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Sarah woke with a start, in Jareths arms as he left the dining room. Struggling wildly she threw a punch at his head which he dodged and looked down at her reproachfully. 'Stop squirming.' Jareth told her as he walked out the same door they had entered in.

'Put me down now!' Sarah yelled, still struggling frantically.

Jareth stopped. Irritated he unfolded his arms from around her and lowered her to her feet. Immediately Sarah swayed and grabbed onto the wall. Jareth rolled his eyes and reached out a hand to steady her.

'You need to eat.'

Sarah stiffened. 'Leave me alone.'

Jareth smiled, the dangerous smile that had caused fear in both friend and foe for many centuries.

'Never.' He breathed.

Walking into the room, Sarah sat on the bed and glared at him fiercely.

A servant followed and set up some bread, fruit and cheese on a table that Sarah was sure hadn't been there before. Standing, she was forced to sit again. Ok so she needed to eat. Frowning she tried to calculate how long it had been since she had last eaten a full meal…at least four days.

Jareth walked over to her and held out his arm, the look on his face telling her he would accept no defiance. Frowning, she placed her arm in his and allowed him to lead her to the table. Sitting down, she began to devour the food in front of her, keeping her eyes on her plate and ignoring Jareth completely.

Jareth smiled. At least she was eating. 'Sarah when you've finished eating I think we should talk.'

Sarah glared at him coldly. 'I have nothing to say to you.'

'Well that's a shame because I have a lot to say to you.' He replied decisively.

'You say that like I'm supposed to care.'

Ignoring her sarcasm, Jareth settled back in his seat and studied her. Pushing back her plate, Sarah did the same.

'You should continue eating. You look too thin.' Jareth instructed.

Rolling her eyes Sarah pushed her chair back. 'Excuse me I need to take a bath.'

'I'm not done talking.'

'WELL I AM!' Anger welled up, hot and furious.

'Sarah would you please listen and show some maturity for five minutes-'

'Maturity?' She hissed dangerously. 'You steal me away from my home, break my heart, and ruin the best

thing I've ever had and you dare call me immature?'

Jareth rolled mismatched eyes.

'I didn't steal you. He wished you away and lost. That's how the game is played precious.'

'Game??? 'This is my life. It's not a goddamn game!'

'Regardless you now belong to me. I suggest you get used to it because you will be with me for the rest of your extremely long life.'

'So what… I never ever die?' Tears filled her eyes at the thought.

Jareth sighed, raking a hand through his wild hair.

'Sarah you are now fae. When the thirteen hours ended you automatically became one of us. I had nothing to do with it. We can be killed by illness or an accident or even murder but we are much more resilient than mortals. Injuries that would kill you aboveground will now only take weeks or days to heal and barring any of that happening, you will never age, never die from being too old… Sarah it's a gift.'

Emerald eyes flashing Sarah took a step towards him. 'Take it back. I don't want it.'

Jareth turned away. 'I can't.'

Sarah closed her eyes. Fine. There were other ways to control whether she lived or died.

Jareth spun around. Stalking towards her he grabbed her wrist and pulled her to him. Ignoring her outraged gasp he grabbed her chin and forced her to meet his furious gaze.

'Don't even think it.' He growled between gritted teeth. 'I would follow you and even Hades would fear my wrath.'

Sarah paled. 'How did you just read my mind?'

Releasing her he stepped back. 'We are connected Sarah. I have announced you as my betrothed and the labyrinth recognizes you as such. The more time we spend together, the more our auras and minds will merge, until our wedding night when we will be truly as one, in mind body and soul.'

Sarah shuddered at the thought of ever being that close to such a monster. 'So now you can read my mind?'

Jareth sighed. 'No I can't read your mind but I can sometimes feel your emotions when they're particularly strong. And when you think something like that…' He frowned, trailing off, and then met Sarahs eyes where she was waiting expectantly.

'When you practically shout such a thought, I can't help but pick up on it.'

Frowning, Sarah considered this. 'How come I can't feel your emotions then?'

'Because I'm shielding them from you.'


Face darkening, Jareth scowled at her. 'Because unlike you I can control myself.' He snapped.

Turning back around, cold mask once again firmly in place, he waved a hand, causing what remained of their meal to disappear.

'I have business to attend to tomorrow. Aiden will show you around the castle grounds.'

Seeing Sarahs mouth open to protest, he anticipated it and carried on, voice rising. 'I expect you to behave.'

And with that he disappeared, leaving Sarah to mutter about no good goblin kings.

Sarah was up early the next morning, eager to scope out the palace grounds and find a way to escape. She knew Jareth would be anticipating her making a break for it so she had vowed to herself she would have a good solid plan.

