, you know perfectly well our relation."

"Right right, so are we going after Mithos, or what?"

Damn right we were.

"Indeed, let's get going."

The citadel was...well, it was a lot like a showing hall for dungeons. Each section was modeled like the various temples we had

been through, with monsters and puzzles in every one, of course. Though at the end of each was a glowing mass, which as per

Navi's advice, I shot a light arrow at. Needless to say, I was a little shocked when Anna appeared with it.

"Miss me already?" she grinned, "This is the first barrier to getting at Mithos, you gotta get the others, and then beat his sissy-ass!"

"...I intend to," I smirked.

"Don't die, Kratos." she grinned.

"That's my line."

"I know! See ya!"

"...You really are a weird match," Navi said, "you're totally different..."

"Hmph," I snorted.

"What? I was just saying..."

We continued our way until we had managed to unlock the barriers and head up the extremely tall building. Then, it was nothing to

the Tower of Salvation...I remembered one such time the warp panels broke while Yuan and I were investigating power outages

inside of it... We had to walk up the whole thing. It took us several days, and that was without rest with the exception of the time

Yuan and I started fighting over who's fault it was... Right. At any rate... The further in we went, I started to hear a song of sorts

which got louder the more we walked. I wasn't quite sure if I had ever heard it, but it sounded familiar... What kind of instrument

was that? An organ? It wasn't long before I found the source and walked in...

"..." I froze in my tracks.

A room with a large organ at the wall I faced, a dark-clothed man sitting there playing as a crystal hovered above him with my

sister inside it...

"..." I stopped myself from shouting.

Mae was unharmed, but looked insanely...well, bored. She was curled up in the crystal twirling her hair around her finger, rolling

her eyes in her 'I'm bored' fashion.

"Geez," I heard her scoff, "what's with the organ music? Going for 'dramatic badass villain'? I'm sorry, but you can't pull it off..."

The man twitched.

"And seriously, I thought my brother going blond was ironic enough, but you getting red hair?" she laughed. "That and you so do

not look anything like 'you' anymore you know. I mean, at least Kratos still has his face..."

He twitched again.

"Aw, did I strike a nerve, Mi-mi?" Mae smirked.

The man slammed his hands down on the keys, standing up.

"WOULD YOU SHUT UP!?" he shouted.

"Why should I?" Mae grinned, apparently enjoying herself. "It's only a matter of time before Kratos comes and kicks your gayman

butt, so I should just make myself comfortable while I wait, Mi-mi!"


"What? So you want I should call you Ganondorf? Or maybe GanonDORK? Personally, 'Yggdrasill' sounds cooler...but

whatever, Ganondork."

"Don't call me that! Damn you-!!"

"...Well, I see you two are having fun..." I muttered.

Mae looked up from having been smirking at Mithos and grinned.

"Kratos! I knew you'd be here! But watch out, seriously."

"What? Is it a trap?!" Navi cried.

I tensed.

"No, it's just Mi-mi's gotten a makeover too, and boy is he ugly."


"Huh? IS he really that- EEEEEEEKKK!!" Navi shrieked.

My jaw dropped, my eye twitching as I did a strange mix between snickering and some sort of stroke-induced grunt. Mae was

right...he was ugly.

"..." I twitched.


"..W-what..." I couldn't keep my voice steady, "happened..t-to y-you...?!"

I bit down on my teeth to attempt to stop myself, but being in the body of an overemotional teenager can really interfere with

attempts at being calm and collected. I tried to keep a straight face...fight it...fight it...

Oh to hell with it.

"AHAHAHAHAHAHHAH!" I laughed, clutching my gut.

"..." Mithos twitched.

See, I may have had some hair and eye alterations...but at least I had my face. Mithos still had his green-blue eyes, and the same

hair style (regardless if it was dark red) but...his face was...well, there's a reason Mae called him 'Ganondorf'...

"L-look at that NOSE-!!" I almost choked. "Th-that's-! AHAHAH!"


"AHAHAAHAHAH!" Navi laughed with me.

"That's-! That's-!" I guffawed. "Oh Yuan would LOVE this!!!"

"I know, right?" Mae grinned. "Poor Marty would have a heart attack..."

"Oh gods!" I gasped, still laughing. "Martel! Oh that poor woman!!"

"Grrr...SHUT UP!!!"

I had abruptly stopped laughing, instinctively placing my shield before me to block off the waves of darkness hammering at us.

Navi was blown into the wall and fell to the ground. Before I could do much else the room changed, a platform in the center of the

room with flooring several feet around it.

"Kratos-!" Mae cried as she disappeared.

