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Amy was at her house, and she was just eating her candy from Halloween.

I'm so addicted

To the loving that you're feeding to me

She was just done with her tootsie roll, and then she looked for a sucker. She finally found one, and it was cherry-flavored. She took the wrapper off, and she started to suck it.

Can't do it without it

This feeling's got me weak in the knees

She went to her bedroom and started to daydream about her loving crush, Sonic the Hedgehog.

Body's in withdraw

Everytime you take it away

She got out of her daydream and went outside to look for her crush, Sonic.

Can't you hear me callin

Begging you to come out and play

She finally found him and smiled. She went behind him and hugged him tightly.

"Oh Sonic, I finally found you!" Then Sonic tried to get out of her grip.

"Yeah Amy, you found me, but that doesn't mean you have to hug me!" He said, his face starting to turn purple.

So baby come to me

show me who you are

Amy let go and smiled. She remebered she had the cherry sucker in her mouth. She started to lick it with her tongue.

"Mmm." She enjoyed it. Sonic was confused at first, but then he saw the sucker.

Sweet to me

Like sugar to my heart

"Soo, you got candy in your mouth..." Sonic said, getting very desperate because she has candy and he doesn't!

"Yep! It's yummy, so sugary!" She smiled.

I'm craving for you, I'm missing you like

Candy (missing you like candy)

"Didn't you get any candy, Sonic?" Amy asked and Sonic nodded.

"Yes, but I didn't want to...eat candy for...now." Sonic's eye started twitching. Amy smirked.

Sweet sweet lovin got me going to the extreme

Won't go without it this vibe has gotta hold me

"W-What's so funny?" Sonic asked.

"Nothin, but your eye is twitching!" Amy laughed. Then he stopped twitching. He tried to stop staring at the candy, but he couldn't. He wanted candy so bad!

Satisfying baby let me show you what I'm made of

No doubt about it, got me feeling crazy can't get enough

Then Amy turned away and walked away from Sonic. She has a little plan in her mind...

"Hey! Where are you going?" Sonic asked.

Perfect. I got him!

Oh, I'm just going back to my house for more Candy!" Amy replied. Sonic froze.

Di-Did she say C-Candy?

So baby come to me

Baby show me who you are

Then he started walking to her. Then he stopped.

Whoa, what am I doing? Am I that desperate for Candy?

Then he found himself walking again. Towards her. Amy giggled.

Wow, I never thought it would work, but I guess it is! This might be my chance to get Sonic!

Sweet to me

Like sugar to my heart

Then Amy started running to her house, and she opened the door. She left it open so Sonic could come in.

Sonic stopped for a minute.

Oh boy...what's she trying to do to me?

Then Sonic saw some candy...or should I say, a whole bucket of delicous, sweet, and sugary candy.

I'm cravin for you, I'm missing you like

Candy (missing you like candy)

Sonic went inside and saw the sweet sugary candy.

"Take anything you want, Sonic." Amy said. Sonic looked around and saw a watermelon flavored sucker. He took it and took the wrapper off and started eating it.

You know who you are

your love is just as sweet as candy

After a couple minutes, Sonic and Amy were done with their suckers. They threw the suckers away and they sat down to watch television for a bit.

Yes! It worked! I finally have Sonic alone with me...

I'll be forever yours

Love always, Mandy

Amy got up and locked the door. Sonic saw that.

"A-Amy, what are you doing?"

"Oh nothing, I always lock the door." She said. But Sonic didn't believe her. She was up to something.

So baby come to me

Baby, show me who you are

Then Amy grabbed another cherry flavored sucker and took the wrapper off, and started eating it.

Sweet to me

Like sugar to my heart

Sonic saw that and he was getting a little scared.

Why did Amy lock the door? Why is Amy taking another piece of Candy?

I'm cravin for you, I'm missing you like


So baby come to me

Baby, show me who you are

Sweet to me

Like sugar to my heart

I'm cravin for you, I'm missing you like you like


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