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Chapter 1. The Uzumaki Book of Shadows

" For the last time I said NO! " a blond haired girl shouted,slamming her hands on the desk of the old man in front of her.

The Sandaime stared calmly into the enraged females ocean blue eyes and heaved a tired sigh. " So what do you propose then Naruto ? Are you going to remain in the ninja academy for the rest of your life?"

" Graduating from the ninja ninja academy means I am on my way to becoming a ninja and for the last time I have no desire to become a ninja of this village or any other village for that matter." Naruto said through gritted teeth, her patience with the Sandaime was thinning by the second. They had been arguing about this for over an hour and the old man still wouldn't drop it .

The current Hokage leaned back in his chair tacking a whiff of his pipe before blowing it out. " Perhaps we can come to a compromise then?"

" Not likely. Theres nothing that you could offer--" she began before she was rudely interrupted by the voice of the Kyuubi in her mind.

'Hold on brat, there is one thing that the Sandaime may be able to help us with. Remember that book I was telling you about earlier?' the Kyuubi asked his vessel.

'The Book of Shadows you were babbling about earlier? What about it?' she questioned confused at what that had to with their current predicament.

' It is supposed to be a book passed down from parent to child or in the Uzumaki clans case mother to daughter. Since your mother passed on before she could give the book to you , most likely it's still somewhere in Konoha. ' the fox explained to the jiinchuuriki.

'You think that the old geezer might know where the book is. I guess it is possible , the old geezer all ways knows more than he lets on.' she said torn between admiration and annoyance for the old mans cunningness.

"Actually ji-ji there are actually a few things you could do for me."she continued. " First off, when my mother died she should have left a very old book behind. Give me that book and I think we might be able to come to some type of comprise."

"Now , that I think about it I did find an ancient looking book in your mothers belongings" the Hokage admitted. " The odd thing was the entire book was blank except for the first page. I wasn't able to decipher the text but by the letters used I'd hazard a guess that it is of English descent--"

" Where is it?"the short girl broke in before the Sandaime could give one of his historical lectures. She knew once he got started he would be popping theories on the origins of the book all night.

" It's right here." The Hokage rose from his chair and walked over to the shelves lined with books. He reached and pulled a large old sapphire blue book with a spiral engraved on it from one of the shelves.

'That's the one. ' the king of demon world told his frozen vessel.

" You mean to tell me I have been searching for that damn book for years and its just been sitting on that shelf since my mother died in plain view." Naruto yelled in disbelief.

" Well if you had just asked me about the book in the first place you wouldn't have had to go through all of that."Sarutobi stated bluntly causing Naruto to glare daggers at him.

' You've got to admire the irony kit.' the Kyuubi commented. Apparently very humored by the situation much to Naruto's annoyance.

' I don't see any irony in this situation. I just see the fates laughing their old wrinkly asses off . Those old hags have nothing better to do than mess with my already messed up life.' she retorted hotly.

' With that book you could control fate and helluva a lot more.' The fox grinned viciously.' It will make demon slaying and ghost exorcisms look as easy as becoming a pitiful genin of this village. You could take over the human world and then-'

Naruto tuned out the fox's voice and concentrated on the Hokage sitting in front of her. " I am gonna go ahead guess that you're not just going to give that book to me even though it is rightfully mine."

" By law you don't inherit any important valuables and money until you reach legal age . So until you are eighteen you can't legally claim any of your parent's things." The Sandaime answered .

Naruto snorted. " Let me guess again, you are willing to bend the law so I can possess a book that has been in my family for generations if I become a ninja of this village like my foolish parents."

The Thirds gaze hardened . " Your parents fought and died as heroes for this village. They were no fools."

Naruto met the Sandaime's hardened gaze steadily. " Yes, your right. Of course there mustn't have been anything wrong since you still refuse to tell me who my father is. There's also the fact that even if my parents were these so called heroes everyone still acts like I'm the devil incarnate but I'll humor you old man just to prove you wrong about your despicable village."

The Sandaime had felt a huge constructing feeling around his heart , feeling like he had failed his deceased successor during Naruto's rant but now he felt there might be a chance , a slim chance but still a chance. " You'll pass the genin exam then."

