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Restless. He was slagging restless. Something happened. Something big, but he couldn't quite grasp what. It almost felt like… No, he wasn't going to think about him anymore. It was just his spark playing tricks on him.

He was laying on the ground, optics focused on the stars, more specifically on a faint little blue dot. Earth. The one place he escaped from. How could one love and hate a place at the same time? Earth, with its confusing and amazing wonders still fascinated the Porsche. A temperamental planet with temperamental natives. Earth changed him in ways no other place ever did. It changed all of them, Decepticon and Autobot alike. He would've still been there if the place had stopped reminding him of what he lost…

'Oh, when did you become so cold?'

The mech frowned and turned his optics to a clutter of stars. They looked so different here. He once tried to look for the images the humans claimed the constellations had. He ended up with the conclusion that the humans who made them up had very big imaginations, bad eyesight and had to be extremely drunk.

'Oh, Christ how I hate what I've become'

Huffer out of all the mechs had once asked him why did he leave the planet when he obviously loved it so much. How could he stay when it took the most important thing he ever had?

'Try to save them all, bleed no more'

The feeling on his spark came again and he forced himself to crush it. It wasn't real. No matter how much he wished it was. And by Primus if losing his lover hurt this much, imagine the pain being bonded would've been. Now he knew why bonded died together. This was no life. The black and white mech equated it with the human's mythological hell. So many things left for him to do. So many places in the universe he hasn't seen yet. So many games to play and music to sing and dances to learn… And he had no drive, no strength in him to do them.

A shadow covered him, but he ignored it. Concentrating on the human song he'd been repeating on his radio.

'Search for beauty found your shore.'

It was their voices that made him pay attention to his surroundings.

"He's just staying there. I vote for either poking him with a stick or just kicking him and be done with it."

"Shows how much you know. We don't need to kick him. That's why we got pile drivers for."

::You must be joking.::

::Go ahead and do it. Might as well have fun watching you two get punished.::

::Our new little brother needs a laugh.::

He blinked and turned his head, weapons coming online as he moved to stand up.

"And he lives! For a second there I thought he was CPU-dead."

"What the slag? What are ya doin' here?" – The saboteur asked, ready to fight if that was what his… no, what the cassettes wanted. There was no lost love between the Cassetticons and the Autobots. Jazz really couldn't blame them for being even more vindictive little scrap heaps than the rest of the Decepticon Army.

"Awww… That's all ya have to say after all this time? We even got ya a surprise."

He blinked again, weapons still trained on the little slaggers when a voice he'd missed so much spoke behind him.

"Rumble, Frenzy: stop. Watch Ratbat."

Weapons were dropped. Systems crashed and he fell to his knees. No, no, not true… Not true. He saw him explode. He saw him die. A joke… Nothing more than a joke.

'All you need is to feel my love.'

"Soundwave promised to never leave partner again. Death: not stopping me."

Air intakes hissed and he chanced a look behind him. The darkness made the imposing mech look black. Fortunately, he recognized that silhouette by spark… Soundwave.

The Con stayed still and Jazz feared he just lost his sanity. Ratchet was going to be extremely mad if he had to replace it. Autopilot seemed to kick in and he somehow found himself standing in front of the Decepticon. There were differences, but the body retained enough for him to see his partner on it.

"Jazz." – The melodic voice whispered, making him tremble and wanting to hear more. The same effect as he always had.

'Be still my son, you're home.'

He reached forward, touching him and a shocked laugh escaped him.

"Wave? It's you…' – And he launched onto the resurrected mech. Holding on to him as if afraid that the other would disappear.

"Soundwave: brought back by Cassettes. New designation: Soundblaster"

A laugh, a happy one, escaped the Porsche as he embraced his partner. – "Changed your name, luv? Ya know you'll always be Soundwave t' me, right?

"Would not have it any other way, Jazz."

And like the first time they met, Jazz took the facemask off and kissed him. Unlike the first time, this kiss was full of promises for the future better left unsaid.

'The blade will keep on descending.'

They were still on different sides. They still followed different beliefs. They were each other's greatest weakness. The only thing that could make them go against friends, commanders and orders. Their love was still going to be a secret. The probability of it ending in the same tragedy was high. But their sparks called to each other and who were they to turn against their spark's desire. Not even death kept them apart for long.

And right under the stars they bonded. Finally becoming one. Tomorrow was another day. And Soundblaster had promised to present him to his newest creation. He couldn't wait to spend a few days with his kids. There were so many songs they needed to learn to annoy his partner. The saboteur stopped the repeat on the music he'd been listening before. Life was just too good to waste with only one song.

'In the end I will always love you.