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It had been a peaceful day at the Ichinomiya household until the guests started to show up. It was like any other day at the house Kantaro would get up and eat breakfast with his two servants then wait for the trouble to start. So as he predicted at around noon Suzu showed up looking for Haruka while hiding under the guise of spending time with Yoko. Then Muu-chan came in and attached herself to Kantaro's arm and of course wherever Muu was her overly possessive husband was sure to follow. Thus once again as predicted not even five minutes into Muu's visit Sugino came flying in. That of course was the beginning of the day so as the mountain god landed the day really started.

"Damn you Ichinomiya give back my wife. If you continue to try and steal her then we shall have a duel for her love!" the white winged goblin shouted pointing at the red red-eyed man.

"So you keep saying but then nothing happens and the whole thing just continues to repeat it self." The exorcist said shaking his head smiling at the mountain god's antics over his wife.

"Yes well that's because my lovely Muu-chan wont let me, so don't laugh at me!" Was the heated reply from Sugino.

"Really Sugino that's the twelfth time this month that you've said it have you ever thought that..." Kantaro began saying but froze as his head whipped in the direction of the door frowning.

"Kan-Chan? What's wrong?" Yoko asked walking into the room with tea and snacks for everyone she heard everything that the two men where saying and heard her master trail off in his sentence. Haruka who had been trying to ignore the daily quarrel between his master and fellow goblin also noticed the way that the exorcist stopped in the middle of the sentence. He frowned at the way the man looked sharply to the door. Kantaro had taken no notice of the female fox's question nor the looks that both the male goblins where giving him. After what seemed to be forever. Haruka was getting ready to go to the door to find out just what had his foolish master so serious when Kantaro turned back to the others and smiled at Yoko.

"Ah Yoko is the tea done? Hm? Haruka why are you standing up?" He asked looking up at the black winged goblin in curiosity knowing full well why he was standing.

"Nothing just stretching." The demon eater said frowning at his silver haired master in dismay. 'What the hell was that all about?' Haruka thought as he sat back down and looking over to the door then back to his master still thinking. 'Its not a demon, monster, or a human because I didn't sense anything. If it were a monster it would have at least come in because they know they can trust Kantaro and that he won't let any one harm them in his presents. Demons give off evil auras and aren't stupid enough to come here with me around. Nor with Kantaro being an exorcist seeing as he can easily dispel them. And the only humans that bother with Kantaro are Suzu, Hatsumi, Rosalie, and Reiko and they all come in without knocking half the time. The only other humans that visit us are the ones who are looking for Kantaro's help with exorcisms or need his spiritual powers for something along those lines.' Haruka continued thinking as he ate the snacks Yoko made.

"Kan-Chan what's wrong? You seem out of it and quieter that usual is something bothering you?" The fox monster asked her brooding master.

"Eh? No there's nothing wrong Yoko oh where's Suzu? Did she leave?" Kantaro asked as he sipped his tea.

"Oh yes she said that she had to get something for her sister and that she'll be back later." Yoko replied as she picked up her own tea.

"Enough I'd like to know what you were looking at and why you seem so tense now. Its starting to get on my nerves Muu-chan is even worried about you. Though I have no idea why she'd worry about you of all people. Both Yoko and demon eater are worried about you and I'm worried about my Muu-chan, but she's worried about you. So you had better snap out of it so that my beautiful Muu-chan is happy again or else." Sugino said glaring at the seemingly calm man who was not listening to him all the while he hugged Muu tighter.

"Hello." Came a calm and creepy voice from the door every one gave different reactions. Yoko jumped and screamed, Sungino jumped a bit and bit back a yell that was coming so it sounded a little like a whimper. Haruka jumped and spun around as if he was being attacked, and Kantaro shouted as he jumped causing the tea he was holding to spill on his clothes.

"Rosalie what are you doing here?" Kantaro asked the girl while sounding strained as he tried to wipe the hot tea off his clothes because it was beginning to really burn him.

"Rosalie-Chan could you not scare us like that?" Yoko asked as she held her hand to her chest trying to calm her heart.

"Sorry, oh by the way Kantaro?" the blond haired girl said then looked over to Kantaro.

"Uh yes? What is it Rosalie is something the matter?" Kantaro asked as he stood and headed to the door planning to change so the burns didn't worsen.

"Was there someone just here?" she asked as she followed Kantaro to his room and stood in the hall. Kantaro changed his clothes as he spoke through the door.

"No nobody came inside except you and Suzu today why?" he asked as he changed into another hakama though he knew what she was talking about.

"I seen a strange man walking away from here that's all and he seemed sad about something. So I was wondering if you knew him or not and if he was asking you to do a job for him. That's all." Rosalie said as Kantaro's door opened and he came out.

"A strange man? No sorry nobody was here unless he came but didn't knock or ring the door bell." Was the reply she got from the silver haired man as he started to walk back down the hall. 'Damn what's up with today first the door and now burned. Well on the bright side at least the burns aren't bad but they still hurt.' Kantaro thought as he winced when his clothes rubbed against the burns. 'I have a feeling that something is about to happen and it's not going to be good.' He thought as he walked into the room and looked at everyone. 'Not good at all, I just hope that everyone is ready for whatever's going to happen though.' He sighed as he sat down.