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'I can't believe it Jake. Every single time you swear to me you've changed and I actually believe you.' Sarah said softly as they walked into the house.

Her fiancé Jake stepped close to her, cradling her face in his large hands. 'I'm sorry darling I was just trying to protect you.'

Sarah wrenched her head out of his hands and stepped back, emerald eyes shooting sparks at him. 'That's just it Jake! I don't need to be protected! In case you hadn't noticed I can look after myself.'

Jake grabbed her arm and pulled her close. 'How can you say that when he had his fucking hands all over you Sarah?' She flinched-both at his words and his hold on her arm. 'Let me go Jake.' She said quietly.

He sighed and stepped away, running his hand through his dark hair furiously. They had gone to a cocktail party at a prospective client's house and the client, being incredibly drunk and finding Sarah alone in the kitchen, had tried to put his hands down her dress. She had been in the process of fending him off when Jake had walked in and promptly broken the guys' nose.

Jake loved Sarah. Something about her made men want to protect her and from the moment he met her on her first day of college he had been captivated. She had turned to him with wide green eyes and asked for directions to her first lecture as she'd misplaced her map. He had walked her to class that day and the next, and eventually when they had both graduated he had asked her to marry him. He could still remember his heart skipping a beat as her eyes filled with happy tears and she said yes.

Jake had soon learned that she wouldn't be sheltered from life. He had been brought up with the belief that women needed to be kept safe from all the sicko's out there. She had been brought up to stand on her own two feet and now had both a degree in law and a black belt in Tae Kwon Do. He loved her independence but every time he tried to keep her safe she blew up at him.

'Sarah, baby I'm sorry.' He tried again. She snorted. 'You say that all the time Jake but you never change! I don't need to be rescued every time something goes wrong! Why can't you let me look after myself? You just lost a potential client and made yourself, not to mention me, look like a complete idiot.' Jake sighed and rubbed his temples. He knew what was coming next.

'I love you Jake, really I do. But I can't marry someone who smothers me! You make me feel like I have to be some damsel in distress before you'll love me unconditionally!' Tears were running down her face now and he just wanted to wipe them away and make it all better. 'I'm nearly 26 years old and you treat me like I'm made of glass and I just can't take it anymore. Don't call me. I think we need a break.'

'Don't do this Sarah. You step out that door and I'm not taking you back.' She shook her head and backed away, rubbing furiously at her eyes and smearing her makeup in the process. 'That's your choice then Jake but I can't be around you right now.' She walked out, out of his house, and out of his life and he picked up the nearest object, a crystal vase and threw it against the wall.'

Sitting down, Jake put his head in his hands. 'Shit.' Was all he said. They always did this. They fought, she walked out, and he convinced her to come back. But this time it didn't look like she was coming back and he felt like his heart was breaking.

He walked into the kitchen and frowned when he saw Sarah's purse on the bench. He couldn't be bothered seeing her right now. He made himself a coffee and was just about to take it into the living room when he noticed a small red book next to Sarah's purse.

'I'm sure this wasn't here before.' He muttered before opening it. He scanned the page. It looked like something Sarah used to read before she graduated. After graduatoin she had focussed on work and Jake and lost her passion for fantasy. He snorted as he read a particular line in the book. 'How appropriate. I actually wish the goblins would take Sarah away at the moment.'

He was interrupted by the opening of the front door. Sarah walked in, eyes red and face blotchy. 'Forgot my bag.' She muttered before focusing on the book. Her mouth dropped and her eyes showed true fear as she backed away from him. 'Where-where did you get that book?' She shrieked frantically.

'It was sitting here beside your bag I figured you must have left it here.' Sarah had paled and was trembling. 'Tell me you didn't read any words from that book.' Jakes face reddened and she knew instantly what he had happened. 'Oh my god what have you done?' Jake pulled her into his arms. 'Baby calm down everything's ok…' He started, but was interrupted by an amused, aristocratic voice coming from behind him.

'Yes baby calm down. Everything's definitely ok.' Sarah tensed as Jake turned around furiously. 'Who the fuck are you and what are you doing in my house?'

The Goblin King smirked. Ignoring Jake he turned to Sarah. 'There's no need to look so frightened my love. After all you escaped our last meeting in one piece did you not?'

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