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Summery up to this point:

There was a tornado, and Fenton Works collapsed on top of Jazz and Danny. After getting pretty stuck, Jazz tries to get out, upsets the balance, ceiling falls on her and she disappears. Danny, too weak to go ghost at first, gets out and passes out. He gets transported to Clockworks via glowing marble and Clockwork tells him that he would have died if the ceiling didn't fall and he didn't get out. If he died, ciaos would ensue. He goes back to save Jazz, and is starting to get there, until Dan escapes, even taking the Time Master by surprise, and he's after Danny's blood.



Danny awoke a few hours later, confused to where he was and what was going on around him. Was going to Clockworks all a dream? He looked around and saw his sister to his right, still unconscious. When he saw his other self pinned under the ceiling through a little peep hole in the rubble then he realized it wasn't a dream.

He looked down and checked over his own conditions. Luckily he wasn't pinned down like his other self off in the distance, and he wasn't in too bad of pain now, but he was taking smaller breaths then he would normally have. How was his past affecting him? He didn't like it, and wasn't looking forward to when he woke up and the slumbering pain exploded inside of him.

Since he wasn't so weak this time around, he was able to go ghost and phase out of the planks of wood that covered him and they clattered to the ground. He looked around and saw the portal was one of the only things standing, and it was probably what was holding everything up above him.

Danny was kind of weirded out by the fact that Jazz was in the same spot she was last time. So that means that this probably happened to his future self as well. Everything was going as planned. Danny was suddenly hit by a wave of pride. Everything was going to turn out fine. He hadn't screwed up yet.

Suddenly Jazz stirred. Danny quickly turned invisible and watched her as she slowly woke up. She looked around, confused. She tried to pull get up, but she was covered from the waist down in wood. Danny flew over and made sure that her legs weren't being crushed. There was only a tiny bit of room where her legs were stuck but nothing seemed too critical. Danny went and sat down on a block of cement.

Finally Jazz's face showed she remembered what happened in a mixture of horror and worry. "Danny!" She yelled. The cry was so sudden that he almost yelled something back, but he slapped his hand over his mouth before he could do so. "Danny… Danny! Please… where are you!" She asked looking around frantically.

When she saw him through the little hole in the rubble she gasped. Danny looked back over at himself. If he didn't know better, he would have thought he was dead. "No! Danny! Wake up! Danny!" She cried, tears threatening to spill over her eyes. She violently tried to get herself out to go over to him and screamed in frustration. "Danny! Please answer me!" She yelled and finally collapsed sobbing. She thought she was dead.

Danny could only sit there stunned. He wished he could go over there and tell her everything was alright but if randomly appeared in ghost form, it wouldn't do much good. It would probably either make her think she went insane or that he came back as a ghost. Finally she came to her senses. "Pull yourself together!" She said to herself. "He's not necessarily dead. He could just be unconscious." She said. She wiped off her face and set to work determinedly to free herself and help him.

Suddenly his ghost sense went off. Luckily Jazz didn't notice the blue mist appearing out of nowhere. Danny looked around confused. Did this happen in his time too, and he just didn't notice his ghost sense? He thought about ignoring it for a while, but his gut told him that there was something wrong. Finally he sorely got up and quickly flew out above the mess.

It discovered it was a beautiful out, with the sun just poking out over the horizon. Danny barely glanced at it though. At that point he wasn't even looking for the ghost. All he could see was the path the tornado took. He was surprised when he saw that it didn't even go over his house. The path showed that it went right beside it, causing everything to collapse sideways.

While Danny was off guard, he didn't see the ghost come up behind him. The next thing he knew he was spiraling towards the earth, an intense burning where the ghost ray hit his back. He hit the ground, creating a small crater where he made impact. Danny stayed still for a moment, waiting for the pain to decrease. Who ever this ghost was had some serious thermos time to serve off. Danny could barely stand back up, already too weakened.

The ghost behind him laughed and it sent chills up his spine. He had heard that laugh before. He almost didn't want to turn around, as if pretending like he wasn't there would make him disappear, but the ghost grabbed Danny and forced him to face him. "Hello Danny. Long time no see." Dan Phantom snarled, his arms crossed over his chest.

Danny stumbled back. Not here. Not now. Not ever. He never wanted to face this. Not again. Dan suddenly swooped down and grabbed Danny by the neck. Then he pushed him up again a building effortlessly and cut off his airway, pushing against his already sore chest. Dan looked around. "This didn't happen in my dimension. Talk about your Chaos Theory." Dan laughed, making something bubble up in Danny's chest.