Naruto shook her index finger at the Sandaime. " Oh no. Not just like that . I said before if you found that book for me that we would come to compromise. So lets lay our cards on the table ji-ji-chan. These are the only terms I'll agree to. First I will pass that exam of yours and become a ninja but an unregistered one. Two, when I receive a jounin sensei and you had better make it a competent one. Three, when I am not assigned any missions I have the right to leave Konoha for a short while. Two weeks max. Lastly, when i turn 16 if I still want to leave Konoha I will be allowed to leave Konoha without any hunter-nin after my head."

The current Hokage eyebrows had risen with each preposterous demand and now they were all the way at the edge of his hairline. " Naruto , those terms are impossible-"

"I think those terms are a fair price to pay compare to the alternative. I mean I'll become strong as time goes by and if I finally snap then its going to be good by Konoha and this time there is no fourth to save you" She felt the perverted old man stiffen at the mention of the fourth but she ignored it. " Come on, Sandaime-oji-chan do you really think your doing me any favor by keeping me here? Konoha may be your home but to me it is hell , my jail cell. A jail cell that I will eventually break out of . I don't have to do this peacefully, you know. I could just leave Konoha and kill all the hunter-nin that come after me." she told him, her hands stuffed in her black cargo pants.

" Besides, Its not like you haven't bended the rules before." she continued. " If you are worried about those old farts finding out , I promise I'll keep my mouth shut until I turn sixteen and leave"

" Or if you want to stay in Konoha." The sensei of the Legendary Three reminded her.

Naruto snorted derisively. " Yeah, whatever you say Hokage-jii-chan.." 'That's as likely to happen as Iruka-sensei giving me the title of Rookie of the year because he was impressed by my nefarious pranks or that Haruno girl dying her hair black and getting a life other than being Uchiha's personal stalker.' she thought.

The Hokage coughed to awake Naruto from her stupor. " If I was to agree with your preposterous demand, then I would have to make some of my own. First, as a ninja of the leaf village if you have any information on a possible threat to Konoha , you will report it to me immediately."

" Hold on a sec, the way you say that is really incriminating." she broke in offended.

" Naruto as I have noticed with you, you always seem to know that something is going to occur before it occurs." He pointed out dryly.

" Women's intuition." she suggested weakly. It was probably the best excuse she could come up with, seeing as the alternative would probably send the old man to his death from the shock.

" Uh-huh. Naruto, I am not asking you to tell me how you know these things. I'm just requesting that if you do hear about trouble having anything to do with Konoha." He was clearly not buying the women intuition thing but he wasn't going to pry. As long as Naruto used her resources to help Konoha, he didn't care what those resources were.

" Alright." she conceded to his first demand . " Whats proposal number two?"

"Number two, if by chance you can't reach me then I want you, if you're able, handle the problem."He stated.

"I guess I'll have to go with that one too." The demon vessel sighed that condition was going to be hard to keep. This deal was becoming really troublesome.

"Number three, if Konoha is under attack or in the midst of a war while your still a ninja here, you are to do everything in your power to aid Konoha." The Sandaime had expected to hear some yelling and indignation from the young Uzumaki or even a ' Konoha's war's are none of my business, so don't try to drag me into them' but all he got in response was a raise eyebrow.

" Help Konoha in the midst of war ,eh. You definitely kept the best for last didn't you?" Naruto turned her gaze to the book that she was dying to get her hands on. That book had so many answers. The answers to all of her questions. Once again she had stuck her foot in her mouth and gotten herself into a troublesome situation. She had been partly joking with the Hokage about coming to a compromise for the book. She would never had dreamed that the book she had been searching for , for the last five years had been in the Sandaime's office the whole time. If she had known she would have just taken the book without him ever noticing. Now, of course since she opened her big mouth the old man had her. Hook , line and sinker.

She had never been interested in a career as a ninja. In fact in a way she loathed ninjas. To her they had always been like dogs. Konoha fed them the meat and as long as there was meat they'd come running back till they died. And now to claim her birthright she had to be one of those dogs for the next three years. God, she had never hated her parents more than she did right now.

" Fine." she agreed. " I'll help Konoha if its on the borderline of extinction , although it would be a lot more fun to watch." She didn't go on though about how much she would like to see Konoha go up in flames because she felt the Sandaime's face go somber. She really didn't like upsetting the old man but sometimes she really couldn't help blurting out unpleasant things that she wish would happen to Konoha. Unfortunately, every time she said some thing like that it really upset the old man. She guessed it was because he was the Hokage and he loved this village way more than it deserved.

