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The Past is Our Present

Chapter Six

Unseen Unheard

'Harry!' Harry tumbled to the ground, trying desperately not to crush he weakened Ginny. He turned his golden head, a growl forming at the back of his throat, but he stopped.

'Sirius!' Changing back into his real form, Sirius quickly moved forward and helped Ginny onto Harry's back. She groaned slightly, her tangled red hair falling in front of her face like a silencing curtain

'What happened to her?' Sirius asked, worry obvious in his voice.

'Long story, but all you need to know for now is she drained her magical powers, and Voldemort's dead.'

'What.' Harry had expected to hear strong emotions in his god father voice. Happiness, shock, joyousness. But instead he heard… anger?

'Harry, do you have any idea what you've done?' Sirius looked panicked, which scared Harry. A rumbling roar echoed around the building.

'HE IS DEAD!' Harry looked up fearfully, the voice was coming from the room only a few yards away. Sirius turned away from Harry, twisting and shaking until a monstorous dog stood in front of him. Sirius dashed down the hall, stopping under a deftly crafted arch, snakes curling around each other to hold up the stone. He jerked his head slightly, as if to tell Harry to hurry up. Harry leapt forward, and Sirius scurried away. Harry caught up quickly. Together, the two men hurtled down the hall, Ginny lying on Harry's back, her slackened fingers holding feebly onto his mane.


Remus shook, he turned, he even almost fell out of the bed. Sirius and Anne Marie watched their friend worriedly. They sat there for almost an hour, watching him struggle against unseen binds, until the nurse came in and ushered them out, saying that he could have anything, and it could be very contagious for all they knew.

'What now.' Sirius muttered, his arms crossed, head down, kicking an invisible stone across the floor.

'I do not know.' Anne Marie sighed. 'Maybe we should look for Paige?' Sirius shrugged slightly, standing up from his leaning position against the wall and made his eye down the bleached white hallway. Anne Marie stood, uncrossing her legs and gliding down the hall after him. She knew she cared for Paige's well being as much as her, he was simply worried about Remus, and James, and Lily, even maybe the teachers he had not liked for several months Professor Harry Port and Professor Ginny White.

'Where could zee be?' Anne Marie asked, hoping to start a conversation of sorts. Sirius merely shrugged.

'Oh, like zat is going to 'elp us at all!' She couldn't take his moping any longer. They were all her friends too, the least he could do was try and hide how he felt and comfort her by finding her lost friend. 'I am going to go look for Paige, zough you seem not to care at all!' Turning on her heel, Anne Marie shoved open the heavy metal door which led to the stair case and began to stomp up the stairs.

Sirius stared blankly after her.


The wind blew, the white arena where Lily found herself seemed to swallow her. The white dress she wore was ripped, it and her hair being blown in a wind that never ended. Lily lay down and touched the ground. She couldn't believe that there was a ground. It was white, like everything else. Smooth, soft but hard at the same time. Tears slipped down her cheeks. She was lonely. She was cold.

She was dying.


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