"You want to laugh, Kratos?!" Mithos snarled. "I'll give you something to laugh about!!"

He placed the back of his hand out to show me, the Triforce mark gleaming on it.

"I have the power piece, Kratos...DO YOU REALLY THINK YOU'RE GONNA STOP ME?!" he roared. "DO YOU


He shot a blast of light magic at me with such speed I barely dodged.

"You don't have Lloyd and the others to back you up, this time!!" he snarled.

More blasts and I barely managed to evade them, the last one grazing my shoulder.

"Ugh-!" I grunted.

As much as I hated to admit it, he was right. Last time it had taken all of us to defeat him, and Lloyd with the Eternal Sword and

Sheena with the summon spirits...and I was without my wings, without my angel senses, and without any ability to use my most

powerful spells? What COULD I-

Wait...the arrows!

I quickly shot a light infused arrow at Mithos, which he simply swatted away.

"What the hell was THAT supposed to do?!" he sneered.

...Damn, he was right...I had to find a way to wound him, or at least distract him long enough to get that shot in... He shot at me-

...Wait, isn't this what happened at the forest temple...?



I knocked the magic back with the Master Sword and Mithos quickly knocked it back, not willing to get hit. Thus we entered into

a dangerous volley for a few tense seconds before I finally managed to hit it back at a quick enough speed to hit him.

"GAH-!!" he shouted.

I quickly set another arrow, imbued it with light magic, shot-


"...Heh," I smirked, "didn't like that?"


"Father of Lloyd?" I asked blandly, remembering the pathetic insult he had thrashed at my child. ('Son of Kratos'...tch.)

Mithos' eye twitched.

"Why you-!!"

He thrashed at me, this time with his fists. Though this would have been a minor threat back in Sylvarant/Tethe'alla or Derris-

Kharlan, here was a different reality. Meaning Mithos had muscles. Tch, giving the wimp muscles and me the Triforce of Courage?

What kind of mess of a place was this? Not even counting Mae being the holder of the 'Wisdom' piece... This only furthers onto

my theory of the 'goddesses' being torch-juggling incest lesbians, how else could this happen?



Damn it all! He got my arm...! What I'd give to have my old healing techniques back... Curses! He's coming at me again! ...



I had left a rather nasty gash down his arm, causing him to emit a rather vulgar string of shouts that I decided to take advantage of

rather than sit there and listen. However, he managed to get back and threw a volley of magic at me which I managed to strike

back. This continued until he knocked me flat into the wall, grabbing my throat and holding me up against the stone.

"Ugh...!" I grunted.

"Heh heh...well, see you in the next life, Kratos," Mithos grinned.

Dammit! No!! I can't-!!


Mithos had released me and I fell to my knees, attempting to catch my breath as he yelled about something or another. Why had

he dropped me...?

"...How the HELL did you get-!?"

I blinked and realized that the locket Lloyd had given me was hanging loosely around my neck, dangling inches off the ground.


Lloyd had given that to me...because he cared about me. Heh, I never though he ever could, in all honesty, after what I have done

to him... I promised him once that I'd make up for my deeds, but...I hadn't yet, had I? ...No.

Not yet.

I mounted and aimed another arrow faster than I would've thought possible in this state and shot it straight at Mithos' head. I saw

his eyes widen but he was too close now, and I had reacted too fast...

I watched it sink into his skull.


And then he fell.


I wanted to say something...I felt like I had to, I just...couldn't think of anything to say. My old comrade, my old student, the

second time I had played a part in his destruction... I couldn't help but feel that somehow this was my fault, that he had gotten so



I looked up to see Mae, freed from her prison and looking at me.

"...I-" she started.

"Are you all right?" I interrupted.

"...Yes," she nodded, "I- Wait! What about Navi?!"

Oh crap.

"Navi-!" I jolted, looking to where she had fallen.

We ran over to where she lay and I stared at the fallen puffball in horror. She was annoying as hell, yes, but we had been through

so much together...

"Kratos! She twitched!" Mae said.

I blinked and then felt a smile try to work it's way into my face as the annoying flying hindrance managed to float up into the air,

somewhat dizzily.

"Woah...my head...what'd I miss?" she muttered.

"...Heh," I smirked.

"Huh? Kratos? Oh! And Mae-!! You won!?" she dingled.

I smiled softly.

"Oh I am SO sorry I couldn't help you at all!"she cried. "I-!"

"Don't worry about it, I managed," I chuckled a little.

"Yeah," Mae grinned, "way to go, Mr. Hero!"

"...Don't call me that." I muttered.

"Heh heh," she grinned. "Well-"

"OH!!" Navi cried.