" But anyway old man theres one tiny thing I forgot to mention before. As a ninja I'll have to as I was ordered but the thing is I have a moral code . No matter what, if what I'm being ordered goes against that I won't do it ." she stated firmly.

The Hokage couldn't help but smile thinking." She has your spirit Arashi, if only we can keep her in the home you loved so much. I've found away to let her see things from your perspective but theres no way to keep her from staying if she doesn't want to. She apparently also inherited your stubbornness . I really wonder would you still have given your life for Konoha if you knew they wouldn't follow your dying wish.'

" Alright, I will right up our agreement while you go and pass that genin exam." He informed her. Naruto grinned at hearing that and stretched a hand to grab the old book but was stopped by a hand that rested on the book.

" Not until you pass the exam." He severely told her causing her to mutter something incorrigible under her breath and stalk from the room. Probably heading to the academy.

The Sandaime looked at the book that was under his hand . " You really must be a very valuable book if Naruto would go so far as agreeing to all those conditions, especially since she hates Konoha." he muttered to himself , fishing out a scroll , pen and ink to write his agreement with Naruto. While he was doing that he didn't notice the red spiral on the book glow slightly.

Naruto was walking slowly to the academy dreading her arrival . She had always hated adults and the academy was the one place she had ever been force to go where the adults were completely in charge of anything. There word was law. Thats why she hardly ever went to the academy . She had probably only gone three or four times this year and that had been because the Sandaime had caught up with her and personally escorted her there . Of course every time Naruto went to the academy some travesty befalled the poor place. Like once the teachers have to evacuate the school because someone had set off a string of stink bombs around the school . Sewers had seemed to hold a pleasanter than the school had for the next week. Then there was that time where all the teachers had gotten stuck together by this weird gum that latched onto every teacher that passed . Awhile later the entire staff had been tangled together and in not so comfortable positions. That students had gotten to go home early but because they couldn't get the teachers off the wall , they had to call the Hokage himself to fix the mess. Those were only two of the strange incidents that seemed to happen whenever Naruto stepped on academy ground.

Of course they blamed this all on Naruto based on suspicions and coincidences which weren't enough to placate the Hokage. Even though he already knew that it was probably Naruto who was causing all of these incident he let her get away with it probably because it usually gets him away from paperwork for awhile.

Naruto suddenly felt herself hit something very hard,knocking it to the ground. Glancing down she found a boy who looked about her age. He was wearing a black T-shirt with a fan on the back and black pants. He had messy black hair that was kept out of his opal black eyes with the goggles he was wearing. He was grinning at Naruto who was sending him a glare that could scare a missing-nin into giving himself up to his home village. The weird thing about this boy was that he was giving off a faint glow. That wasn't the only strange thing about this boy. He was floating a few feet off the ground but everyone that was walking by didn't even glance his way. It appeared that only Naruto could see him.

Naruto turned a corner where she was hidden from plain view and grabbed the front shirt of the boy who was following her.

" Obito, how many times have I told you not to materialize in front of me in public?"She hissed to the black-haired boy.

" Oh, come on. Your the only that can see me." The Uchiha replied nonchalantly.

" It does matter. If I talk to you in public or try to smack you upside the head in public, then I am going to look like I'm some nut job who needs to be chucked in the loony bin again." She retorted hotly.

" I think thats a little too late." He teased . He stopped short though at Naruto's glare . " Anyway , I just came here to congratulate you."

" Congratulate? On what?" Naruto asked perplexed.

Obito grinned. " Why on your deal with the Sandaime." He continued ignoring Naruto's ashen face. " Our little Naru-chan is all grown up and is on her way to the academy to become a genin. Sho and Ni are going to be so happy when they hear about this. I am going to go tell them and then we're going to meet you at the academy when the genin exam is all over."

Naruto grabbed Obito by the collar . " Obito ,if you even think about telling them anything about this I am going to -" It was too late Obito had dematerialized and had probably gone to tell Sho and Ni.

'Damn , they are never going to let me live this down.' she cursed, resuming her walk to the academy.' Next time I see Obito I am going to kick his ghostly ass from here to the astral plane.'

She had made it to the academy before the exam had officially begun. Taking a seat next to Kiba and above Shikamaru and Chouji , Naruto scanned the room.

