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Author Notes: Finally I've written the chapter. I had to get over my writer's block so I randomly started reading Ouran fanfictions. Then on a whim of a friend I bought the 10 volume in Japanese and read it sad though since I now know the Twins' mother real name but just deal with the name I made up until the end okay?

Chapter 16: Make Me Whole

Sometimes things aren't what they seem to be. Making decisions, conversations, words of the heart often are misinterpreted because of the amount of pressure. However, what if there was someone there who could release that pressure? Someone who could make your decision a lot easier without you even realizing it? That day, at that moment, in that room in Hawaii, her decision had been misinterpreted because of a small push from someone unexpected. In a sense misinterpreted is a bad word sense her heart had not made up its mind but a selfless act helped make a world of a difference.

"Haruhi?" Kaoru looked down at her with an unreadable expression. His eyes wondered over to her vacant hand on the side where Hikaru stood.

There his twin looked sad, but there was something else hidden in his eyes. Haruhi's expression portrayed a bit of confusion as well, along with Sakura and Kaoru's heart.

"I'm getting tired of this..." Hikaru said as he turned his back to the three people in the room. "This game has gotten bored, so I'm quitting," he said as he walked off.

Haruhi looked at him as he walked away with a hint of a sad smile. She squeezed Kaoru's hand gently as she continued to watch him.

Sakura, who had noticed everything, looked on in admiration, "wow Hikaru..."

Kaoru's eyes began to well up with tears as he brought his love's hand up this is lips and kissed it gently. "Can I be..."

"Sure, go ahead," she answered before he could finish. With that he let go of her hand and ran off to speak to his brother.

He caught up with him quickly, but they continued to walk on in silence until they were in the privacy of a bedroom not far from the girls.

"Hikaru..." Kaoru began before he was cut off.

"I couldn't stand it!" Hikaru cut in. "I just couldn't stand the thought of being with someone and not being able to be close to you...so..."

Kaoru inhaled and then exhaled as he tilted his head towards the ceiling.

"Kaoru...I..." Kaoru shut his brother up by wrapping him in a tight hug.

"Hikaru thank you."

"It's sad...how we always end up liking the same things..." Hikaru whispered sadly.

However Things don't always End up that Simple

Three Years Later

"Haruhi!" The twins' mother sing songed as she waved for the girl to come near her. Haruhi looked at her curiously and walked over to her.

"So how does it feel?" Minami asked.

"Surprisingly normal," Haruhi answered honestly.

Minami smiled as she looked over at her two little boys both dressed in white tuxedos. Haruhi had on a beautiful powder blue gown that had been specifically made for her and the ceremony. A ceremony for her and the twins.

"You know...I always figured it may turn out this way," Minami said calmly.

Haruhi smiled knowingly.

"But another thing I will like to know is, what will my little grandchild's name be?"

Haruhi blushed, "We haven't decided yet."

Minami sighed, "Good luck trying to figure out a name with those two."

Haruhi nodded in agreement. Right then, the twins, her partners in union turned to her and smiled with a small wave.

Haruhi smiled back and rubbed her stomach that contained a small visible lump where the baby currently resided. Out of all of the possibilities, she never thought this could be one until she realized that the two of them together with herself, makes everything a whole. And with a new member coming into the family, she was sure things were going to be good for them all.

But as she found out weeks later, her family was going to welcome a pair and not a single into the family.

The Heart Wants What the Heart Wants

Flowers falling from the sky

I can feel your heart beat

I can see what you're feeling through your eyes

You try and betray that feeling and look the other way

But you know, that I know it can't be that way

What you may want, may not be right

What you feel may make someone else cry

But you can't deny what you feel is right

The heart wants what the heart wants

How I loved you from the start

You loved me also without regard

Of who I was or our situation

All you knew was that feeling, that sensation

You tried to fight it, so did I

But we know how that eventually ended up and why

My heart wanted you

Your heart wanted me

Your heart wanted him, maybe it was destiny?

No one can understand this type of love

It doesn't matter because we all share a love

That has a unique bond

Now we're all one

No one can understand us

Only our heart beats can spell it for us

The heart wants what the heart wants

The End

Random Notes:

-Should I feel bad writing a poem about Polygamy?

-I really apologize for it being extremely short but honestly what else was there except for who she picked right? A short and sweet end to a long angsty story!

-Omg can you imagine a family photo with Haruhi, the twins and their twin babies?! I find it very cute!!! lol

-Very short but straight to the point, it all came down to who she picked and eventually, I looked at both sides, and read the manga…I couldn't let her have just one of them! It didn't feel right! Please look forward to my other stories! And I thank everyone for being so patient!!

-I decided on the baby thing because...as far as DNA goes with Identical twins, it's extremely hard to distinguish so with not being specific who she was pregnant by because it wouldn't make a difference was something that was easy for me to do. I didn't want to favor one over the other you know.