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The Good Ol' Memories.

It has been 5 years later ever since everyone got together and all. And 5 years since Sonic and Amy got married...


He pulled out something from his quills, and it turned out to be a little green box. He opened it and Amy gasped of what was inside it. A ring. More like an engagement ring. Amy was so close to tears and before Sonic could say anything, she told him, "I will Sonic." He smiled and hugged her and she hugged back, and the two stayed like that for almost a minute.

Flashback at the wedding. Which was about 9 months after Sonic asked her for marriage.

"I do." Amy told the reverand and Rev. told them they may kiss now, and they did, and they went to their honeymoon...which was when they started to...you know.

At the Honeymoon. (Contains Lemon, MWAHAHA!! XD)

"Don't worry, Amy. We've done this before!" Sonic told her, stripping off Amy's clothes.

"I guess you're right." He finished stripping off Amy's clothes, and she was completely naked. She started to strip off Sonic's clothes now, and soon, they were both completely naked. He positioned his member in front of her button and started to go in. She gasped and moaned as Sonic went in further. Sonic started to pump up and down, making Amy warm up and start sweating a little. She thrusted him also, and soon, it became in perfect motion.

It was Amy's turn to be on top now. She rolled on top of him and thrusted him, rocking back and forth. Soon enough, Sonic was going to soon orgasm and so was Amy. They came at the same time, and Amy screamed at the top of her lungs. They both collasped on the bed, cuddling close to each other. They pulled the covers over them and went to sleep peacefully, hugging each other in their sleep.

The Birth of Flash and Melody.

They were two beautiful babies. One hedgehog girl, which had light blue fur with streaks of pink and purple and had eyes like Sonic's. She was named, Melody. One hedgehog boy, which had light blue skin with eyes like Amy's. He was named, Flash.

"Sonic, I love you.."

"I love you, too, Amy." The two loving hedgehogs came in closer and kissed passionately, as if it were never to end.

5 years later...

"Woohoo!!" Flash yelled out excitedly as he grinded down the rail with his new shoes.

"Flash!! You know what mommy said if you did that!!" Melody yelled out to him. Flash stopped and stepped down.

"Yeah, yeah, I know what she said. Don't worry!! I'll be careful. And daddy has done some things like this also!!"

"Well, yeah, I know! But that was when he was 15, not 7!" Flash sweatdropped.

"Oh, fine, ruin my fun moment."

"I'm not ruining it, you can go run as fast as you can, just as long as you don't get hurt!!"

"YES!!" Flash happily shouted and soon dashed off to run around freely. Melody sighed.

"Why do I even have a brother?"


Soon, Melody and Flash went home and they saw Michelle and Emily laughing and playing their gameboys.

"Hey!! What'chu playing?" Flash asked cutely.

"Oh, nothing really, I'm playing PokeMon. She's playing Kirby," Michelle replied to her big brother.

"Ohh...Which PokeMon game are you playing?"

"It's none of your business!"

"Oh, how rude!" Michelle stuck out a tongue at him.

"Alright, break it up you two. You know what our parents say if you two fight again once more," Melody said to them. Flash rolled his eyes.

"Whatever. Where are our parents anyway?"

"I think they're in the bedroom. I don't know what's going on in there, but, I don't wanna know either." They all agreed with Emily and stayed downstairs until their parents are done.

What are they doing?


In their room, they were on the bed, kissing. With a familiar position. Sonic's on top and of course, Amy's on bottom.

"Mmm, Sonic. The children are downstairs, you know," Amy started, letting Sonic kiss her on the neck.

"I know..but I just can't stop loving you," he replied. Amy giggled.

"Aww, I know. I love you too." Sonic smiled. Sonic pulled her in for a deep kiss. The kiss to Amy felt like she had never been kissed before. It was really romantic and deep, and she knew Sonic would protect her forever.

The two soon pulled away after 2 minutes and they started up a conversation.

"I miss the good old days, like when we were fighting Eggman and collecting Chaos Emeralds. It's been a real adventure," Amy said.

"Yeah, I know, I miss them too. Especially Cosmo."

"I know, I miss her so much. But she wwill always be in my heart. And so will you." Sonic smiled.

"Same here." Amy giggled. "It seems like the adventure's gone so quickly, like it's been 5 minutes since all that happened."

"I know...that's the part that bothers me so much. But I will always remember certain parts of the adventures we went through."

