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warning: slash... if mechanical beings have gender.


It had begun as an ordinary special op mission. Jazz had even joked that a rookie could do it with his optics off. Of course, that was before the room had been sealed off and the rumors of a spy had begun circulating. He cursed softly, his CPU busy looking for a way to disappear without getting too much attention. Movement to his right caught his sensors, and all his mental processes focused on it.

The movement was made by a blue mech whose face was hidden by a visor and a facemask, much like he was at the moment, he mused. He absolutely hated the feeling of the mask on his face, but he couldn't go around showing his face to everybody on a mission. At least this time they let him choose his new paintjob. Jazz thought he looked dashing in red and gold. The other mech seemed at ease with his mask, though, and Jazz wondered how he would look without it. The blue mech turned his gaze towards him and Jazz smiled behind his mask and made a slight nod of recognition. He saw the nod returned, but the other mech made no hint as to whether he wanted to be left alone or if he wanted company.

Looking around, Jazz decided he was not going anywhere for a good while and he better start mingling with the other mechs before they noticed something was wrong with him. His sensors picked someone looking at him. Turning, he saw the blue mech's gaze still directed at him. Smiling again behind his facemask, Jazz decided that was the other mech's way of saying he wanted company and right now Jazz was more than happy to oblige. It wasn't like there was anything else to do and his mission was already done… except for the leaving part.

The blue mech watched him get closer and Jazz suppressed a shiver, be it from pleasure or fear he wasn't sure. He wasn't even sure if he liked it or not. – "Hello there, I noticed you were all alone and I decided to come see if you were alright."

"Status: hundred percent operational." - Replied the mech in a hauntingly monotone voice before turning his head slightly sideways. - "Name: Soundwave. Identify yourself."

Jazz's smile froze as the mech identified itself. Soundwave was Megatron's new officer and, even though still a mystery to the Autobots, he had proven he was one of the best in the Decepticon's rank. He was also known to spot a spy before he or she uttered a word. What was the officer doing at a small Decepticon recruiting meeting? Jazz had no answer to that, but he sent a mental prayer to Primus and answered, - I'm sorry, Sir, I didn't recognize you…"

"Apology not needed. Identify yourself." – Soundwave interrupted.

"Yea, well… Name's Jackhammer. I'm just checking things out, Sir." – Jazz said in his most embarrassed tone.

"Joining?" – Asked Soundwave, the strange monotone beginning to distract Jazz, who only nodded before answering.

"Wanted to pick a side and the Autobots seem too peaceful for me." – Answered the saboteur carelessly with a slight shrug. He thought he heard a light chuckle come out of the Decepticon officer, but he wasn't sure. – "You really think there's a spy around here?" – He asked trying to shift the attention away from him.

The blue mech regarded him silently for a moment and Jazz had to admit that Megatron had good taste in officers. Sure, everyone tended to look at Starscream; the flier's penchant for drama and brilliant colors made him hard to dismiss. But Soundwave was handsome in his own right, more so to Jazz who was a very sound oriented mech. Right now Soundwave's voice was driving his sensors to short circuit. He was so caught up in his musing that he missed the mech's words.

"Sorry, what?"

"Investigation: waste of time. Exit: follow me." – He patiently repeated before turning and walking away from him.

Jazz shrugged and followed the Decepticon, silently hoping he wasn't being led to a trap. He watched as the other mech punched a code and opened the door, keeping it open long enough for him to get out. The saboteur followed the Decepticon silently until they got to the exit of the building. He watched as the blue mech turned and regarded him silently.

"Sir, what…" – He began, but was cut off by an even more insanely delicious melodic voice.

"The exit, Jackhammer, or should I say Jazz."

The Autobot took a step backwards, shocked by Soundwave's change in tone and vocabulary and his knowledge of his name. He reached for his subspaced gun when the officer talked again.

"Combat probability of success: Autobot: fifteen percent. Decepticon: eighty five percent. Advice: disengage and escape."

Jazz stared at him confused. He knew he shouldn't trust the Decepticon who already seemed to know who he was. He certainly knew better than to question the motives behind his help, but his curiosity got the better of him.


The blue mech stood silent for a moment, staring at his visor while his right arm moved to caress the foreign facemask. His monotone a mere whisper as he replied. – "Motive: thoughts are chaotic. Music in your head soothing."

Soundwave pulled his arm back and stood straight, voice back to its normal monotone. – "Autobot mission failed. Information of mission taken. Leave."

Jazz thought, - 'Telepath, eh?" Let's see what he does 'bout t'is.' – He grinned while taking off his facemask.

Without a warning, Jazz grabbed the Decepticon officer and pressed him closer to his body. Soundwave didn't had time to react as Jazz took his facemask off and engaged him in a long kiss before turning away, transforming and hightailing it out of the place.

Soundwave stood there for a second, before calmly placing his facemask on and entering the building. He had a room to debug and find a way to tell Megatron the spy escaped, but his mission had failed.

When Jazz entered the Autobot Base, he quickly went to his leader and informed him the mission was a bust and he was almost discovered. When questioned, Jazz told him that Megatron's new officer, Soundwave, appeared to be telepathic and he was lucky to have gotten out alive.

Both mechs bounded towards their respective berth after a long and tiring day. Their heated kiss playing on their CPUs repeatedly and both silently wishing it had been a better meeting.