MHC: I think, since my Detentiooooooooon faniction got so much attention, I'd write another one!

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Sora: Yeah.

Roxas: What's next? Haley Joel Osmen and Jessie McCartney?!

MHC: Well…

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Roxas walked into the classroom. 'First one here… as usual.' "HI ROXY!!!!!" A loud yell came from a certain brunette in the class. '…Or not.' Roxas sighed and walked to a seat in the very back and sat down next to a kid with brown spiky hair and sapphire blue eyes. "What is it Sora?" Sora smiled brightly. "Guess what happened to me not to long ago?" Roxas smirked and turned to face him. "You came all over the wall in the bathroom and almost got caught doing so?" "No—Yeah! How'd you know?" Roxas looked to the front of the empty class. "It's what I'd expect from you." Sorq chuckled and then seducivley grinned at Roxas. "Y'know, I saw a little blood on the floor when I was in there." Roxas flinched and his face turned a bright red. "Do you have a clue of who it is?" Sora said to Roxas softly. "N… Not necessarily…" Sora put his hand on Roxas'. "S-Sora?" Sora took his wrist and yanked it foreword, their fore-heads and noses touching. "Ah…"

Suddenly, the sound of fabric being yanked up was heard. "Aha!" Sora had caught Roxas off-guard and pulled his sleeve up—revealing many cuts up his wrists. Roxas gasped slightly and pulled his arm away; his face was a very deep shade of red. Sora smirked. "I knew it. YOU were the one cutting yourself in the bathroom!" Roxas sent the brunette a glare. "Like you care." Sora's expression got serious. "But I do; I'm worried shitless about you." Roxas narrowed his eyes at the brunette. "Your probably too busy pleasuring yourself to worry about me."

"Tough words for such an emo kid like you."


"Wrist cutter."

"Cummy McJerk-off."

"Crimson Avenger."

"Pussy's best friend!"

"Vein slasher!"

"Mr. Fuck me—I'm gay!"

"Suicide lover!"

Both of the boys' expressions softened as they stared into each others eyes.


Sora said softly as he closer to Roxas.


Roxas said back as he leaned closer to Sora as well. Their lips almost met when suddenly a door slammed and tons of kids came flooding into the room as well as the teacher. Sora and Roxas quickly pulled apart and folded their hands on their desks. "Ah, Sora and Roxas—here early as usual?" "Yes Ma'am!" They both said innocently. "your mine after school." Sora whispered. "I'll be waiting." Roxas said and winked at him.

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