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Chapter 1


THE infamous Danny Phantom flew up to the tallest building and look around the city one last time before heading back home. "Nothing." He sighed.

"What was that Danny?" His friend Sam Manson asked through his earphone.

"Oh sorry, I was talking to myself again." Danny said, still sounding lost in thought.

"I think he's finally snapped." Tucker said to Sam, but Danny still heard it.

"Hey!" Danny exclaimed.

Sam ignored they boys comments and said, "Why is everything so quite? There hasn't been a ghost attack all day!"

"I don't know," Tucker said. "Maybe they all decided to take a vacation." There was a pause after that.

"Oh you're right Tucker! I bet they all got in to their bathing suites and went to Hawaii!" Danny replied sarcastically.

"I definitely can't picture Skulker in a bathing suite." Sam said, wincing at the visual.

"Ewe." Tucker shuttered. Danny laughed. He looked out over the beautiful sunset and sighed. "I don't know about you guys, but it kind of feels like the calm before the storm, you know?"

"Yeah, I know what you mean. Speaking of storms, look to the North." Tucker said.

Danny turned and whistled. He saw a huge thunderhead heading towards their town. "Looks like this might be the kind of weather you like Sam…"

"Oh it is." Sam stated. "Have you seen the news? There is supposed to be thunderstorm warnings, flash flood warnings, tornado watches, even some tornado warnings all over the state!"

"What about Amity?" Danny asked, flying even higher, now thousands off feet up, looking out over the traffic.

"I've got it!" Tucker said and Danny could hear the familiar chirping of his PDA. After a moment he said, "Right now it's just Thunderstorm warnings and flash flood warnings. Not a tornado watch yet."

"That's good." Danny said, but before he was able to add on to that, his cell phone rang. He pulled his cell phone out from his impossible to find pocket and checked the caller ID. It was his dad's new cell phone. "Got to take this guys, it's my parents." Danny said and flipped open his cell. "Hello?"

"Danny-o! Where are you son?" His dad asked.

"Hey Danny! I see you! You're really high up… just a little dot." Tucker said. Danny ignored him, concentrating on his dad's voice.

Danny looked around, thousands of feet of the ground. "Uhh… at the Nasty Burger, just hanging with Sam and Tucker.

"Uh-- Danny?" Tucker said, but Danny blocked out his voice.

"Oh… well then what's that roaring sound?" His dad asked.

"Danny!" Tucker said more urgently. Danny ignored him again.

"What? I can't hear you, there it's kind of windy." Danny told his dad, but then he realized he didn't feel any wind.

"BEHIND YOU!!!" Tucker yelled, defining Danny's other ear for a moment.

He finally looked behind him and….

"AAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" Danny yelled turning intangible just before the plane hit him. He only got a quick glance at the occupants until the plane speed ahead of him. Afterwards he was completely still, stiff with fear.

"SON?! DANNY!!! WAS IT A GHOST?!? WE'RE ON OUR WAY!!!" Then he heard a dial tone. On his earphone it was a different story.

"Tucker what's going on? Danny what happened? …"


"Tucker stop laughing! Danny are you there? …"


"Tucker!!! ..."

"Ha… ha ha… phew… that was priceless man."

"Tucker what happened? Why isn't Danny responding?"

"Oh well he nearly hit with a plane. He is still floating there… good thing I got this all on tape huh?"

"WHAT!?!" Danny yelled finally relaxing a bit. "I was nearly killed and all you can do is sit there and laugh! And tape it?"

"Yep." Tucker replied simply.

"Well you better watch your back or tomorrow you will be announcing to the whole town that you like to eat your toe nails."

"What? How can you make me do… oh. Oh no, if you overshadow me Danny… I swear…"

"Then destroy the video, but first we need to get to the Nasty Burger."

"Why?" Sam asked after the boys were done arguing.

"Because that's where I said we were… remember… I said that to my dad before I had a near death experience with a plane…"

"Oh yeah… why is your dad going there?" Sam asked.

"He assumed we were attacked by ghosts and that's why I yelled."

"Screamed." Tucker corrected.

"Yelled." Danny said between his clinched teeth. Sam laughed. Danny took a calming breath and said, "Meet me there ASAP."

He received two Okays and then he turned the earphone off, and flew towards the restaurant. Less than two minutes later, he flew in through the ceiling in to the boys' bathroom. Making sure nobody saw him, he transformed back to Danny Fenton and walked out of the restroom. He looked around the restaurant and didn't see Tucker or Sam. 'Figures' he thought. 'They can't fly.' Tucker was on foot and Sam was on her new scooter.

"Hey! Didn't see you come in," Said a familiar voice. Danny turned around and saw Valerie.

"Hey Val!" Danny exclaimed. "I haven't seen you in a while! What have you been up to?" Danny asked politely, even though he knew exactly what she had been doing the past few days. Ghost hunting. To be more specific, hunting him, because he has been the only ghost around. Before Valerie came up with a cover up story a little girl that was sitting across the table from her said crossly, "You can talk to your boyfriend later… I'm done. I want my ice cream NOW!"

Valerie blushed furiously and said, "Beth he is NOT my boyfriend. And you don't get any ice cream. Who do you think you are to be bossing my around like that? I'm the one in charge here!"

"Well, then I guess that I will just have to tell my mom that you're not being nice to me…" The girl named Beth said picking up her cell phone.

Valerie glared at the girl that looked no older then eight and said between clenched teeth. "Wait… I'll get you your ice cream."

"Good." Beth stated. "I want a chocolate vanilla mix with green sprinkles on the top, and only green. Understood?"

Fuming, Valerie didn't say anything and abruptly left the table.