Naruto had come come up with techniques that helped her in surveying areas. All she had to do was mold her chakra into tiny threads and spread them as far as she wanted. Then it was like everything was in her caught in her web. She could feel how much chakra a person had and how they were feeling. She usually only used this technique when she was in unfriendly territory. That way if someone was following her from a long distance that made it difficult for her senses to find the person then she could just use this technique to find the person. She called this technique chakra web.

Placing her hands under the desk Naruto made a hand seal and let the chakra threads fill the classroom. Naruto almost fainted at the information she was getting from her chakra threads.

' These brats are just brats.' she thought outraged. ' They couldn't fight their way through a paper bag, hell they don't feel like they could toss a kunai right.'

'And now thanks to your big mouth we are stuck with a bunch of brats that would probably faint at the sight of a paper cut.' Kyuubi said clearly not happy at the thought of his vessel working with these amateurs.

' Shut up, you stupid fur ball.' she responded crossly.' As I recall you were the one that was jumping out of his tails over that book. '

' Its not like you were doing anything important for the next three years anyway.'

'Training my ass off, keeping us from being killed by the forces of freaking evil, exorcising vengeful ghosts, kicking the ass of demons who cross over to the human world and refuse to go back to demon world, having to learn to control over one power after another is what you call NOTHING!' Naruto yelled pissed off. Today had been a bad enough day without the fox giving her a stupid lecture.

' Naruto' Naruto's anger dispersed. The fox never called her by her first name , unless it was really serious.' Admit the truth. It's true that we do desperately need that book ,but as soon as the Sandaime told you where that book was, you could've snuck in anytime and took it. You didn't make that deal with the old man for nothing. You had something else in mind. You've always hated the idea of being a ninja and now you just agreed to be a ninja for the next three years. I want to know, why? After you said you would never follow your parents path, why would you agree to something like this?'

There was a pregnant pause and then finally.' I want know. I want to know , why? Why do so many people become ninjas and give their lives to protect this village? That's why. Once I find the answer to that question, I can finally leave this place without anything holding me back.'

"Alright,everyone the genin exam is about to begin. When your name is called please make your way into the next room where you'll be tested on the bunshin no jutsu."Iruka informed the class while looking at all the students that had come. His gaze landed on Naruto who was gazing at the ceiling disinterestedly. She probably wasn't even paying attention to a word he had just said. Still he had to breath a sigh of relief . At the very least she had shown up to this exam. She had skipped the last two exams and hardly ever came to the academy giving her the lowest grades in the class. He really hoped she passed this exam. He knew that she didn't like the academy but he thought it would be good if she got to graduate with kids her own age.

" Well look who it is. You've finally decided to grace with your presence,Naruto?" Kiba asked the girl seating next to him.

Naruto sat with her feet on her desk and had her arms crossed in front of her. " I've been hear for the past half hour and your just realizing its me. I thought your family was well known for their keen sense of smell."

" Its not my fault you decide to dress like a boy all the time. Your scents always changing to. I can barely recognize you sometimes." Kiba protested.

" You have gone a little overboard with the tomboyish look this time."Shikamaru added, lifting his head from his arms where he had been dozing off to look at Naruto. Chouji who's last name unluckily starts with an A had just been called in by Iruka-sensei.

Naruto closed her eyes in annoyance. She found nothing wrong with her clothes. She had a long silk black T-shirt with a blue jacket over it, that had a spiral engraved on the back. She had black cargo pants with black boots. She had on black fingerless gloves with a metal plate on the front of both gloves. She wore a black cap on her head that made her look mysterious. Naruto's sun-kissed blond bangs fell in her eyes, though she didn't seem to mind. She had three piercings on her left ear and two on her right.

The truth was that Naruto's womanly attributes were very well developed . So developed that it drew too much attention, too often people miss took her for a fully grown women. Unfortunately , fully grown women drew perverts and you know how the story goes. So she dressed like a boy for two reasons. One, it doesn't draw any attention and two boys clothes were a helluva a lot comfortable.

"So, what would you two like me to do? Dress up like those bimbos over there" she gestured toward the other girls in the class who were currently fighting on who would sit next to Sasuke. " and fight over the guy who acts like he has a pole shoved 10 feet up his ass."

" No, stay your bitchy self and we'll be happy." Kiba said with Akamaru barking in agreement, inwardly shuddering at the thought of a fan girl Naruto. Regular Naruto was scary enough but a fan girl Naruto. Just the thought left you having nightmares.

