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"Listen," Dean spoke after he helped a reluctant Sam to a chair, "I was looking through the paper from yesterday. There's a small town about four hours away called Krypt, and there's some house there that's causing some problems," Dean waited a moment to see if Sam would inquire more, but when he didn't, went on, "There's been five people killed there in the past year. All of them burned; two couples and one older man. All the same; someone sees smoke coming from one of the rooms, the fire department comes, and the bodies will be in the room, burnt to a crisp. Only thing is, they're the only things that are burnt; the room and everything else in the house will be in perfect shape."

Sam stayed sitting in the chair, looking blankly at the wall.

"We're stopping by there," Dean spoke in an affirmative voice, "I want to check it out. It'll only put us behind schedule about half a day; we'll make it to West-Ridge early the day after tomorrow."

After that Sam listened as Dean went in and out of the room, putting all of their supplies into the Impala. Last was Sam, and Dean placed a limp hand on Sam's elbow leading him towards the door. It was when Sam crashed into a chair and Dean did nothing but pull him harshly to the right that Sam started to feel bad for his older brother.

Outside Sam felt a light rain drip onto his head and heard the distant rumbling of thunder. Dean lead him the few feet to the car, and harshly planted Sam's hand on the door handle and left. Sam hesitated a moment before opening the door and clumsily got in; having heard Dean already go into the drivers side and start the chilly car up.

"Do you want something to eat or drink?" Sam could hear Dean's forced calm voice nearly three hours later as Dean pulled the car to a stop.

"No," Sam's answer was blunt and Dean left.

Strangely Sam found himself thinking of the case that Dean was going to be looking into. Something about it rung a bell. Sam had been hunting with their Dad a long time ago when he was barely fifteen. Dean was out of town, and John had decided to take Sam along on a hunt. While his Dad had gone off into a cemetery to burn some bones, he left Sam back at the car to keep an eye out for security. Sam knew that his father just wanted to do the whole burning of the body alone, and so Sam had kept himself busy reading their fathers journal. It was the young Winchesters first look at the book which held all the information their Dad knew, and it was only a couple of pages in that Sam read about a demon by the name of Malum Aduro. It was a demon of fire that would catch its victims on fire, releasing their spirit, making the demon stronger and stronger. Soon the demon would be strong enough to divide into two, making two Malum Adoro's, and the whole process would start over again.

"We'll be there in about an hour," Dean's sudden voice snapped Sam out of his thoughts as the car was started up again and they headed out.

Just over an hour into the ride two things happened that caught Sam off guard. A large crack of thunder erupted what had once been a quiet sky, with it bringing down rain so hard, that Sam could feel Dean slow down the Impala. The second was much more disturbing to Sam than a simple thunderstorm. It was his eyes. Without any reason they were suddenly fiercely itchy, and it was all Sam could do to not take off the bandage and scratch.

Dean must have taken Sam's fidgeting as a sign of restlessness for a moment later he spoke, "We're at Krypt, but if you think that you're coming with me, you got another thing coming."

'Jerk,' Sam wished he could transfer his thoughts to Dean.

Five minutes later the car slowed to a stop, and Sam heard the pounding of the rain against the roof of Dean's precious car. Something about it seemed so ominous, and so heart lurching.

So familiar.

"Hey Sam, I'll be right back," Dean's voice penetrated the momentary silence, and Sam's insides froze.

The dream!

But it was too late as Sam heard Dean close the door, leaving Sam to the sound of rain splattering against the windshield and soft purr of the still running engine.

"Dean!" Sam cried out, "Dean, come back!"

But no answer came, and Sam swung his head around, seeing nothing but blackness. He knew this! Sam knew what was going to happen, and knew he had to save his brother. But how? Sam couldn't see to undo his seat belt, never mind find something to help Dean with. A loud howl of wind shook the car as a clap of thunder erupted from the sky.

"Oh God no," Sam whimpered.

A loud scream and three shots rung out from the left side of the car. Barely thinking about what he was doing, Sam moved his hand up to the bandages covering his face and hastily began to unravel it- ignoring the pain. It seemed to take forever, but soon Sam had them removed, and pulled away the cotton from his eyes.

"Please," Sam whispered a silent prayer and forced his swollen eyes open.

The fuzzy interior of the car came into view. Sam wasn't sure if the tears coming down his face were from the pain that washed through his head, or the relief that he could see. He didn't care though as a moment later he had his seatbelt undone, and was fumbling to turn off the car and take out the keys.

"Come on, come on," Sam muttered as he got outside and struggled to open the trunk.

His sight was far from great and what little he could make out was hazed by the rain and darkness of the sky. What seemed like hours was only seconds as Sam finally opened it up and turned on the small light on the top of the trunk. The fact that Dean had been angry when he put the items inside was apparent as most of the things were dumped around. It made it easier for Sam, however, as he spotted what he was looking for right away.

"The journal," Sam's hands were shaking as he picked up the worn, leather bound book.

If only his eyes would focus! Sam turned the pages, squinting through pain at the haphazard papers and struggled to read the words that his father had written in there so long ago. Finally he spotted it; Malum Aduro. Tears continued to sting down Sam's face as he scanned the page for the passage he was looking for; …'many of the usual methods of killing a demon does not work on the Malum Aduro. The only thing that is able to get rid of it is it's own weapon; fire'.