After arguing yet again with Holly over the corset, Sarah had once again gotten her way although Holly had pointed out that it would only last until Jareth noticed.

Sarah had rolled her eyes and stuck out her tongue, making her maid shriek with laughter.

At that moment, someone knocked on the door and Holly sobered instantly, opening the door and dropping into a low curtsey when she saw Aiden.

Sarah turned and let her eyes travel over him. Light brown jodhpurs a loose fitting royal blue shirt, and what looked like riding boots. She looked at him questioningly.

'Yes Sarah we are going riding.' He drawled, sounding, as always, like he was secretly laughing at her.

Scowling, Sarah looked down at what she was wearing, a long violet gown with a low neckline and long sleeves. 'Shouldn't I get changed?'

Aiden looked confused for a moment and then he recovered, eyes sparkling with suppressed laughter.

'No I'm sure that will be fine.'

Sarah rolled her eyes. Fine. If he wanted to humiliate her when they went riding she wouldn't stop him, she'd just make sure he suffered as well.

Ten minutes later they were walking out of the castle for the first time since Sarah had been back.

Eyes wide, and using her lawyer ability to retain detail, Sarah began looking at all possible exits and entries, where the guards were standing, and where there was shelter. She missed seeing Aidens eyes trailing over her, noting the lack of a corset and the half smile that lingered round his mouth at her antics.

They walked through a huge garden, strolling in silence in the hot sun. Eventually Sarah cleared her throat and slid a glance towards Aiden.

He turned his head towards her, that sardonic half smile on his face. 'Yes Sarah?'

Sarah shivered. He had a way of saying her name like it was a dirty word, a word that had nothing to do with her name, and everything to do with rolling around naked, tangled in sweaty sheets.

'How long have you known the Goblin King for?'

The smile widened into a grin. 'I assume you mean Jareth? You know saying his name won't make him any more powerful than he already is now.'

Sarah smiled and his eyes were instantly transfixed to her mouth. Aiden groaned inwardly. By the gods that mouth was going to get him in trouble!

'I mostly just do it to piss him off.'

He threw back his head and laughed. She was the most amusing creature he'd ever met.

Stopping, Aiden waited until she too halted and looked back at him curiously. He hesitated, knowing he was probably forgetting his place, but still… He sighed.

'Sarah you're making it so hard on him, why can't you just forgive him for taking you? You were wished away, it was well within his rights and yet you refuse to see his side.'

Those startling emerald eyes flashed with indignation. 'How can you say that?' She nearly shrieked. 'I was happy. For the first time in my life I had a job I was passionate about, I saw my brother every second weekend, I was marrying the man I loved, and the big goblin just came and took it all away on a whim. Do you have any idea how that must feel?'

Aiden frowned. 'I was under the impression that your relationship with your fiancé wasn't the happiest.'

Sarah shook her head. So Jareth had been sharing her personal life with everyone. How like him.

'We fought but we loved each other and I wanted nothing more than to be Jakes wife and grow old with him.'

'I don't understand why you can't just be happy that you experienced such a love instead of wallowing in this grief.' Aiden said.

She laughed, but not like it was funny. 'Have you ever been in love Aiden?'

He smiled, thinking of the skirts he chased and the women who pursued him.

'No I can't say I have.' He conceded.

'Then you can't understand that I would have rather to never have felt love, than to feel so loved one minute, and in the blink of an eye, it all be gone, and be left with this broken heart I have now.'

Her eyes filled with tears.

'And all because a foolish boy wanted someone else's toy.'

Aidens heart constricted. 'I'm sorry milady, that you feel so wronged by the King. I know he does not truly wish to hurt you, and I wish I could explain his actions in a way that would satisfy you.'

Lifting a hand, he brushed a tear from her face, and thought that he could not blame his King for wanting such a woman, but he wondered if it was worth watching her fade away into a shadow of her former self.

Jareth lowered the crystal and frowned. He had used a spell that allowed him to hear what Sarah and his advisor had said.

Throwing the orb against a wall and feeling satisfied at the resounding smash of glass, he pressed his fingers against his temple and the headache that was forming there.

A few minutes later, Sarah and Aiden arrived at the stables, where Sarah wandered among the many impressive horses with a look of awe on her face. 'These are all Jareths?' She asked him, stopping to pat a gorgeous painted quarter horse.

'Yes these are all his private mounts, although he also has larger stables around the other side of the castle where guests can ride and for messengers who need to change horses.'

Grinning, Sarah looked up into Aidens beautiful blue eyes. 'So which ones the fastest?'

Half an hour later, the horses were finally saddled, after a tantrum from Sarah who had refused to ride side saddle.

'This is ridiculous!' She had shouted, looking up at what was to her, a deformed saddle. 'This is the dark ages! I won't do it!'

