Part 10: Internal Enemies

As they walked down the hall, Tachibana consulted his map, "Did you say S Prefecture?"

Charles nodded, "S Town, S Prefecture."

Glancing down at the map, Azariel pointed at a small area in one corner of the map, "It's right here."

Sighing, Tachibana flicked some blood off his finger, forming a small circle, "It ain't close…" Turning toward Yotsuba, he gave out instructions, "All right, Yotsuba, listen up. Mr. Charles, Ms. Azariel, and I will go ahead. We'll get Ororon and wait for you."

Yotsuba laughed, "You're going to get Ororon? We'll see about that!!"

Sighing, Azariel snapped her fingers and the trio of officers vanished.

-About five minutes later…

"Ororon's hiding out in this trash-heap?!" Tachibana slammed his fist on an invisible wall, "And look at this! A shield! Are you sure he's still here?!"

A nervous-looking demon with blonde hair shook his head, "I can sense him sir, it's a faint signal, but still…"

At this, Tachibana finally lost it. "Can you sense if he's safe? What will happen to Hell if he dies?! I know we can't just break down the magic barrier but—?!"

Suddenly the magic barrier began to crack.

"Amazing!" Azariel frowned, "The barrier is freezing over!"

Suddenly a shout arose from the back of the crowd, "General Othello!!"

At this the three officers, Charles, Azariel, and Tachibana spun around and gasped.

There was Othello, blood streaming from one closed eye. He smiled, "Sorry I'm late, kids."

Tachibana's mouth dropped open, "Wha-what happened to you, general?!"

Othello laughed and ruffled a battered Mitsume's hair, "Don't ask."

Azariel remained silent. Finally, Charles asked what almost everyone was thinking, "You're undoing the barrier?"

The devil nodded, "I miss the air in Hell…particularly at this time of year…let's grab my brother and go home."

As the barrier continued to crack, Tachibana wigged out, "B-but that's impossible!!"

Othello frowned stubbornly, "I don't believe in impossibilities Tachibana!!"

At this, Mitsume laughed, and looked past Othello at Azariel, "Then why don't you fix the eyeball I gouged out of your skull?" The ex-mercenary grinned triumphantly as a momentary expression of agony crossed the angel's pale countenance.

Suddenly, Othello lashed out with one foot, and the barrier came crashing down around him.

Tachibana gaped at the prince, "You did it!!"

Othello shrugged, and never taking his gaze off Mitsume, sauntered over to where Azariel stood in absolute silence, "You should have expected nothing less of me, Tachibana."

As he turned back to Azariel, he winced painfully. She was staring off into space, but her agonized expression was unmistakable, and her silence penetrated his soul like a thousand daggers. He forced a smile as the dull throbbing in his head increased. Could she still love me like this? he thought painfully, And even if she could, would she?

Smiling, Oscar Farrele, third child of Hell's royal family, watched the scene from a rooftop.

Lighting a cigarette, he shook his head, "So the general of the Seiryu Army broke the magic barrier…I think I'll stay on his good side, it's so easy for brothers to become enemies these days…"

A young demon in a white suit nodded, "Yes sir. There's a message from Hell: the first rebellion army led by Orga has surrounded the capitol of Quran Blue."

Oscar dropped his cigarette off the side of the building, "Perfect…let's make history in Hell, shall we?"