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-The First Day At Shiz-

A day that could affect everyone's life without them ever knowing, the day when students arrive at Shiz University. As the students walked in with their suitcases, a song could be heard singing on the campus. The sacred school song, sung by the students as they walked and looked around. A particular student stood out from the rest, and it was obvious why. It was because of the color of her skin, emerald green.

When the song finished, every student, except for three, were staring at the green girl. The green girl, known as Elphaba Thropp, was obviously not staring at herself, her sister Nessarose, and a girl that neither of them knew. A very pretty girl with light skin, emerald green eyes, and light brown hair with blond highlights was reading a book on a bench, waiting for the room assignments to be announced so that she can go unpack her two bags. The book looked incredibly thick, and really advanced, one only a senior would read when he/she was forced to read for school. But she looked like she was enjoying the book.

Just before she could be completely immersed in the book, a woman came into the quad with a clipboard in her hand and called to all of the students to say a few words of welcome. "Welcome students, I am Madame Morrible, headmistress of Shiz University. And if you're here to learn about logic, literature, or linguification, I know I speak for the entire faculty when I say that we have nothing but the highest hopes for some of you. Now regarding room assignments..." she continued when two students raised their hands. One of them is Elphaba, the other is a blond girl, who looked rich, judging by the dress that she was wearing. She could be easily popular by her looks, and she is. Madame Morrible noticed the later of the two, and asked her if the question was for room assignments. "Oh thank you Madame, but I've already been assigned a private suite." She said with a smile, showing her perfectly straight and white teeth. When she noticed the disappointment of the other students, she quickly added that they could come to visit her anytime.

As the students were commenting on how good she is, Madame Morrible asked what her question was. "Well I'm Galinda Arduenna, of the Uperuplands, and I've applied for your sorcery seminar, which is the only reason that I am here. You might remember my essay: Magic Wands, Need They Have A Point?" she said smiling this whole time, looking really proud of her essay. "Well dear, I don't teach the sorcery seminar unless someone special arrived here." Madame Morrible stated. "Well, exactly." Galinda said, not getting the subtle message that Madame Morrible gave her.

Before the conversation could continue, Elphaba said that they have not yet received their room assignments. "Yes of course." She looked at the list and called out the names, their roommates and where their rooms are. "Now Miss Nessarose Thropp, you will be rooming with Miss Gwendolyn Arduenna here on the first floor. Second door on the right down there." She said pointing down the hall on her right. "But Madame Morrible, I am her sister and I'm here to take care of her. Shouldn't you think that maybe Nessa and I should share a room?" Elphaba asked before Madame Morrible could leave. "Oh Miss Elphaba, I'm sorry, but apparently you aren't on the list for room assignments. But don't worry. Is anyone willing to share a room with Miss Elphaba?" Madame Morrible called out to the other students. Galinda, having not heard the question, stepped for and called her name. Before Galinda could utter another word, Madame Morrible thanked her for being willing to share a room with Elphaba. "What?" both Elphaba and Galinda asked, shock completely written on their faces.