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The Darkness and The Light

"They say that long ago a young Egyptian pharaoh lived in these woods with his servants. The Pharaoh was a stubborn and selfish Pharaoh and had his servants wait on him all the time, day after day, night through night, it never stopped, till an old woman came to his castle one snowy night. When the servant answered the door, she wished to speak with the owner. The woman's patience at the door frustrated the Pharaoh; he got up himself and told her to leave. She begged him for a place to stay for the night and that she'd leave first thing in the morning, but he said no once again and closed the door on her.

"There was a knock once again and when the Pharaoh answered it, he saw a beautiful enchantress. He begged her for his forgiveness, but instead, she put a curse on him and told him, 'If you only think of beauty on the outside, you'll never know what beauty is on the inside.' And handed him an enchanted rose. 'When this rose blooms and the last petal falls, you and your servants will stay cursed for eternity.' She then cast the spell on the castle and all the servants living in it. The Pharaoh turned into a beast, and from that day on, he never left his castle, and no one visited him." Said a woman who sat on a bed and closed the small book.

"Is that it? Did he ever find love?" Asked a small boy.

"Well, that is for your imagination." She smiled and stood putting the book on his nightstand. "Now, time for this little pharaoh to get to bed." She smiled and he giggled as she tickled him.

"Mommy, I'll get to bed." He smiled and she stopped and let him lie down before covering him up in his blankets.

"Good night Yugi." She smiled and lightly gave him a kiss on his forehead.

"Night mommy." He smiled and closed his eyes, falling a sleep, and sleeping of peaceful dreams, unknown to him, that would have been the last time he saw his mother.

The next morning Yugi was awaken by a knock at the front door. He called out to his mom, but she didn't answer. He made his way out of his room and down the stairs. He looked out of the window by the door and saw a police officer. He quickly opened the door and looked up at the officer. "H-hello." He said.

"Hello lad, you must be Yugi, right?" Asked the officer and he nodded. "Yugi, do you know where your mother is?" Asked the officer.

"No, mommy didn't answer the door, so I did. I don't know where mommy is." Said Yugi.

"Yugi, your mom, she wont be coming back." He said.

"Why not?" Asked Yugi.

"She got into an accident on her way back home from work, your mommy went to the hospital, but they couldn't help her in time." He said and Yugi started to cry backing away from the door.

"I-I-I wa-want, mom-mommy." He cried.

"Yugi." Said the officer and walked in closing the door behind him. "Yugi, you'll be living with your grandfather." He smiled.

"Gr-grandpa." He said looking up at the officer.

"Yes, he's on his way to pick you up." He smiled. "Come on, let's help get you packed so when he comes, he can take you home." Said the officer and took Yugi's hand and let the small boy lead him to his room where the officer mostly packed his stuff.

Later that day when Yugi's grandpa picked him up and brought him home, Yugi and his grandpa visited the hospital for a last look at his mother. She looked peaceful with a few scratches on her face of course, and that was the last he saw his mother. There was a funeral two days later, and that was the last day that he visited that cemetery.

Ten years later

"Good morning Mr. Haru." Smiled Yugi walking into the library and over to book shelves.

"Ah, good morning lad, come for another book again?" He chuckled.

"Yes, I couldn't put the last one down, I had to finish it." He said and found the one he wanted and smiled. "I haven't read this in a while." He said.

"Yugi, lad, you read that two weeks ago." Chuckled Haru.

"Oh, I guess your right." Smiled Yugi. "I love this book though, about the pharaoh." Said Yugi walking to the counter and putting the other book down.

"Than its yours." Smiled Haru taking the other book.

"Mr. Haru, I can't." Said Yugi.

"Yes you can lad, and you will." Said Haru and handed him the book, "keep it." He smiled.

"Thank you Mr. Haru." Said Yugi and he hurried out of the library looking threw the book and smiling.

"There he is, into books again the boy." Smiled the baker's wife.

"I know, such a sweet and cute charming fellow." Smiled the bartender's wife.

"Good morning Yugi." Smiled the two women. He looked up from his book and smiled waving.

"Good morning ladies." He said and continued threw the plaza toward the street to his house.

As Yugi made his way threw the plaza, he passed the fountain where the shepherd boy was walking the sheep threw, and continued on down the stone street to the house. He was about to leave the plaza when he bumped into a figure that stood in front of him and dropped his book. "Oh, sorry. Excuse me." Said Yugi and was about to grab his book when the figure did.

"Reading fairy tales again Yugi." Chuckled the man.

"Ba-Bakura." Said Yugi startled. "Bakura, give me my book." Said Yugi reaching up to grab it. Yugi was still small for his age, even though he was 16. Bakura was 17 and in fact taller than Yugi, hence that Yugi is reaching up to get it.

"Yugi, reading is for girls, you should know that." Chuckled Bakura and he dropped the book onto the ground.

"Ah." Yugi quickly grabbed his book and walked away from Bakura fast toward his house before calling back. "At least I can read, unlike you." He said and hurried home.

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