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At the blow of a whistle, the doormen opened the doors to the auditorium and the people flocked in taking any seat they could before they were taken. Once others were seated, some returned to the lobby for snack or use the restroom before the show started. Once the doormen had everyone seated and settled down, they closed the doors and dimmed the auditorium lights as the spotlight shined on the centerpiece curtain.

In seconds the curtain was drawn open and three familiar figures stepped out with microphones in hand and the audience erupted into applause and shouted cries of joy.

Joci: Wow, thank you, thank you. Please settle down.

The audience quiets down and sits in their seats anxiously.

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Joci: We present to you our final installment of, 'The Darkness and The Light'.

Last Time

"Before we head downstairs, I'd like to ask you something Yugi." Said Yami as he walked back over to the desk where the crowns were.

"You can ask me anything Yami." Said Yugi as he went to Yami. At the desk, Yami pulled out a small wooden box with ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphics. Yugi looked over Yami's arm as he looked into the box when Yami opened it revealing two gold rings and on the center of one was a large diamond with two smaller ones on the other side of it.

Yugi took a step back in shock as Yami removed the rings from the box and closed it. Turning to Yugi, he gave him the warmest, most tender smile Yugi had seen and his shock vanished as Yami stepped closer to him before he stepped down to one knee and held up the diamond ring to Yugi. "Yugi Mutou, my abiou, will you take me, Prince Yami Akmunra, to be your husband?"

Yugi smiled as he closed his eyes tightly to keep back the tears that were threatening to stream down his face. "Yes, yes!" He cried as Yami stood and placed the ring onto his finger before handing the other ring to Yugi who happily placed it on Yami's own finger. Yami kissed Yugi passionately as Yugi wrapped his arms around Yami's neck once again.

After what seemed like ages, they finally walked out of the room, arm and arm as they walked down the hallway toward the stairs.

Chapter 19

The Front Hall

The door to the West Wing opened and the servants and maids stopped what they were doing and all stood at attention as Yami descended from the stairs with Yugi by his side. They stopped at the midpoint on the stairs and faced the maids and servants before them as well as their friends who stood up front.

Yami then stepped forward and smiled, "Friends, the curse of the enchantress has been lifted, we are human once more!" The servants and maid's applauded and cheered happily as some shouted in joy. "So tonight, we celebrate with a big festivity. Think you all can participate in making this all happen?" He asked.

"The boys and I will start preparing the food." Said Tristan as he led his servants and chef apprentices back to the kitchen to start to cook.

"I'll handle decorations. Serenity, ladies, this way." Said Mai as she led the girls outside to her green house with a few of the maids since the green house wasn't that big.

"I'll get to work on the music with Noah." Smiled Mokuba as he ran off to find Noah with his fellow band members.

"I call lighting. This way boys." Said Jou as he led some servants and the other boys into the ball room.

"And I suppose I'll over see everything as always." Said Seto. Before they knew it, the front hall was empty except for Yugi's grandpa and Ryou who stood in the center of the room. Yami escorted Yugi down the stairs before Yugi hurried over to his grandpa and gave him a big hug as Yami walked up behind him.

"I take it this party holds more meaning then celebration." Smiled Sugoroku as Yugi flushed beside Yami.

Yami took Yugi's hand into his own and they gave one another a small smile, "I've asked Yugi to stay here with me and marry me, Mr. Mutor. I'm sorry for not asking for your consent first." Yami bowed to the older man.

"You make my boy happy Yami, and he's already accepted your proposal, so I see no reason to refuse. I wish you two both happiness with your relationship." Smiled Sugokoru.

"Thank you Grandpa." Smiled Yugi as he hugged him, then Yami did the same and thanked him.

"Congratulations Yugi, Yami." Smiled Ryou as he hugged Yugi and shook Yami's hand.

"Thank you Ryou. Listen, both you and Grandpa are welcome to move into the palace and live with us." Said Yugi.

"Of course I will." Smiled Sugokoru.

"I'll take you up on that offer Yugi, but I think I should return to the village and straighten some things out. Wouldn't want the people to riot and attack you and Yami." Said Ryou.

"Thank you Ryou." Smiled Yugi.

"Please stay tonight and celebrate with us, your horse will be tended to properly during your stay." Said Yami.

"Thank you, I will. Then I'll leave in the morning so no one comes looking for us." He explained.

They then parted ways and Ryou went to search the castle with Sugokoru while Yami and Yugi went to oversee the preparations for the evening.

Later that night

Everyone was dressed for the occasion as night fell on the palace. Noah and his fellow musicians had rehearsed during preparations so they'd play one score every few minutes to have short breaks in between to dance or eat.

Tristan and his apprentice chef's prepared a spectacular diner for everyone in a matter of hours, but during that time there was a lot of yelling coming from the kitchen. The decorations that Mai, Serenity, Tea and Mana made with the help of some maids of flower centerpieces were lovely as the colors shined vibrantly with life.

Everyone danced at some point in the night and the girls each danced with Yugi as Yami talked with the boys. It was later in the evening when Yami announced the engagement to Yugi when Mana noticed the ring Yugi was wearing. The servants and maids along with their friends and family clapped and applauded in congratulations.

When it was late, every one returned to their room for the evening. Yugi gave his grandpa his room in the east wing and Ryou shared a room with Mokuba since Jou moved in with Seto sometime during the preparation. The couples also moved in with one another. Tea moved her things out of Yugi's room, since it was hers and Mana's, but Mana also moved out and moved in with Mahado on the west wing since he was one of Yami's faithful servants. Tea moved in with Tristan who was a few rooms down, but still located in the east wing.

In Yami's room, Yugi was already settled in and changed for the night after Yami helped him with his crown before they put them away. Yami and Yugi had decided they would only dress like they had that night for special occasions, events and other important functions, or else they'd actor normal when they were around their friends and family.

"Tonight was amazing." Breathed Yugi exhausted.

"As it should be, my Abiou." Smiled Yami as he too slipped under the bed sheets beside Yugi.

"Yami, when do you suppose we should have the wedding?" Asked Yugi.

"I don't know, when would you like it to be Abiou?" Asked Yami as he drew Yugi into his arms and snuggling into his neck.

"Early summer when all the flowers are in bloom and when we know there won't be a lot of rain. I'd like it to be outside in Mai's garden, her flowers are so beautiful, and we can have the reception in the ballroom, Tristan and his sou-chefs can prepare the meal, Noah's group can perform for us, and Te-" Yami silenced Yugi with a kiss.

"That all sounds great Abiou, and I'd love to hear your ideas in the morning when I'm more awake so we can plan this together. For now, let's just sleep." He stated as he brought Yugi flesh up against his chest.

"I'm sorry, I just got a little carried away I suppose, didn't I." He laughed nervously.

"And that's one of the things I love about you Abiou." Stated Yami as he gave him a quick kiss on the forehead. "Now go to bed, we have a lot of planning to do tomorrow if we're going to have the wedding in a short few months."

"Okay Yami." Yugi smiled to him before they shared a kiss and got comfortable in each others arms, "I love you."

Yami chuckled, "And I love you, my Abiou." They both smiled and fell into a blissful slumber.

End Chapter 19

Audience applause's as the lights slowly return and the spotlight shines on the curtains that open revealing the three familiar faces.

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