I honestly think theres more to yamato than meets the eye...i wish there were more fics of him...I wanted to write one for his characetr...or lack of...and it came out as sort of a drabble.

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He had the genes of the first hokage, could build luxurious camping sites in a matter of seconds, and has the ability to control the nines tails with mere summons.

He was far from ordinary and yet if you had been asked to point out this remarkable man in a crowd you wouldn't be able too.

He'd guarantee it…no….he'd make sure of it.

What Tenzo takes pride in most was his level of professionalism during a mission. It was one of his many talents, being able to keep a certain distance between himself and his charge or team yet come off as a friendly and open guy.

It's actually quite difficult and few ninjas, even the extremely talented ones could ever pass as civilians on a regular basis…Gai.

The anbu was full of people like that.

Normal people….or what others defined as normal.

That was the point.

Anbu members, they shouldn't stand out.

An anbu member that stood out was basically a walking target practice.

They weren't flashy.

Very few came from clans because it would be too easy for an enemy to figure out their weakness especially if it was a well known clan.

Anbu members were replaceable, disposable, and in time forgettable.

So Tenzo didn't mind the fact that compared to their original leader, the rather eccentric Kakashi, he himself came off as rather bland.

His mission did not include getting close to Naruto or Sakura, so he didn't.

Even after he started to help with Naruto's training it was only temporary.

Most likely after this mission he'd never see either of them again.

That was fine with him.

They neither knew him, really knew him, nor cared for him, not as a friend anyway, maybe not even as a comrade.

Naruto will look back on their meeting one day and realize he can't even remember Tenzos' "Yamatos" face.

That's his job.

Complete the mission with no strings attached, and Tenzo takes pride in knowing he does his job quite well.