"I know what this is about. You're here to save our darling sister." He sneered, lifting Danny further off the ground, his feet dangling against the wall while he gasped for air, but Danny snapped. He kicked out with his leg as hard as he could, and hit Dan in the stomach, winding him. While he was distracted, Danny charged up an ectoblast and put his hand on Dan's chest and released it, causing his former future self blast back into the rubble across the street.

"She's not 'our' sister. She's mine." Danny yelled. "Your sister died along with your humanity a year ago in my time. But time continued on for us. We're not the same people Dan. Not even close." Danny stated, glaring daggers. Dan got up and charged Danny back to the ground, causing them both to hit it, hard. Danny quickly kicked Dan off of him and rolled around, ready to be attacked.

"I've seen we gotten better. But in my time I would have already been five times as powerful as you." Dan stated and suddenly lurched at Danny. Danny went intangible just in time though, causing Dan to fly through him.

"Yeah well right now I'm probably ten times happier then you. You know… with everybody I love still alive." Danny spat back. Then the sleeping beast awoke, and pain burst in Danny's chest and leg and he cried out. It felt like he couldn't breathe. He gasped and sank the to the ground, his arms hugging his abdomen.

Dan decided to take advantage of this strange occurrence. Suddenly a different kind of a green of ectoblast came at Danny so fast that he didn't have time to blink. Then the green glow surrounded him and it was like a bubble formed around him. He punched, kicked, threw ectoblasts, and clawed at the shield, but it was simply indestructible.

Dan walked over to him calmly, an insane smile on his face, and Danny felt panic fork throughout his body as he tried to breathe, still trying to get out. "Love" He laughed. "So pointless in the grand scheme of things."

Then Dan threw a punch at the shield, but he passed through it as if it weren't even there. Danny tried to shrink back to dodge the punch, but there was nothing he could do. He was hit, crashing into the edge of the shield. He bit back a moan, as a new bruise formed on his side.

Dan smiled even wider as he started punching his past self over and over while he was trapped, showing no mercy. "This is. Your. Punishment. For. Locking me. In that. Infernal device. For a. YEAR!" Dan yelled between clinched teeth, throwing punches nonstop. Danny couldn't hold in the yelps of pain as he was hit, and tried to make himself as small as possible, not being able to block the blows.

Finally with a charged ghost ray the shield cracked, and Danny flew back and crashed into rubble. A sharp piece of metal sliced down his back, cutting him as if he was butter. Danny skidded to a stop on the ground, finally releasing his built up yell he was trying so hard to hold in as he hit the ground.

He gasped and groaned, feeling nothing but pain. Dried blood and new mixed with a few tears of intense pain he couldn't keep in. Dan picked him up by the collar of his suit. Danny gulped back a dry sob threatening to escape from his lips to glare at his future self.

"Any last words?" The ghost asked.

Danny nodded, heaving in breaths as if it hurt. "How about 'be right back'?" Danny gasped out and suddenly Dan was holding nothing but air. He growled in frustration, and took off in the direction he knew Danny went.

Danny flew as fast as he could over to what used to be his house. His mind was screaming at him to go faster… it was almost time for him to play his role. Danny was actually numb. He was in so much pain that his mind refused to accept it, but his body was telling him that he needed medical attention… and fast. He ignored it though.

Clockwork never told Danny about his "future self" breaking free. . He had a feeling that something went wrong… that this wasn't supposed to happen. He knew that he was supposed to survive, but he didn't see how he could…

Maybe if he took care of his "future self" that would be that. He knew there was only one of the creep because he had been taken out of the time stream. He could leave the world up to the Danny that was currently buried under his house… the world would still be safe, but his time stream would cease to exist… or something. It was giving Danny a headache thinking about it. Or maybe it was coming from the fact that his body was starting to shut down….

As soon as he got to the spot he dove down. His only goal was to save Jazz. Then he could give the marble to Jazz to give to his Past Self. Then he would defeat his Future Self. He knew he was weak, and he knew what it took to defeat him. If he planned everything out just right, saved every ounce of energy he ever had, he would only just overcome him. Danny knew that there was no option to fail. He had to win… whatever the cost was.

Danny got there just on time. "3… 2… 1!" Jazz said, and pulled her legs out. With that the delicate balance came tumbling down. This reminded Danny of time, the different dimensions, everything Clockwork did. It was all in a delicate balance and everything was about to come crashing down unless Danny got involved.

