The Past is Our Present

By GoddessGirl123


A/N Hey Everyone! It's so great to start another story! Now for those who are reading this and haven't read my first story, TIME WARP, then go click on my name and find my story TIME WARP and read that first! This story continues that one and it will make no sense with out reading it first.


For those who wish not to go back and read Time Warp and get the full story, I am dedicating this chapter to explaining in a few short paragraphs what has happened:

Time Warp starts with the Final Battle between Harry and Voldemort where Harry defeats old Voldie. Unfortunately for him, before Voldemort dies he casts a spell on Harry sending him back in time. Every one in Harry's time doesn't know where he is or who he's with and the press goes crazy over it.

Continuing on, Harry becomes a DADA teacher at the Past Hogwarts and adopts the name 'Harry Port. He also learns that his parents and their friends are currently attending their last year of school there. James, Remus, and Sirius all despise Harry when they first meet him, thinking that the girls they like have fallen for him. It's true that Anne-Marie, Paige, Tara, and Lily had all fallen for him, but this ends when Harry tells them that he has a girlfriend; Ginny 'White'.

After only a short few days Harry begins to miss Ginny greatly. Ginny misses him too, and spends most of her time in her room. Suddenly one morning she appears in the Great Hall where her and Harry reunite. This is where Léon Mehr is introduced into the story. Anne-Marie and him had hooked up during one of her modeling contests with out telling her friends. Sirius is most jealous.

In the end, James and Lily secretly hook up and Sirius enlists the help of Tara to a) help him find out what's happening between James and Lily and b) get some dirt on Léon. They find out that James and Lily are going out and that Léon is cheating on Anne-Marie with a girl named Alexandrie. Alexandrie finds out and so does Anne-Marie, causing Léon to go from 2 girlfriends to none. Tara takes her chance and runs up to Léon and ends up hooking up with him. They both head for France together.

Anne-Marie is devastated and ends up realizing that Léon was nothing and that Sirius is everything. This is when Sirius and Remus from the future end up being sent back and becoming helpers to Ginny and Harry. Harry receives a letter from Voldemort causing Dumbledore (past) to loose trust in him.

Winter comes and so does the Winter Ball. Dumbledore is beginning to gain their trust again and allows them to organize the Ball. It all turns out to be a disaster when the Death Eaters attack. James, Lily, Harry, and Ginny are all kidnapped. Harry mirror calls Sirius and Remus; who immediately go off to go help them.

Remus gets captured by Death Eaters while they are making their way there and finds himself in the cell of the wolves. He meets Romulus Karter there who leads him to Jeric Fasina Valmorra. Jeric explains things to Remus, where he is and what's happening and such. Harry is forced to send the Killing Curse at Ginny, but he blocks it with wandless magic and they escape. The two split up and Ginny heads downstairs to go get Lily and James out of their cells while Harry heads up to Voldemort's room where he steals the necklace that Voldemort had taken from Ginny back.

Before Ginny reaches James and Lily's cell, Sirius (future) breaks in and saves them, bringing them to St. Mungos. There Paige, Anne-Marie, Sirius, and Remus are staying since they all were injured during the attack. Anne-Marie and Sirius let it slip that Remus is staying in a Private Ward causing Paige to figure out he's a Werewolf.

Back at the dungeons, Ginny searches for Lily, James, and Harry but finds the cell of the werewolves instead. She spots Remus and decides to free him, not knowing that only in a few seconds he would transform, along with the other 100 or so people in the huge cell, and become a ferocious werewolf.

While this is all happening, future Dumbledore is trying to figure out where Remus, Sirius, Ginny, and Harry have all disappeared to. He discovers that Jeromy and Katrine Turner had been kidnapped just before Harry's birth and they had both been working on something to do with Time. The two had just invented the Time Turner, but now Jeromy was working on something much bigger and he hadn't and wouldn't tell any one about it.

So, I left you in Time Warp with Harry dashing down the steps from Voldemort's chamber to go and meet Ginny where he said he would, Ginny about to be pounced on by a few hundred werewolves, Lily and James in critical conditions, Dumbledore pawing through old books, and Paige telling Remus that she knew. Not much of a cliffy is it?


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