I almost gasped as I felt the castle begin to shake around us.

"It's collapsing..." I whispered. "We need to leave. NOW!"

I grabbed Mae's hand and Navi flew under my hat as we tore out the exit, running as fast as we could. Damn, if I had my wings

we'd be out of here in a second- ...wait...did I just hear something shriek...?


"Re-deads!!!" Navi cried.

I decided to react before I could spare another thought, slicing the monstrosities in halves as we ran in between them. We entered

another room-

and the doors slammed on us.


"Iron knuckles at five o'clock!" Navi cried.

I swore, "Mae, get back-"

"Get BACK? Are you kidding!?"

Mae closed her eyes a minute and there was a brief flash before she stood before us in the 'Sheik' form, a glint in her eyes.

"I never got to show off my mad Sheikah skills, watch this, bro!"

An Iron Knuckle made a swipe at her and she fluidly dove under the weapon, slid around it's leg and jabbed what I assume was

some type of knife into a bare spot on it's back, leaping backwards as it blindly thrashed in pain.


There was a flash much like Impa's and the thing fell forward.

"Finish it!" Mae cried.

I brought the sword down through the spot she had stabbed it, killing it.

"All right!" Navi grinned. "Now get the other one! Hurry!"


We dispatched the other monster and continued our escape. I caught a light at the end of the long hallway we were racing down,

the steps crumbling as we ran on them. Had to make it, that's all I could think.

Had to-!!




I opened my eyes and looked up just to see the building collapsing...several feet away. I grabbed Mae's wrist and dragged her to

the furthest spot we could get from the ruins as they became just that, the three of us watching it seem to deflate, like a circus tent

that had it's poles yanked from under it...

"...Heh...heh heh..."

Mae 'poofed' back to her normal form, grinning.



Mae hugged me tightly, squealing like a child. Anna would be laughing her head off if she saw this, the humiliation...and honestly,

'sklee'? What kind of idiot says 'sklee'? As I tried to remove my sister from strangling me-

"..Tell me that rubble didn't just move," Mae whispered.

"...The rubble didn't just move?" Navi asked hopefully.

"...You've got to be kidding me..." I whispered.

There was no way. He couldn't possibly... I walked forward with my sword drawn, begging whatever forces that be that he wasn't



...I have concluded that there is in fact a God, and that he or she for a fact enjoys sadistic irony in order to make me suffer.

"Oh no-!!" Navi dingled.

Mithos burst from the rubble and I considered running up and putting the Master Sword through his head before he could do

anything, but I was too slow. The debris flew at me and before I knew what was happening this...thing, took Mithos' place. I

should've known, he always had some monstrosity of a last resort, like that...cybernetic creature, he had transformed into on

Derris-Kharlan, which I had never quite discovered what it was, though I assumed it was an after-affect of the Eternal Sword's

power. Regardless, the large, demon-like being before me was not going to go down easy. At least I had the Master Sword, or

else I'd-

It swiped at me and the sword went flying next to Mae, who was blocked off from me by a ring of flames that had appeared.

...Yes, there is indeed a God.

"OH SNAP!" Mae cried.

"OH NO!!" Navi cried.

If Lloyd was here, I'm certain he would yell 'OH BUTTERNUGGETS!' just for the sake of disrupting dramatic tension...not that

he knew what that meant. 'Mithos' roared, almost knocking me off my feet. Great, wonderful, splendid, what was I supposed to

do now?! I couldn't-

"THE TAIL! GO FOR THE TAIL!" Navi cried.

"And how do I do that?!" I snarled.


Improvise? Who did she think I was, Lloyd? Without a sword I was inches from dead, I needed some kind of weapon, and

stabbing a light arrow into his tail wouldn't exactly be of much help to me-...


"Watch out!!!"

I barely managed to dodge the claws and copied Mae's move from earlier, ending up behind him and facing the tail. He tried to

turn at me but his new form made him sluggish and therefore too slow to meet my speed. I brought the arrow up, imbued it with

the light magic and drove it as far as I could into the seemingly scale-like flesh.

My eardrums almost shattered at the sound of the screetch.


I barely managed to look in time. The flame wall had disappeared, barely. Before I could think about it I raced forward, grabbed

the Master Sword, and ran back for the kill, Mae letting out a yelp as I did so.

"It's getting up!!" Navi cried.

I hate it when she's right...


It's claw barely grazed my arm, a trickle of blood dripping down the white sleeve. I couldn't allow this to go on much longer, it was

getting faster... Oh no-!


Then I hit the floor.

"KRATOS!!" I heard the girls scream.