Aiden shrugged. 'Then you won't ride.'

Sarah gaped at him. 'Are you actually serious?'

He nodded. 'I assure you I am quite serious. Here it is considered improper for lovely young ladies to be spreading their legs on top of horses.' He gave her such a lecherous grin she was forced to laugh.

'I don't know how to ride side saddle! I'm going to fall off!'

Aiden smiled. Now that would be worth watching. Grabbing her by the waist he lifted her like she weighed nothing, and threw her up onto the docile horse he had chosen for her, a lovely dappled grey named Trixie.'

She pouted prettily and eyed up his horse, a huge chestnut that was stomping its foot like a bull.

'Don't even think it.' He said warily, interpreting her look correctly. 'Dashire here would eat you alive.'

Sarah rolled her eyes and tried to adjust herself to the change of balance. 'This is ridiculous.'

Jumping onto his horse, Aiden laughed. 'You shouldn't have too much trouble princess… after all, its not like you're wearing a corset.'

Shocked, Sarah slapped him playfully on the arm. 'I knew you'd feel me up!'

Aiden threw his head back, roaring with laughter, and giving his horse a swift kick, broke into a fast trot as he led the way out of the stables

Nudging her horse, Sarah rode jerkily after him, giving up the trot as being too bouncy for her precarious position atop Trixie, and she settled into a canter. Her horse had a nice canter, she discovered, and knew Aiden must have chosen her for her rocking-horse like gait.

Catching up to where Aiden was waiting, she slowed down to a walk, and they ambled slowly through the forest, him pointing out various wildlife, and giving a brief history lesson on the lands.

Sarah listened to the low rumble of his voice. It was calming, and she realized that this was the best time she had had since she had been taken away from her home. She was definitely the most relaxed she had been for awhile.

Eventually, they jumped off their horses by a shallow river, and let them drink. Sarah stretched out in the grass. The horses were roaming free as Aiden had assured her they were too well trained to stray very far.

'Unlike you.' He had correctly pointed out, showing he had noticed her scouting out the forest, looking for places to hide as they had been riding.

Sarah watched the leaves blowing in the breeze above her head and Aiden leaned against a tree and watched Sarah.

She flicked a glance to him, noticing how stiff he looked in his riding gear. Patting the space beside her she motioned for him to lie down. He shook his head, a slow smile appearing on his face.

Sarah sighed. 'Oh go on I won't bite.'

Aiden chuckled and moved to sprawl next to her, watching the leaves as she was.

'Do you ever want to leave here Aiden?'

He thought for a moment, surprised at her question, although by now nothing she did or said should surprise him. Then he realized what she was getting at. To her, Jareth was a tyrant, a man who ruled by fear and fear alone. She didn't understand why he would stay and serve a King that she considered so evil.

'Jareth has been my best friend since I was a boy.' He shrugged. 'We were raised together almost as brothers and I would trust none other than Jareth at my back if it came down to it.'

Aiden looked into her eyes seeing the confusion there. Sarah still didn't understand that underneath it all, Jareth was a good man. He couldn't fault the girl though-it wasn't as if the king had ever let her see anything other than his arrogance and spitefulness.

Sarah, seeing she wasn't going to get any more out of him, spotted his horse, Dashire roaming close to her head. Not bothering to think of the consequences or the voice in her head that told her both Aiden and Jareth would kill her, Sarah shot to her feet, bolted to the large horse, and surprising both the horse and Aiden jumped on its back.

Aiden leapt to his feet, running over to her, but was too late, as Sarah gave Dashire a good hard kick, a slap on the behind, and they took off at a gallop back the way they had came, Sarah shrieking with laughter the whole time. 'Race you Aiden!' She yelled back over her shoulder, than quickly turned back, feeling an inkling of fear at the speed the horse was going. She gave an experimental tug on his mouth to see if he would listen, but to no avail as Dashire simply snorted and sped up.

Aiden cursed the mortal wench as he grabbed the smaller horse, vanished away the saddle with a wave of his hand, and leapt onto her back, heading straight after Sarah, who by now was out of sight.

Sarah, meanwhile, was rethinking this whole, leap onto a big, dangerous looking horse plan. Fighting back terror, she simply hunched down into the saddle, keeping her head out of the way of branches, and wishing desperately that she had a helmet. Dashire kept galloping, hooves pounding the ground, and powerful muscles flexing as he enjoyed being free, not having had such exercise for a long time.

In his study, Jareth felt a stab of fear that wasn't his. Eyes widening, he tried to lock onto Sarah but her emotions were too chaotic. He felt fear for some reason, elation and the sense of being free, as well as something that seemed very close to happiness.

