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Double Vision

"Ahh!! No! No!!" the scream of pain and terror could be heard all the way out into the hallway, and Dean wanted nothing more than to rush into the room.

He'd tried to already. Twice. But a rush of doctors and nurses stopped him from getting any further than the entrance to the sterile hospital room. From his stance he would get a brief glimpse into the room and, even just for a few seconds, be able to see his brother. Sammy. Crying in pain, withering on the bed as doctors tried to give him anything to make the pain go away. It broke Dean's heart to know that even though his baby brother may glance towards the door during those moments, he never saw him.

Sam couldn't see.

The case was simple. Poltergeist. Abandoned house. The whole gig wasn't even necessary, but Dean had insisted on going as something to do. If only he hadn't. He remembered when it happened too. When Sam stood cornered on the opposite side of the long hallway in the upstairs. Dean was on the other side and could only watch as the light bulbs that illuminated from the ceiling smashed one by one, working their way to Sam as it plunged their world into darkness. It was the last bulb that burst that brought the pain. The last bulb that exploded in his Sammy's face that ended their world as they knew it.

"I'm sorry Sammy," Dean ran his hand roughly through his hair, "I'm sorry, I should of done something."

It was around five minutes later when the cries stopped, and Dean wasn't sure whether he should be happy or scared. When the doctor came out of the room with a saddened look on her face, Dean thought the worse.

"Are you a relative?" it was a doctor that Dean didn't recognize, and as he caught the nametag reading Elizabeth, he knew he'd have to explain himself again.

"I'm his cousin John," Dean forced any emotions inside of him for now, "I'm all he has right now. You have to tell me what's going on with him."

"Alright John," Elizabeth nodded her head and took a seat opposite Dean, "Sam is resting right now somewhat comfortably."

"Somewhat?" Dean repeated.

"We had to give him a large amount of sedatives," Elizabeth explained, "The bulb that exploded in his face not only burnt his corneas greatly, but it caused slivers of glass to become deeply imbedded in his face. He was in a lot of pain, and though we did everything we could for him, only time will tell if he'll get his eye sight back."

"So he's blind?" Dean choked on his words.

"I'm afraid so," Elizabeth spoke as comfortingly as possible, "You can go see him now if you like."

"T-Thank you," Dean got up and walked to the doorway which he'd peered through so many times while his brother was awake.

Now, however, he found himself not wanting to enter. Instead he stared from the doorway at Sam who lay on the automatic hospital bed. His face had a large white bandage going around his eyes, and an IV stuck ominously into his right hand. The scene made Dean's heart scream, and he wanted nothing more than to be able to go back in time and be the one at the end of the hallway. To be able to take the pain away from his baby brother.

But he couldn't, and moments later, Dean found himself sitting beside Sam in a chair, and holding his hand; the only form of comfort he could manage.

"It's going to be ok Sammy," Dean whispered, "I'll never leave you, I promise."

"You sure you're ready Sam?" Dean questioned, shoving an assortment of clothing into a bag, "Because we can stay a couple of extra days if you want."

"No," Sam shook his head from his position on the bed, "Lets go."

'At least he said something,' Dean tried to think positively.

It had been just over a week, and their stay was quickly coming to an end as Dean's credit card had been getting flagged as a potentially stolen one. Smooth talking gained them an extra night, but Dean knew that any longer and they'd be pushing their luck. The lacerations and burns on Sam's face were slowly fading, though the bandages remained over his useless eyes. He barely spoke a word to anyone, and Dean had to force him to do anything.

"Alright Kid, everything is ready," Dean spoke up after a few more minutes of hasty packing, "I'll go get a chair for you."

He waited just a moment to see if Sam would respond to this, though wasn't surprised to find that he didn't. It was going to be so hard, Dean realized as he got an old worn wheelchair; everything had changed. Nothing seemed important anymore except for helping Sam get used to his new life. The doctors said that there was a 'slim to none' chance that Sam would ever regain his eyesight again; the damage was too bad. When Dean had gone to check Sam out of the hospital, the nurse had given him a small piece of paper with the name of 'West-Ridge Institute' written on it.

It was a home for the blind.

"Ok Sam," Dean said as he entered the room, "I got the chair."

Walking over, Dean made sure to touch Sam's arm before he helped his little brother to his feet. Sam clutched Dean's arm with all the strength he could muster, and took slow easy steps across the room.

"That right," Dean encouraged, "We're almost there. You can do it."

"Dean I'm not a baby," Sam's voice came out stern and angry as he stopped in mid-step, "I know how to walk."

Dean sighed sadly, "I know. Sorry."

Reluctantly and in silence, Sam aloud Dean to lead him to the chair. With few words being spoken to the nursing staff, Dean lead Sam to the car and helped him into the front seat of the Impala. Dean made sure his belt was on before moving around to his own side and starting up the engine.

"I figure we could head back down south," Dean started to talk once they got onto the endless highway, "Maybe find some old family friends. I'm sure once we can get a hold of Dad that we could get him to come down and maybe set up an apartment for you or something."

Sam remained quiet, and if it weren't for the flexing of his hands, Dean thought he may be asleep.

"Listen Sam," Dean sighed, "I know this fricken sucks. But everything will be ok."

"Why?" Sam's voice was cold, "Because you say so? Because you, the almighty Dean says it will be ok, then it will be. Because that's worked great up until now."

Dean squeezed his hands around the steering wheel, and took a deep breath, "Don't do that to me Sammy. Don't blame this whole thing on me."

Again Sam just stayed quiet and after a few moments Dean glanced over to see the rhythmic movement of his chest. Sam was asleep…

"Hey Sam, I'll be right back," Dean looked over at Sam.

Without saying a word Sam watched as his brother opened up the car door and got out. The rain was hitting hard against the windshield and his brother only stayed in sight for a short while before the darkness consumed him.

"Dean wait," Sam attempted to call out, but Dean didn't hear, "Dean!"

Something was going to happen.

The younger Winchester stared out the window, waiting for Dean to reappear through the downpour. Why couldn't he leave! He had to save Dean! But something was stopping him from being able to leave the car.

"Dean!" Sam shouted at the top of his lungs now, "Dean come back!"

As if in answer to his frantic call a howl of wind seemed to shake the car. Something was going to happen to Dean! His heart pounding, Sam tried to force his limbs to work, and let him open the door so he could go after him.


This time a loud scream and three shots answered his call and Sam's head swung towards the drivers side door. Sam wasn't sure how much time passed as silence seemed to envelope him. Not even the rain made sound as he could only stare out the rain slick window.

"Dean…" his voice came out in barely a whisper.

Just as Sam was about to try again in his futile attempt to save his brother a loud smash came to the left side of the car. Sam's eyes were wide as he saw Dean's lifeless, bloodied body pressed against the window; blood and rain dripping down the cracked surface.

"Dean!" Sam screamed out in horror, "Dean!!"

...to be continued

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