A clawed foot had pressed me into the ground, a grutal, choking sound I assume was laughter vibrating through it's body as I

struggled to breathe. Then the pressure increased and I let out a desperate gasp for air, feeling my thoughts becoming blurred from

the lack of oxygen.


...What had...?


The locket...he had cracked the locket.

"KRATOS!!" Mae cried again.

...The bastard...had destroyed...my locket... The object my SON had given me...how dare he...how. DARE. HE!!

The pressure increased again.


Damn...no, I couldn't die here...I couldn't...

Suddenly, the pressure was gone.


The beast was howling in pain, a bright light engulfing it that was coming from...Mae?! A beam of light was subduing him...

"Kratos-!" she grunted. "I'm doing my best-!! You've gotta-!!"

It roared, the magic dispelling from around it.


I watched as it charged at her on all fours, her eyes going wide in horror as if in slow motion. What could I do? I could barely

move, I think he had broken a few of my ribs, but I had to get to her...I couldn't watch someone precious to me perish again... My

arms wouldn't move, my legs wouldn't move, no matter how much I screamed at them to, I couldn't...but I had to...I had to...!


...The Master Sword was lodged in between it's eyes, the body collapsing onto the ground as blood seeped from it's skull. As if I

was opening my eyes, the hilt came into focus, then my hands around it, purple-clad.

"..." I paled.

I wasn't seeing things.


"MOVE!!" Navi cried.

I pulled the sword out just as it gave another shout, this one more enraged then hurt, impossible! That should've-!! The claws came

at me again and I managed to block them with my sword... I could actually block it!! And everything seemed so much sharper...

"Hold on!!" Mae cried. "Hold him off just a little longer!!"

I dodged and leaped and parried, slashing any opportunity I got, moving at speeds I hadn't been able to accomplish since I had left

the world which contained Sylvarant and Tethe'alla.


The blade removed it's head from it's shoulders, blood spurting out at me as it's remains simply disappeared into nothingness...




Where we...floating? What was this place...?

"...Good job."

Before I could locate the source of the voice I found myself facing the Master Sword's pedestal...with the blade inside of it.

"What in the-? HEY!"

I yelped, I had reverted back to my forest-boy child from, whirling around trying to find out what exactly had happened.

"We sealed him."

"Huh? Anna?!"

She smiled at me, having been standing right behind me when I had arrived.

"Mae and the sages sealed him, you see...we couldn't kill him, not while he had that Triforce piece...but he's gone now."

"...So...it's over...?" I whispered.

Anna nodded, "You kept your promise, this time."

"..." I flushed lightly.

"We did it, Kratos," Navi said, "so you got sent back to the past."


"Mae should be in the gardens," Anna smiled, "it's kinda paradoxical, but she's here while her other self is off getting trained by

Impa...while the other you should be sleeping in the sacred realm about now."

"..." I stared.

"Hey, 'you' explained it to me," she rolled her eyes, "besides, I'm the 'future' one, my old self is probably waiting for you back in


"...This is very confusing," I stated.

"Yeah, no kidding," she laughed, "...I'll see you later, okay?"

With that, she kissed my cheek...and vanished.

"..." I flushed.

"...Well, I should be going too."

"What?" I asked, looking toward Navi.

"My job was to get you to the end of this," she said, "and since you're not really a Kokiri I need to be going..."

"..." I could only stare at her.

"...I've gotta say though," she laughed, "we had quite an adventure, even moreso than what I thought when I met you. Geez your

life is strange."

Tell me about it...

"...Maybe I'll see you again, okay?" she said.

I couldn't really say anything to that, all I could do was watch as she flew toward the open window...

"...Goodbye, Kratos." she dingled.

"..." I smiled weakly. "Goodbye..."

...Once she left I paused for a moment, then flinched as I remembered. I reached into my shirt and pulled out the locket to see

what damage had been done...


The locket was intact, and somehow a note had attached to it...

Hey, Dad,

Good job beating Mithos, I hope you didn't mind me talking Origin into letting you use some of your old moves and stuff,

hope you're not too ticked. And I had to fix this, too, geez! Take better care of your stuff, Dad! Just kidding.

Say Hi to Mom for me!


I felt a smile overcome my face as I pocketed the locket, unable to surpress the happiness it was still intact. Heh, Lloyd...I really

did owe him so much more than I could every repay... However, I had one more thing to check up on before I went back to

Anna. I snuck back into the castle gardens, and sure enough, my sister was sitting there, still looking through her window.

"...Ahem," I coughed.

She turned slowly, staring at me a minute, then grinned.

"Way to go, Mr. Hero!" she laughed.

I smiled lightly, then I smirked.



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