Fred/Hermione - Disasters

There was a difference between doing something completely wrong, or just veering a little on the side of a stuff up. The problem was when the stuff up side of things involved Hermione Granger, it was neither - it was a disaster.

She failed to see the light side of it all, at least not when she was looking at him fiercely, from under a fringe which was no longer brunette.

Hermione wouldn't laugh at her reflection, she wouldn't take a photo to remember. All she seemed to want to do is yell at him about leaving his products lying around the Burrow, or complain about how irresponsible George and himself were, despite being older now. It didn't matter in the slightest that it wasn't let for her, that the intended would actually see the humour in it. She didn't care for that information at all.

"That doesn't matter! What if little Victoire got it?!" She exclaimed, hands on her hips as her lips formed a severe line. Clearly not in the mood for any explanation. "The effects on her little stomach would have been awful, your mother would have been furious. Do you even think of that?!"

"It was on the top shelf, of the pantry. Little Victoire wouldn't have reached it even if she tried," Fred sighed, standing up again, only to be pushed hard back into the chair. "What do you want Granger? It was an accident, it was supposed to be George, I've told you that. Now I can't get the reversal potion if you keep me here, do you want me to reverse it?"

"Of course I do," Hermione snapped.

"Then," he said standing again, slipping out of her way quickly. "I'm going to go to the shop and I'll grab the potion, then I'll come back here, and you can drink it. Then this little incident will be forgotten, all traces of this green hair will be gone. And everyone will be none the wiser. Okay?"

"I'll know!"

"Yes, we can't escape that love. But think of it this way," Fred grinned, speaking softly into her ear. "I'm indebted to you now Granger, whenever you want anything, I'll be your willing helper."

She shook her head, but he didn't miss the slight quirk of her lips, "Just get the potion."