Tooth Faery

Gen fic. I own nothing.

A few days before the fire that took his mother's life, Dean had fallen and knocked one of his teeth loose. The morning of the fire the tooth had fallen out completely and that night, just a few hours before the fire, his mother had come into his room with a small wooden box with his tooth inside. She told him to put the box under his pillow and that when he woke up the next morning there would be money inside instead of his tooth. Dean fell asleep gripping the small box. He woke up in the middle of the night and found a quarter in place of the tooth. He was so excited he got up to go show his mom and dad, he made it to his doorway when he realized something was wrong. He was still gripping the small box when his father thrust baby Sammy into his small arms and told him to run. After the fire he forgot about showing his father and dropped the small box under the back seat.

He found it one day while they were camped out in the car, Dean had just lost his last tooth and decided to try for another quarter. He knew nothing was likely to happen, he had heard for awhile now that the tooth faery was just your parents, but he thought if werewolves were real maybe the tooth fairy was too. The next morning he woke to find nothing but his tooth in the box.

Dean cried that morning, he didn't know why but it felt as though the empty place in his heart was even emptier that day. Sam was just about to lose his first tooth and Dean decided that just because the tooth fairy wasn't real for him that didn't mean she couldn't be real for Sammy.

When Sam's first tooth fell out he proudly showed it to John, who ruffled his hair and told him to throw it in the trash and go brush his teeth. Dean stopped him from throwing it away and told him what his mother had said about the tooth faery. At first Sam was scared, most of the things they had seen were bad and the thought of something coming into their room at night was unsettling, but Dean convinced him it was safe and that it was alright not to tell Dad. That night he and Sammy put the tooth into the small box and hid it beneath their pillows.

"Now Sammy, you have to go all the way to sleep or this won't work."

"Are you sure this is safe Dean? Maybe we should tell Dad."

"Trust me Sammy, its safe. If we tell Dad she won't come though ok? She is afraid of adults."

"But what if there is a bad tooth fairy that beats up the good tooth fairy and pretends to be her?"

"That's not going to happen, and if it did do you really think I couldn't kick the evil faery's ass?"

Sam seemed satisfied with that answer and quickly fell asleep. Dean reached under his brother's pillow, pulled out the small box, opened it, and replaced the tooth with a shiny new quarter that he had found on the ground at a diner last week. He rolled the tooth up in a pair of sox and tossed them in his and Sam's duffle and placed the box back under Sam's pillow and went to sleep.

The next morning he woke up to a very excited Sammy.

"DEAN! DEAN! WAKE UP! Oh my gosh Dean! I'm rich!" Sam was gripping the quarter in one hand and jumping up and down on the bed.

"Shut up! Dad can't know remember?"

"But maybe we should tell him-"

"No Sam, he can't know. He won't understand and we will get in trouble. Plus if we tell she won't come again next time. It's our secret ok?"

Sam faced scrunched up as though he were thinking very hard. After a moment he looked down at the shiny new quarter, smiled and surprised Dean with a very sloppy and wet kiss on the cheek.

"Ok Dean, I won't tell."

Not that Dean could hear him, he was too busy wiping at his face and telling Sam exactly what he thought about his show of affection. He was needless to say less than thrilled.