Danny followed her and gave her a questioning look. "What was tha—"

"She's my dad's bosses daughter. They made me baby-sit her while my dad and her had a meeting. If things work out, my dad might get promoted, but until then I have to look after that brat. All day she has been threatening to call her mom every time she doesn't get what she wants…" Valerie stole a glance over at Beth. She was smiled back at them, looking like a normal eight-year-old girl. Suddenly the cell phone in her hand started to ring.

Valerie panicked, and started walking over to her to see what she would say, but the girl glared at her and pointed back towards the line. Valerie seemed torn for a moment, so intent on finding out what the girl was saying but if she were to go over there then she would know the brat was going to say something bad about her for not staying in line. She came to a solution. "Danny! Go see what she is saying! I have to stay here!" Danny briskly walked over to the booth and stood behind Beth.

"Oh, well she isn't too bad, right now she is getting me some ice cream." A pause. "I know, I will call you straight away if she starts being mean." Another pause. "Okay mommy, I love you too! Bye." and she hung up. Danny sighed in relief behind her, hoping that Valerie's dad got that promotion so that the red huntress would maybe go a bit easer on him for causing him to get demoted in the first place.

"So what's your name boy?" Beth asked evilly.

"Uhh… Danny." He replied, hoping she wouldn't turn all evil on him as well.

"Really?!?" Beth asked, suddenly brightening.

"Yeah…" He said carefully, wondering what he did that was so special.

"You have the same first name as Danny Phantom!!!" She said in a fan girlish squeal. The rest of the restaurant went silent at that; looking at the little girl as if she was crazy, but as suddenly as it had stopped, it started again and Danny breathed a sigh of relief.

"Oh yeah, that's weird." Danny stated rubbing the back of his neck nervously.

"If you tilt your head, you kind of even look like him, if you imagine your hair silver and your eyes green…"

"Wow! Look there's Sam and Tucker, gotta go, nice meeting you!" Danny said running towards his friends in the check out line and almost running in to Valerie in his hast to get away.

"I know." She said. "I've been wanting to run away all day, except I'm stuck with her..." She sighed.

"Bye Val! See you around!" Was Danny's reply.

"C ya." She mumbled back. Danny quickly slid in to the booth Sam and Tucker decided to sit at.

"Hey guys." He greeted.

"Hey Danny, what was that about?" Sam asked sipping on her water.

"A freaky little girl that is the closest person to figuring out my secret without seeing me transform." Danny replied quietly.

"Really?" Tucker asked.

"Really. Okay, but now I need a cover up story." Danny stated.

Sam raised her hand like a schoolgirl and said, "Oh Oh! I've got one! Pick me!"

Danny and Tucker looked at her as if she had grown an extra head. "Umm, okay what do you have in mind?" Tucker asked.

"This!!!" and before Danny or Tucker could do anything she pored her ice-cold water down Danny's shirt.

"AAAAAAHHHHHH! SAM! WHAT WAS THAT FOR?!?" He yelled standing up, glaring at his friend.

"Aha, just as I thought. You have your cover up story." Before Danny could ask if she was out of her mind the doors burst open and an orange blur sped in to the restaurant.

"I'M COMING SON!!!" Jack Fenton cried, charging up his ectogun. Nobody made a sound. Danny quickly sat back down, trying to draw as less attention to himself as possible.

"Jack!" Maddie exclaimed. "It was supposed to be a surprise attack on the ghost!" She said sounding annoyed.

"Oh yeah…" Jack said, itching his head and letting his ectogun drop to his waist. Suddenly the whole restaurant burst in to laughter. Jack and Maddie seemed oblivious to it, and Maddie spotted the trio sitting there and walked over to their table.

"Danny are you okay?" She asked checking him over.

"Where's the ghost!?!" Jack asked, looking around suspiciously.

Danny sunk lower in to his seat as the restaurant burst in to another round of laughter.

"There was no ghost dad… Sam just spilled her water on me…" He replied.

"Awwwwwww. I really wanted to kick some ghost butt." Jack said, putting his ectogun away.

If Danny and his friends had ever wanted to disappear, it would be now. Finally people watching the scene went back to talking amongst themselves, and once again the "losers' table" was ignored. Maddie said, "Well now we know what really happened, I think that everybody should be heading home now."


"No buts young man, I would normally allow you guys to be out till dark but since there is a storm coming, it's going to get dark a lot sooner."

"Moo-oom, I promise there will be no ghosts! It's the first week of summer! Can't we just…"

"No. You don't know if there will be ghosts or not, and tell me what would you do if a ghost as powerful as Phantom attacked you hummm?" Sam and Tucker snickered, but Danny continued listing. "He has been known to come out when it is dark…"

Danny started to say, "only when a ghost att—"

But his mother just continued talking. "…And today is the one-year anniversary since he was put on the #1 on the most wanted list, so he is expected to have even more activity."

Danny sighed. "Fine." He replied dejectedly. They all got up and started to head towards the door.

Then Jack said excitedly, "You guys better hurry home, the storm is coming in pretty fast!"

"What, you're not going to give us a ride?" Danny asked.

"Nope! We have to go down to the mayors' office just in case Phantom decides to attack again! He personally picked us to be his body guard for a full twenty-four hours!" Maddie said also looking excided.

"Greeeaaaaat. Have fun with that!" Danny said sarcastically.

"We will!" His dad replied, hopping in to the Fenton Assault Vehicle with his wife and taking off.

Danny sighed. "Well then, I guess I will see you guys tomorrow."

"K, c ya Danny!" Sam said taking off towards her house.

"Make sure you don't get attacked by Phantom on the way home!!!" Tucker yelled back, also taking off towards his house.

"Okay, I'll try to avoid him!!!" Danny yelled back, smiling. Then he shook his head and chuckled to himself, heading towards the bright neon sign labeled "Fenton Works" just as it started sprinkle.



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