"Fire," Sam breathed scanning the trunk.

He grabbed one of Deans many lighters, and a propane torch. Barely taking the time to slam the trunk shut, Sam took off running towards the newly seen house. It was a large three story brick building from the early nineteenth century, and Sam's heart lurched as he realized he could look for hours in that place and may never find where Dean and the demon were. Just as this thought crossed his mind Sam tripped on a large rock, falling sharply onto the ground. A cry of pain escaped his mouth to which he heard a distance growl.

The problem of trying to find Dean and the Malum Aduro suddenly didn't exist, as he looked to his right and saw a large man around ten feet tall holding up Dean by the back of his neck, now looking directly at Sam. Dean's pain filled and bloodied face stared over pleadingly at him as well.

"Dean…" Sam breathed.

The demon tossed Dean aside like a lifeless rag doll, and slowly worked its way over to Sam. His long, twisted, and matted hair fell to just bellow his shoulders, his eyes white and his cloths looked singed. Sam's heart pounded painfully in his chest as he fumbled in the rain to light the propane torch. Just as the younger man was sure it wouldn't ignite, a powerful hiss let out and a blue flame licked out of the end.

"Try some of your own medicine," Sam threatened, launching forwards on his knees and lighting the legs of Malum Aduro.

Sam watched, the rain slowing down, as the demon let out a loud, pain filled cry, and burst completely into flames. For a moment it stood there, flailing it's limbs in a feeble attempt to extinguish itself. The next second it burst into dust, and faded away to oblivion.

"Dean," Sam gasped, struggling to his feet and rushing to his brother who still was half laying on the ground, "Dean, are you all right?"

"Sammy…" Dean stared at Sam, his eyebrows scrunched up in an attempt to keep his emotions in check, "Sam, why do you have the bandages off?"

Sam smiled, "To save your ass."

Dean let out a small chuckle and slowly moved his hand to Sam's face, "Can you see?"

"I hope so," Sam quipped.

"Smart ass."

"Better than being a dumb--" Sam started but Dean cut in.

"If you even think," Dean threatened playfully, "Of saying 'Better than being a dumb ass', I am seriously going to punch you."

Sam stared at Dean a moment and was suddenly thankful of the rain that was washing down his face as it covered up the tears which crept down. Not out of pain, he knew, but at the sight of his big brother. It occurred to him, after a time of enjoyable silence, that blood was still coming down Dean's face.

"Dean," Sam's voice broke and he was forced to clear it, "Dean, you're hurt."

Sam got to his feet, and helped Dean to his. Together the two walked clumsily to the car, and Sam tossed his brother the keys before moving and getting in the passenger side seat. Dean got in the drivers side and shifted around to be able to look at Sam directly. Sam reached into the back seat and grabbed the bag of medical supplies.

"Sam," Dean grabbed Sam's arm to stop his brother from doing anything, "Look at me."

Sam looked at his brother, and Dean moved a careful hand up to his face. Carefully Dean pulled the lid up on Sam's eye, and saw that though the white was still red and pink, Sam's brown eyes sparkled with the life that had been gone. A large lump formed in Dean's throat.

"I'm ok," Sam insisted, "I promise you, I can see. God," Sam made a small laugh, "I never thought I'd be so happy to see you in my life. Even if you were dangling over three feet off the ground."

Dean laughed and looked down at his hands; desperately trying to think of the words that he wanted to say.

"Listen Sam…"

"I'm sorry Dean," Sam pulled Dean out of his uncomfortable speech, "I'm really sorry."

"Why?" Dean pulled a cloth out of the bag and placed it on a gash at the base of his forehead that was bleeding thickly.

Sam took a deep breath, "For being an ass. I didn't mean it, I didn't--" he swallowed hard, "Dean, you're my brother, and I never wanted to leave you, I swear."

"Then why?" Dean wanted to know, "Why did you say that you wanted to go?"

Sam turned his blurred gaze out the windshield, watching a droplet of water make its way down, "I've-- I had a dream."

"So I've noticed."

"And it ended the same way every time," anger was laced through Sam's voice, "You died, and there was nothing I could do. I-I tried to get out of the car to help you but I couldn't, and then," Sam painfully squeezed his eyes shut trying to force the image of a lifeless Dean out of his head.

"Hey," Dean placed a hand on Sam's arm, "It's ok now," he smirked, "You saved my ass again."

"But that's why," Sam took a cleansing breath, "I thought that if I stayed away from you that my dream wouldn't happen."

"But it did, didn't it?" Dean asked the question, already knowing the answer.

"Yeah," Sam nodded, "The rain, you leaving me in the car. Everything was the same."

"Sam when something like this happens, I need you to talk to me," Dean tried to keep his voice comforting, "You scared the crap outta me, man. Don't do that."

Sam smirked, "Sorry," he glanced at the blood mixed water that was washed over his brothers face, "Are you all right Dean?"

"I'll live," Dean nodded, and paused a moment before continuing, "You think you're pretty smooth knowing how to get rid of that thing, don't you?"

"Aww, it was a piece of cake," Sam gave a last glance at his older brother a moment before turning his gaze back to the windshield, "Anyone who can see could have figured it out."

The End.

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