A/N: Hey Guys.

I would firstly like to dispel some possible rumours among my readers:

1 - No, I am not discontinuing

2 - No, I am not just plain lazy

Now, I know that you are all aware that I have not updated as often as I have previously as of late. There are several reasons for that, the main ones being:

1 - I am currently sitting my GCSE exams. For the other nationalities out there, GCSE's are the exams that decide what college and university I get into in the future.

2 - I go to boarding school, as some of you are already aware. Therefore, updating while at boarding school is hard - FF net is blocked.

3 - I am currently suffering from an extreme case of writers block and have not been able to write anything reasonably creative, including musically, for the past month.

4 - I have had exams since the beginning of May.

However, some good news. For those of you who are in America, you are already on your summer holidays. I hope you enjoy them! For me, summer holidays begin on July 30th. After this date, you will have reasonably regular updates from me until the end of August.

During this summer, my aim would be to get TP: Return finished, and start working on the third part of the series, and with your support, I hope to achieve this. Although, on the side I am working on a novel-length Shaman King fanfiction, which I am also hoping to get finished. So, as I will be juggling my time between the two, I may only get half-way through part three before September. I'm really REALLY hoping that doesn't happen.

But for now, my friends, I must leave you. But before I do... I'm going to answer my reviews, so it's done. Thankfully, only two, so this won't take too long:::

S2TeenNovelist - NOT DISCONTINUING!!! Really! I'm not going to answer all your random comments, but when you reviewed, I read them all XD. And, by the way, PP is the final episode. And its FREAKING AMAZING! Its not actaully out in the UK yet - I watched it online. Although, seeing as I have been away from home for eight weeks, it may be out now. Anyway, I'm glad you enjoyed last chapter, and hopefully the next one will be up to your standards! Again, thanks for all your help!!! 3 Oh, and thanks for being there since the beginning! Nice to have faithful reviewers and readers!!! XD

The-Writing-Princess - Still only two, but I'm not complaining. My hits count has skyrocketed lately, so I must be doing something right! Thanks for your compliments! And thank you for reading right from the start! Its nice to have faithful reviewers!!! 3

Anyway... my next update will be sometime around the 1st JULY. Until this date, this story is on TEMPORARY HOLD.

I'm really sorry! But updates in summer will be coming thick and fast, and maybe I'll get part three finished too!

But for now, I love you all. And thank you so much for all your support of this series so far.