He ran as fast as his legs would let him. He could hear the soft, calm steps behind him. 'How can he keep up me? I'm running and he's walking!' Netto thought to himself as he ran. It didn't matter...Netto knew the pursuer wasn't quite…human. After all, how could any human walk and keep up with Netto when Netto was running?

Netto quickly ran through the ally, hoping to lose his pursuer. However, he realized as he stared at a brick wall, that he had forgotten that all the allies led to dead ends.

"You know there's no way to run, Netto-kun…" Netto couldn't help but shiver at the velvet lining in his voice. The other took a few steps forward in the block of an eye. Netto's eyes widened at the other's speed and took a step back only to have his back hit the wall. The pursuer with blood red eyes closed the distance between them in a split second. Netto knew the only people with those eyes were vampires. The vampire's hands were on the wall, gently brushing against both sides of Netto's neck, trapping him.

"You are mine, Netto…." The vampire moved his right hand from the wall and gently stroked Netto's cheek. Netto felt a shiver run down his spine. Something about that voice seemed so…familiar….but who…?

"Yes, you do know me…." The vampire whispered, reading Netto's thoughts. "But that doesn't matter…." Again, Netto felt his body shiver against his will.

"W-what…?" Netto questioned, slowly regaining enough control over his body to try to struggle against his captor. The vampire simply chuckled in amusement, not at all fazed by Netto's struggle. The vampire placed his fore and middle fingers on Netto's forehead and Netto froze up. It was like he was paralyzed. The vampire leaned over and if Netto was able to move, he knew he would have shivered from the warn breath on his neck. As the fang sunk into his neck, Netto saw the hood fall from his captor's face and caught a glimpse of striking black and white hair.

"E-Enzan….why…" Netto breathed, his voice getting even weaker. The paralysis wore off and Netto slowly slumped, Enzan's arms catching him and lowering him gently to the ground.

"As I've told you…you are mine…" He whispered possessively and licked some of the blood away. Netto felt his mind shut down and slowly his vision started to darken. His last thought as he gave into the darkness was how creepy Enzan looked with blood dripping down his face.

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