Danny watched as the big chunk of ceiling waved ominously, still thinking, calculating, formulating a plan, and Jazz watched it too, her mind blank with shock. Then both of their eyes went wide about different reasons. As Danny finished up his calculations and as Jazz watched the ceiling fall, they came to the same realization. They were about to die…

She screamed as it came down. Like the angel of death it fell, so Danny did just what he intended to do: get involved. Hugging her tight, he felt her stiffen in surprise, and forced what power he still had to turn her intangible. Then blackness consumed them. Danny, still invisible and intangible pulled her out before she could make a noise and up into the sunlight.

Dan was looking around for him furiously. He covered her mouth and quickly set her down behind some rubble that could hide her. She hadn't seen him yet. Then he turned them both visible again. Still blinking in surprise and confusion, she outright gasped when she saw Danny.

"Danny…" She whispered in shock. "What- how… ?" But before she could get a full question out, Danny grabbed her and hugged her, gently but powerfully.

"Jazz—" His voice cracked. He thought with a sinking heart that this would probably be the last time he saw her. He pulled himself together. He kneeled as his "Future Self" got closer, pulling her down with him, and whispered urgently, "Jazz- I need you to give this to the other me when he flies out." He said pulling out the bag containing the glowing marble in it. "Don't let him- me- see it. He'll pass out and give it to him then."

"Wait- Danny- what's going on?" She asked, but before she could ask more Danny cut her off.

"No time to explain. Just… know that even though I can't stand you sometimes… I couldn't live without you. Therefore the other me that's about to fly out needs to get that marble-" Danny felt himself choke-up. There was a certain amount of irony to it… he was pretty much going sacrifice himself for himself so his Past Self can continue to save the world.

Jazz looked at him, curiosity mixed with alarm showing on her dirty and tear stained face. What worried her was that her face was reflected on her little brothers. Then she saw something that made her heart freeze.

"Danny! It's Dan!" She whispered, horrified, but as soon as she said it she seemed to make the connection. "No! No- we need to call for backup- he'll kill you Danny! We need to call…" but her brother's face made her trail off, and another realization hit her, one that actually made her stagger backwards.

"Jazz... make sure he gets that marble… it'll bring him to Clockwork. I don't think this was supposed to happen. Just make sure you stay out his way, and soon your Danny will complete the circle… he'll walk up to you because you've already been saved, I've done it for him…"

Danny closed his eyes in thought. "It's really confusing right now, but Clockwork will sort it out. All I know is that it's my job to take out Dan- and if I die…" He stopped, his throat seeming to close. He took a breath and finished, "Then a time period that could have happened will burn out- I think- and your Danny will come back… I will have changed the time stream… but at least…"

He opened his eyes again to see tears like a stream flowing down her cheeks. "You'll be safe."

Danny, barely containing his own tears, hugged his sister again, holding her close and breathing in her scent one last time. Jazz held on to her brother tightly, not willing to let him go. According to him, Clockwork was involved and she would still have her brother, but it was he was about to do was unconceivable. He was still her little brother… and then she was only holding air. She gasped in surprise, and looked around wildly for him.

Danny flew up, tears poring freely now, to Dan and charged up an ectoblast. "Hey!" He yelled, becoming tangible again. As Dan whirled around, he let the blast go, and it hit Dan in the chest, making him fly backwards.

"I'm right here!" He yelled. He had to get Dan away from his sister and his Past Self, who he was sure was about to fly out.

Then he flew away at breakneck speed, Dan in hot pursuit, away from his home for one last time. He didn't dare look back, because then he was afraid his resolve would crumble. Wiping off his tears furiously, he focused on the task ahead, shedding his last tears for his mom and dad, Jazz, Tucker, Sam, and lastly, his life.

Jazz watched her brother speed away, willing herself not to think about what would happen to him. Instead she saw her brother- the one from her time period- shoot out of the rubble and streak through the air. Scrambling over the rubble, she followed him, never taking her eyes off of him. She promised to fulfill her future brother's last request before his time stream blinked out of existence.

After following him for a while, she watched him as he finally collapsed on a patch of grass. Right as Future Danny said, he passed out. She carefully walked over to him, took out the marble and set it in his hand. She wasn't able to keep her hands from shaking. Immediately a green glow surrounded her baby brother's body, and before he could be transported, Jazz whispered "Good luck lil' bro." Then he was gone.



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