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Prologue - Four Kids, Four Ghost Powers




Danny sat straight up, realising that he was sitting at the kitchen table, his books in front of him with his laptop, and he had fallen asleep, again. He had taken the oppertunity to get some sleep after Lily and Luke, the youngest members of the family who were two years old each, had finally fallen asleep for a few minutes. However, during those few minutes, his other two children, Sapphire, three, and Rosoce, four, had taken the oppertunity to make as much noise as possible.

It was easy to see that he wasn't able to control all this. It was hard enough having four children, without the extra stress of:

"DADDY! SAPPHIRE JUST THREW AN ENTOFLASEM BLAST AT ME!" shouted Roscoe at the top of his four-year-old voice.

Danny instantly ran out of the kitchen and into the living room where the two black-haired children were standing opposite each other, gazing at each other with looks of intense hatred on their faces. It accepted by their parents that the two hated each other with a passion. They were always trying to make themselves look better, even if they weren't. They were definately not the best kids to have. Especially with the fact that they had ghost powers. Danny certainly blamed himself for that one. He watched on as Roscoe unconciously formed another blast in red, and it launched at Sapphire. Danny, who was fast on his feet, ran quickly and formed a shield in front of Sapphire, causing it to disappate. He then knelt down in front of the children, bringing himself to their level.

"Alright kids, listen to me. You know those powers you have? Well, you have to be really careful with them, because they could really hurt somebody, understand?" he said quickly, trying not to get angry. Usually, Danny would leave a situation like this to Sam. She was mostly calmer about this. However, she had had to go into the studio that day - there was a big celebrity coming onto the show and she needed to be there. Danny, who was currently on paternity leave, had therefore been stuck with the children. All day and all night. And he had gotten no sleep. He watched as the two children nodded. He then sat them down on the sofa, gave them the remote control and then left them there, telling them not to argue anymore and knowing that if they started arguing again, he would probably end up dangling them out of the window.

He then walked into the twins' bedroom where they were both sleeping peacefully. Thank God that their siblings' little spat hadn't woken them up. They were murder to get to sleep. Walking back to the kitchen, Danny was just about to collapse when the phone rang and he reached over to it, pressing the speakerphone button and laying his head on the table. "Fenton residence, Danny speaking." he said sleepily.

"Danny, my darling brother. How are you dealing with the fatherhood of four?" asked a familiar voice on the other end of the phone line. A voice that belonged to Jazz Fenton, now Jazz Blackman. She had gotten married six years ago, the year before she had had her son, Trey. He was now five years old, and much easier to handle then Danny's four.

"I don't understand how Sam talked me into this." he said, feeling like he was about to fall asleep. "Roscoe and Sapphire never stop arguing, Lily and Luke never sleep, Sam's at work most of the time, so I'm spending all day trying to get some work done, but also ending up having to keep constant watch over the children. And DONT YOU DARE SAY that that's what it's all about. You don't know what it's like to have four terrors running around all hours of the day and night."

Jazz smiled on her end of the phone, understanding, in a way, Danny's torment. "Don't worry Danny. In a few years, everything will be better. Anyway, I was just ringing up to say something to Sam, but as she's not there, can I talk to my neice and nephew?" asked Jazz.

Danny smiled. He knew that Jazz loved the four Fenton children very much, and knew that she was willing to help Danny out any time of the day or night, although it was impractical for Jazz to drive all the way down from Amity, where she still lived, to LA, where Danny and Sam had moved to after their wedding. "Sure. Just gimmie a minute." he reached over and pulled the phone out of the receiver, then walked back into the living room where the children were fighting over the remote, without ghost powers. "Hey kids," he said, making them stop and look up at him. "Your Aunt Jazz wants to talk to you guys!" he said, acting as best as he could to be excited about it for them. He watched as Roscoe came over and took the phone from him, putting it off loudspeaker and to his ear. It was amazing how fast he had picked that up.

"Hi Aunt Jazz!... I'm fine thank you, how are you?... I don't wanna go to school but Daddy's making me." he said, looking up at his father with a resentful look on his face that only made Danny want to laugh. "Yeah... I guess... do you wanna speak to Sapphire?" Nodding, he said his goodbye before handing the phone over to his little sister, who, un-surprisingly, had a wider vocabulary than her brother, something that she certainly got from her mother's side.

"Hi Aunty... I'm okay thanks... well, Ross was being really mean to me earlier... mm...kay. Okay, and Aunty, when can we come to see you, cause I wanna meet ya!" Danny widened his eyes at this and he hoped that Jazz said the right thing. There was a reason that Danny hadn't gone back to Amity Park after his marraige.

Firstly, it was partially because of the children. He knew that there were still ghosts after him, but after four years, none of them had discovered where he had moved to, something that he was very thankful for. If he went back, then the children may become mixed up in the life that Danny had longed to leave for most of the ten years that he had had his ghost powers. In a way though, ghost fighting was kind of all he had ever known, all that he really rememebered of his teen life, besides having crushes on Paulina (something that he now SERIOUSLY regretted). His ghost powers were a part of him, but he had something more important to deal with, and something more important than his own life to guard.

"Okay. Daddy, here!" Sapphire handed her father the phone before sitting on the sofa and changing the channel. Quickly, her brother joined her and they started singing along to the song on screen. It was moments like this that Danny didn't regret having a massive family.

And then he heard it.

Lily and Luke were awake. Again.


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