"Same here. I love you, Amy."

"I love you too, Sonic." The two were both pulled into a soft kiss, and while they kissed, they started to have some memories of the good old days.

Memory 1: The transport to Chris's world.

Sonic coughed out water as the boy pulled him out of the pool.

"Are you okay?"

"Ugh, yeah, I'm fine. Gee, thanks a lot. Any longer in the pool, I would've died." The boy was surprised.

"You can talk?" The boy asked.

"Yeah! In fact, I can do a lot of things!"

"Wow, that's awesome. So what's your name, by the way?"

"I'm Sonic the Hedgehog. Known as, well, to my planet, the fastest hedgehog alive!"

"Cool! My name is Chris Throndyke. Nice to meet you, Sonic!"

"Nice to meet you, too, Chris!"

Memory 2: Saving Amy on the beach.

"Amy!!" Sonic screamed out. He panicked when he saw Amy go in the deep blue ocean. He decided to be brave. He took a deep breath and dove into the water.

"Sonic!! What the?" Tails yelled.

"Sonic! You can't swim?" Chris yelled out.

"But he is swimming.."

Sonic tried to go in further to reach Amy. Amy opened up her eyes a tiny bit and saw Sonic with a shocked face.

"Sonic...you can't swim..." Amy said in her mind.

Memory 3: "Don't You Worry Amy, I never Will Leave You.

"Hi!" Sonic greeted Amy.

"Well? What took you so long? I was worried! I wondered...if you were never going to come back. It scared me...to think that...I was never going to see you again! Then after a while I waited for you to come, but you never did! I didn't know where you were! I couldn't stand knowing. I told myself...that I should give up hope, I was covinced...that you forgotten all about me! I thought you were gone forever! But then I realized...that you would never abandon me. I decided that I would wait for you...even if it took the rest of my life to see you again...and now you're here. Oh, I'm so glad to finally have you back Sonic, it's such a wonderful feeling! I don't think I've ever been happy as I am now!" Amy started crying. Then she finished with, "Don't you ever leave me again, Sonic the hedgehog!" Amy finished and soon enouph, she saw Sonic walking to her, bending down to his knees and showing her a beautiful lilac rose. Sonic winked at her and said,

"Don't you worry Amy, I never will!" Sonic told her. Amy cried some more, but happily, and she hugged Sonic as the morning sunshine rose and shone on the two happy couple.

Memory 4: The Candy - Lemon. (Contains lemon, XD)

She pushed Sonic on the bed and pounced on him. Sonic laughed louder. Amy grinned evilly as she started to zip Sonic's jacket down. She took it off and ran her hands up and down on Sonic's chest lovingly. Sonic grabbed the end of Amy's dress and took it off. All there was left on her body was her bra and panties.

Sonic leant in Amy's neck and kissed it. He wrapped his arms around her back and started to unclip her bra. He ran his fingers around her chest, then down to her breasts. Sonic was giving pecks around her chest and on her breasts, but lightly, so he wouldn't hurt her. That all changed when Amy wanted more. She grabbed her panties and pulled them down. Sonic looked down there and up to Amy.

"You know you want to," Amy said in a sexy voice. Sonic smiled and went down to her lower part. He grabbed her legs and parted them, opening her vagina. Sonic pushed his tongue into the deeper part in her vagina, moans coming from Amy. He pushed his tongue deeper until he can't go any deeper. Amy screamed for a short time, but it was cut with a moan when Sonic pulled his tongue out of her vagina. He got on the bed, chuckling a little when he saw Amy's face all red.

"You thinkin' what I'm thinkin?" Amy smiled devishly and nodded.

"But...who should be on top?" Sonic chuckled again.

"Who knows, it might be both of us..."

"...Alrighty then, we take turns...You can go first..." Sonic laughed at her and pushed her down and pounced on her, making her scream. Amy pumped up and down so Sonic could feel the pain and pleasure. He did indeed feel it, as he screamed. They rolled and pumped, and they screamed every time they did that. Amy moaned when Sonic kissed her breasts again, except it was harder and he started to lick them. He soon went back to pumping her as hard as he can. Amy rolled on top of him and said,

"It's my turn to be on top now." Sonic smiled. Amy pushed her body against his as hard as she can. They started to french kiss as they rolled and pumped more, or as I like to call it, sex.

----Ending of Memories.

Those were the memories that they remembered the most. And they will never forget them as long as they live.



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