" Hey , Naruto you wouldn't happen to have a shogi board on you, would you?" Shikamaru asked hopefully.

Naruto smirked and reached into her jacket pocket to pull out a miniature shogi board. Shikamaru grinned while Kiba and Akamaru sweat dropped. " Ne, Shikamaru let's make this interesting."

Shikamaru raised an eyebrow inquisitively. " What do you propose?"

" If I beat you before Iruka-sensei calls your name, you owe me a favor. If I don't beat you before Iruka-sensei calls your name then I owe you a favor."

" Alright, Shikamaru all you have to do is keep the game going until your name is called and then you can make her take off her hat. We can finally get to see her face without that damn hat."Kiba said excited by the prospect of finally being able to see Naruto without her hat.

Ever since they could remember Naruto had always had that hat on. She never took it off in plain view. Over the years Kiba , Shikamaru and Chouji had tried to remove the hat using sneak attacks and various other methods but they never worked.

" Whats going on?" Chouji had just returned from the exam .He had the leaf headband in his hand meaning he had passed the exam.

" Naruto and Shikamaru are about to play a game of Shogi. The winner owes the other a favor."Kiba informed Chouji.

"Troublesome really but since theres nothing else to do. Lets play." the lazy Nara said yawning.

So the game began. Shikamaru was a brilliant strategist it was just he was to lazy to apply himself in anything besides shogi. Shikamaru would no doubt grow up to be a very powerful shinobi. His analytic abilities were amazing and Naruto wasn't impressed that easily, so that was saying something. The only reason Naruto could beat Shikamaru in Shogi is because she played with Sho all the time. Sho says that shogi was perfect practice for strategic battle planning which prior to five years ago had not been one of Naruto's strong points.

" Inuzuka, Kiba" Iruka-sensei called. Kiba huffed . " You guys better not finish this before I come back."

Kiba returned a few minutes later smirking with a headband in his hand.

" Checkmate." Naruto called happily.

Shikamaru groaned leaned back in his chair and muttered something along the line" Troublesome women."

"Nara, Shikamaru" Iruka-sensei called. Shikamaru stood with his hand stuffed in his pockets and a sour expression implanted on his face. He owed Naruto a favor. She was probably going to make him do something troublesome he thought as he went to the exam room.

" So what are you going to make Shikamaru do Naruto?"Chouji inquired curiously.

"Oh , nothing much. I just need his help in getting a little payback." Naruto grinned wolfishly , causing the two boys feel very sorry for Shikamaru . " Hey, what are we doing the genin exam on any way?"

" There testing us on the bunshin jutsu. You have to make at least three good bunshin to pass." Chouji said munching on some BBQ chips.

" Bunshin jutsu." Naruto repeated mutely. ' Hold on a minute. I can't do that jutsu.' she thought alarmed.' What am I going to do?'

' Oh shut up, you brat. Just use the kage bunshin.' kyuubi said irritated by all her jabbering.

' Kitsune no baka. The bunshin jutsu and the kage bunshin jutsu use completely different hand seals. Not to mention that the kage bunshin is a forbidden jutsu. You think if I trounce up there and do the kage bunshin that they won't be in the least suspicious.' the tomboy snapped at the demon fox.

' Then ask one of those dimwits to show you the seals to the bunshin no jutsu. Then you can fake doing the bunshin jutsu by doing the kage bunshin.'

' I could do that but wouldn't the chunnins at the exam notice?'

' If these so called chunnins were credited for their great combat skills, then I don't think they would be wasting their time teaching a bunch of thumb-sucking pant-pissing half-wits.'

'You have got a point there.'

Hey , Kiba can you show me the seals to the bunshin no jutsu?" Naruto asked the Inuzuka ..

" You mean to tell me that you came to the exam with out even knowing the jutsu." Kiba exclaimed in astonishment at Naruto's stupidity.

Naruto glared at him. " Just show me the hand seals. Its been a long time since I was here and it's not like I use the technique outside the academy." Naruto's lie seemed to satisfy Kiba because he started to demonstrate the seals to the jutsu. Quickly Naruto memorized the hand seals and stored them to memory.

"Shikamaru , you passed too." Chouji said to his best friend who had just returned from the exam room.

Shikamaru yawned and sat back in his seat . " This whole thing is troublesome."

Naruto sighed and decided to just wait until it was her return.

After an entire freaking hour Naruto was finally called.