Running to the balcony doors, Jareth threw them open and leaned out over the railing, spying his mortal, atop one of the fastest horses in his stables. Where the hell was Aiden? He wondered while his heart beat double time. Spotting Aiden come tearing out of the forest after her, he felt slightly better as he saw the determination on his advisors face as he fought to catch up to the two runaways.

Jareth immediately threw himself off the balcony, changing into an owl as he fell, and wings flapping, headed straight to the girl who, he was not surprised to see, had sparkling eyes and a huge grin on her face.

Sarah allowed herself to relax. Surely the horse would have to slow down soon, and she was having such a great time, the wind in her hair, adrenalin flooding her system. What more could a girl ask for? She risked a glance behind her and saw Aiden was actually gaining on her, a look of cold determination on his face.

She tugged again on the reigns and Dashire slowed to a canter, and then a trot. Allowing Aiden to catch up and trot beside her, she flashed him a big smile, laughing as he rolled his eyes in exasperation.

So caught up in the moment, were they, that neither of them noticed the small goblin, dart out in front of her horse, causing Dashire to rear up, and Sarah, unprepared, to grab his mane in an effort to hold on.

Feeling full blown terror now, Sarah tried to calm the temperamental horse, but to no avail as he tossed his head, side-stepped and then suddenly bolted, heading for, what looked to be the entrance to the labyrinth. Sarah felt her eyes widen with the sudden thought that maybe the horse could be of some use to her in the near future.

Aiden panicked, heading after her immediately, but not knowing if he would have time to reach her before she got to the labyrinth. Feeling, what seemed to be a tornado whipping at his hair and clothes, he closed his eyes. 'Oh god.' He muttered, as he felt Jareths rage, boiling and ready to explode.

Sarah was holding onto Dashire for dear life, when she felt something dig into the skin of her shoulders and lift her straight off the horse. She was left struggling in midair, hanging from god only knew what while Dashire continued his flee into the labyrinth.

Raising a hand, she winced as she felt what was holding her in midair: talons. The wind she had felt had been from huge white wings, beating lazily, and as she felt, what appeared to be a huge white bird, lifting her higher, she screamed out for Aiden to help her.

Struggling wildly, Sarah raised her legs above her shoulders and head, and relying on abdominal strength she didn't know she had, she flicked her legs out and then back towards her and over her head, kicking whatever held her prisoner in the face.

The large bird dropped her immediately, squawking madly, and Sarah felt all the air rush out of her as she hit the ground, flat on her back.

'Ugggh.' Was the only sound she could make as she attempted, weakly to lift herself up, trying to get her lungs to inhale air.

Seeing the bird landing out the corner of her eye, Sarah jumped to her feet and rushed behind Aiden, pushing him forward and ordering him to 'kill it or something!' Aiden chuckled. Falling down on one knee, he bowed his head towards the bird, which was now standing on the ground, towering over both of them.

'Your majesty I must apologize for this mess. It was entirely my fault. You see-' The bird narrowed its mismatched eyes threateningly, cutting Aiden off.

Wait…mismatched eyes? Holy shit that thing was Jareth?

Sarah backed up, studying the bird-owl, she could now see. It had Jareths eyes, his lips, above his lips rested a huge beak, and his chest was the same, only lightly covered fine feathers, like what would be found on a baby bird.

Continuing her downward gaze, Sarah noticed that one thing probably hadn't changed, and blushed when she saw the size of him, quickly averting her eyes to his legs, which were well muscled and the same as ever only ending in talons. And then there were the wings. Huge. And White. Were the only two words that came to mind.

'Omigod.' Was the only thing she could think to say, as she continued her walk backwards, only to bump into the owl (she refused to think of that thing as Jareth), which had somehow appeared behind her. 'Well duh.' Sarah thought, slightly hysterically, if it was still Jareth then it made sense that it would have his powers.

Jumping back from the owl, she then bumped into Aiden, who had moved to stand behind her. She began hyperventilating. 'Ok no one panic, but I'm feeling very claustrophobic and I need everyone to back the fuck away right now!'

Aiden smiled. 'Sarah don't be frightened-' Eyes wide, she turned to look at him. 'Why? Can he smell fear?'

Laughing, he brushed back a piece of hair from her face and rubbed in between his fingers as he spoke. 'He's not entirely an animal Sarah. He's still mostly human.'

At that moment, Jareth roared, not quite a squawking sound, but close, knocking Sarah to the ground, he forced Aiden away from her and advanced on him. The only indication that Aiden was surprised was a slight widening of his eyes but he immediately dropped back down on one knee and bowed his head. 'I meant no offence majesty.'

Sarah watched in horror as Jareths bones seemed to melt. Her top lip curled back as she heard loud popping noises and saw things moving under his skin. She raised her eyes and was scorched by his mismatched gaze.

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