" Alright, Naruto to pass the genin exam you will have to create three proper bunshins." Iruka-sensei told her when she entered the exam room.

Wordlessly Naruto performed the seals for the bunshin no jutsu that Kiba had just showed her, then she quickly made the sign for the kage bunshin. Naruto added enough chakra for three kage bunshins and made sure not to over do it. Three clones of Naruto appeared behind her.

Iruka beamed. " Good job, Naruto. You pa"

" Hold on, Iruka. I'm not sure letting her pass is a good idea." Mizuki interrupted. " After all, she hardly came to class at all and she probably doesn't know most of the material required for becoming a ninja."

Naruto scowled. This guy was giving off a hateful aura and it was directed at her . Not really surprising considering 98 of Konoha hated her guts. Except this guy had been her teacher for some classes for a while and he had never even spared her a glance. Now, though she could feel a horrible sickening aura coming from the man or more precisely the mark on his arm . It was probably invisible to everyone else but in Naruto's vision Mizuki had a strange mark on his arm and it was emitting a dark black aura. Naruto narrowed her eyes.' This guy is planning something. Something big.'

"Thats ridiculous, Mizuki. Naruto started the academy younger than most of the kids. In any case the Hokage himself said that if Naruto passed the exam than she was to be allowed to become a genin." Iruka protested. Mizuki gritted his teeth. He couldn't disobey a direct order from the Sandaime, at least not to Iruka's face. Iruka picked a headband from the desk and stretched his hand out so Naruto could take it.

" Arigatou, Iruka-sensei." Naruto thanked him. It was rare that anyone would come to her defense. She reached her hand out and grasped the headband, brushing hands with Iruka. Suddenly Naruto wasn't in the exam room anymore.

' She was standing in a clearing. Somewhere in the forest. Iruka-sensei was sitting at the base of a tree. There were cuts on his pants that looked like they came from kunai and shuriken wounds. Naruto could smell the blood coming from Iruka's wounds. She could taste the metallic flavor of blood in her mouth. Iruka had his head bowed. It looked to Naruto like he was giving into death. There was a guy across the clearing wearing a triumphant grin. He had a huge scroll tied to his back and a fuuma shuriken in his hand. He pointed the fuuma at Iruka and swung.'

" Naruto, Naruto!" Iruka called .She had taken the headband out of his hand and then started to space out. It was like she was in a trance .

" Hai, Hai, sensei." Naruto looked like she had snapped out of her trance. Naruto felt a really nauseating sensation enter her stomach and a dizzy feeling overwhelmed her head. " I'm fine , Iruka-sensei."

She made her way out of the exam room and out of the academy where all the parents were congratulating their children on passing the exam. Naruto made her way through the crowd and took a seat on the swing hanging off the branch of a tree that stood in front of the academy.

Naruto tried to clear her head and rid herself of the troublesome aftershock from that premonition.

' This is troublesome. If I'm guessing right , that guy in the vision was Mizuki. He must of stolen some type of scroll and Iruka caught him. Then Mizuki tries to kill Iruka. Man, I haven't been in Konoha for more than a day and already I've been drawn into something really troublesome.'

"Oi, Naruto!" an annoyingly familiar voice shouted . Naruto turned her head toward the direction that annoying voice came from. Obito came up to stand in front of Naruto with two men trailing behind him.

" See," Obito pointed to the headband that Naruto had clenched in her hand " I told you two she went to pass the genin exam."

" I couldn't believe until I saw it with my own eyes. Our little Naru-chan is a genin." One of the men said patting Naruto's cap. Naruto glared . She did not enjoy being treated like a dog.

" Leave her alone , outoto." The other man told the guy who was patting Naruto's cap. The two were apparently brothers but you couldn't tell it by looking at them. The guy who was teasing Naruto a minute ago had crazy silver hair that was standing up in all directions. He was wearing a blue kimono with a blue fishnet shirt underneath. He seemed to be a rather laid back kind of guy. The other guy had long straight black hair that was pulled into a ponytail. He was wearing a red kimono with a fishnet underneath. He seemed to be a more serious type of guy , unlike his younger brother.

Like with Obito , no one noticed these two men either. It was like they're invisible to every one but Naruto. In a way Naruto guessed they were invisible. These three and a lot of other people that Naruto could see were dead. Naruto had started to see the dead after she had turned six. You think seeing the dead would be cool and all but its really not , especially in a ninja village. Ninjas were forced onto life and death situations all the time. Lots of the time they end up losing their lives but they refuse to accept their deaths or they have some unfinished business and refuse to move on until it's completed. Unlike other people Naruto could see , smell , touch , and hear these ghosts.

Naruto sighed at her friends antics. She wished that they were in private so she could ram her fist into their faces but she couldn't do that here. It would look like she was hitting thin air and people would start to question her sanity again. Naruto stood and walked up to the old geezer who had put her up to this. The Sandaime always came to the genin graduation.

" Hokage-oji-chan, do you have our deal?" Naruto asked when she reached the Hokage.

" Yes. Congratulations on passing the genin exam." Choosing to ignore Naruto' snort at his congratulation he reached in his robes and pulled out a small scroll. Wordlessly he handed the scroll to Naruto who pocketed it.

" Where's my book?" Naruto was getting really impatient . She needed to figure out when and where Mizuki was going to strike before Iruka was sliced in half.

The third reached into his robes again and pulled out the Uzumaki Book of Shadows. Naruto grasped the book from the thirds outstretched hands. Naruto felt a little tingle go through her body, like a small electric spark.. The book was recognizing her as its rightful owner. The book was too big for Naruto to stuff in one of her pockets so she settled for carrying it with one hand.

"In our agreement you said that if I had information regarding a potential threat to Konoha , I would either report it to you or take care of it myself, right?" the genin asked the Sandaime.

" Yes, that was what we agreed upon." he answered slowly , not liking where this conversation was going.

The Sandaime's unease was definitely not put to rest when Naruto then grinned up at him. " What exactly is the punishment for a traitor?"

Sandaime's expression lifted into a partial frown and a partial smile. Not a day had gone by since Naruto had negotiated with him and she already was proving to be a major asset. " If possible traitors are brought back to Konoha and put on trial before the council."

" So then I have permission to kill any traitors?"

" No,you immobilize traitors until the ANBU arrive to take them away and if the traitor is too strong to simply immobilize then you may do what you have to to stay alive."

" Damn, your so soft." Naruto muttered. She really had wanted to finish Mizuki herself. Guess she was just going to have to settle with beating him up so bad , that he'll have to eat food from a straw for the next few weeks.

"Traitors are to be detained. Only in dangerous and deadly situations do we allow the assassination of a traitor on the field. There is always the possibility that the traitor was wrongly accused or set up. Then we would be condemning a loyal shinobi to a horrible fate. " the Hokage lectured sternly to Naruto's dismay.

'They have no problem killing innocent civilians from other villages but they're against killing real potential threats to their village, when they come from their own village. What hypocrites.' Naruto thought, inwardly sneering at the ways of the ninja villages.

" Whatever, you say old man." Naruto said nonchalantly. " It's not like I was talking about a real life situation."

" Of course you weren't ." Sarutobi said. Naruto never admitted to knowing anything. It was like she thought that everyone had a tape recorder hidden under their clothes and they were going to use her confession as blackmail. He had learned to take seriously any hypothetical scenarios Naruto brought up.

"Later , old man." Naruto walked into the throngs of celebrating children and parents . When the Sandaime got a glimpse of where Naruto had just been he saw that she was gone.

" So, that Mizuki guy is going to steal some scroll and then kill Iruka?" Obito asked Naruto.

After Naruto had finished her talk with the Sandaime she had gone back to her apartment with her ghost friends in tow. Her apartment was one of the few places she could easily converse with the Shodaime, Nidaime and Obito without people thinking she needed to be put in a straight jacket and thrown in a mental asylum.

" Yeah, at least thats what I saw." Naruto sat on her small bed , her back against the window, the book she had just received from the Hokage in her lap.

"Naruto did you see any inscription on the scroll that could give us a hint as to what scroll Mizuki might have took?" the Shodaime inquired .

Naruto rubbed her knuckles against her lips trying to recall anything important she had missed in the vision. It wasn't easy, when she got these premonitions they just should her a quick flash into the past or future. Trying to recall details from a vision was like trying to hold on to water with your bare hands.

" All I can recall was that the scroll was really huge." she began slowly. Then as if someone had just flipped a switch in her head something came to her. It was something small but it was there. " When Mizuki swung the Fuuma , I got a glimpse of the scroll. I think I saw a part of a kanji. It was ' Se'."

The Shodaime and Nidaime shared a look . " The Forbidden Scroll of Seals." they said in unison. Seeing Naruto and Obito's confused expressions , the Shodaime elaborated. " It's a scroll filled with kinjutsu, forbidden ninja arts, that aniki left behind. Most of the jutsus in the scroll are meant for high level jounins . In an enemy's hands, they can assess the strengths and weaknesses of Konoha's most powerful jutsu's and turn them against us."

This sparked Naruto's curiosity. " Can you teach me the jutsu's in that scroll?"

Obito shook his head in amazement. " Konoha could be in serious trouble and your more interested in learning some more deadly ass jutsus."

Naruto chose to ignore him and instead waited for the two dead Hokages answer.

" We've already taught you most of the jutsu's in that scroll." the Nidaime answered with a wryly smile.

" Hello, major crisis about to happen . Really no time for Naruto to be whining about new jutsus , especially if that scroll falls into the wrong hands. Then you'll be to busy fighting in a war to even eat much less learn any new jutsus ." Obito broke in trying to get everyones attention back to the matter at hand.

Naruto grinned. " Since when did you become so serious?" she asked teasingly.

"This isn't funny. Konoha could be in big trouble." Obito snapped , glaring at Naruto.

Naruto held up her hands in defense. " Okay, okay. You don't have to worry about it. Ive already got a plan."

Obito eyed her disbelievingly. " What's the plan then?"

" Well obviously I am gonna have to wait for Mizuki to steal the scroll. Then when the Sandaime calls all the ninjas to go look for Mizuki , I'll follow Iruka . I knock Iruka unconscious with some sleeping gas. Then I'll have to use some genjutsu on Mizuki since I don't want him to go blabbing about how I kicked his ass to the council." she explained.

" It sounds okay but are you forgetting that you completely suck in genjutsu." Obito said pointing out what he believed to be a flaw in the plan.

" I don't suck in genjutsu. I just don't like genjustu. I like taijutsu and ninjutsu." Naruto protested. " I'm not that good with high level genjutsus but I have a few that can finish someone at Mizuki's level."

" Naruto's plan sounds fine but be prepared to improvise should anything go wrong." the Shodaime advised .With that said all that was left to due was wait until nightfall.

Like in Naruto's vision Mizuki had stolen the Forbidden Scroll of Seals and had started to go through a forest that led right out of Konoha but had been confronted by Iruka.

" Mizuki, what do you think your doing?" Iruka shouted outraged to what had once been his fellow teammate.

" What do you think I'm doing? I am going to leave this village and get more power. " Mizuki replied with something a keen to madness flickering in his eyes. Naruto who was hiding in the trees above them just shook her head in disgust at the typical and cliché answer.

" Why are you doing this?" Iruka sounded deeply wounded by the mans response and Naruto felt slightly sorry for him. Iruka was too gentle to be a shinobi. It was actually one of the reasons she could had taken to him as a child.

" Why wouldn't I do this? Stay in a village thats run by a peace loving fool who favors goody two shoes like you. You all make me sick. Even with that Kyuubi brat you were always so nice . She was the monster that killed your parents but you went ahead and let her pass the exams today." Mizuki yelled out in a demented rage. Naruto figured she was supposed to throw the sleeping gas now but she really wanted to hear Iruka's response.

" Naruto's not a monster. She's a citizen of Konoha , just like everyone else here. She used to mess up a lot when she came to class and everyone would jump on her. So she stopped coming but she never stopped trying. The exam today was proof of that. She truly is one of my most precious students." Iruka responded angrily, unaware that Naruto had heard every word.

Before Mizuki had a chance to explain the clearing they were standing in became covered in sleeping gas. Mizuki jumped out of the way but Iruka remained rooted to the spot . There was something holding his feet in place but he couldn't see what it was due to all the smoke. He coughed a few times then slumped unconscious.

Meanwhile Mizuki looked like he was having some kind of seizure . He was clawing at his face and his entire body was wriggling. Finally he stopped struggling from Naruto's genjutsu attack and he also became unconscious.

" You know I feel really lucky to be dead right know because as scary as your ninjutsu and taijutsu are, your genjutsu looks brutal." Obito said shivering from what he had just witnessed Naruto's genjutsu to be like.

" Are you just going to leave them like that?" Nidaime asked his young student.

" Yeah, I've done my job . Now let the ANBU do theirs." Naruto said. " Hopefully, the Sandaime has also had a good show as well."

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