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Chapter One: What We Settle For

Duo arched his back and clutched tightly at the lose sheets strewn about him as nails racked down his back. He moaned as he felt his own release matched deep within him. Exhausted, he collapsed forward on the bed and lay there, panting, trying to catch his breath.

Rough, but manicured hands caressed him, tangling themselves in his long, unbound hair that lay beside him, draped over one shoulder while he'd been kneeling on the bed. Duo shuddered and whimpered for his lover, knowing what he would want.

"You're so beautiful." A gentle voice whispered in his ear, a hot mouth bit his lobe and then sucked it in to be played with. Duo lay still as he could, whimpering.

"Ah, I've exhausted you, sleep now." Sheets were drawn up around him, as his lover lay next to him and pulled him close possessively. Duo let himself be drawn up and sighed in what he hoped sounded like contentment.

"Goodnight." Wu Fei whispered harshly in his ear.

"Night." Duo whispered back, but he lay awake as Wu Fei drifted off. When he was sure that Wu Fei was sound asleep he slipped out of that possessive hold and went to the bathroom to take care of himself. Then he wondered into the living room of Wu Fei's house and sat on the couch, pulling the throw on it around him. It was Wu Fei's house…not his, not theirs, Wu Fei's. Duo hadn't help to pay for it, he barely had any possessions aside from cloths and his sketch pads kept on a shelf in the living room, and he had never really ever felt 'at home' here. But this was where he belonged, he belonged to Wu Fei.

Sometimes that made him mad, sometimes he wanted to leave, to tell Wu Fei to forget it and live his life how he wanted to. But…Wu Fei loved him. He shared his home, his bed; he had helped Duo get his job just down the street at the book store. Wu Fei was the one with credit in the bank, with a credible past that could be traced in records other colonies had had of L5, without him, Duo really didn't have much to make a life from.

And in the end, he didn't really want to hurt Wu Fei, didn't want to have to go through that whole break up thing when they'd been together for so long.

So Duo sat in Wu Fei's living room in the middle of the night, staring out the window at the moon, remembering the past. Duo missed the stars…missed parties and clubs, missed his friends form the war. Duo curled his knees up to his chest and held on tightly; he'd return to bed soon, Wu Fei noticed when he was gone too long, but not yet…

Heero sat at his desk, he turned away from his computer screen and stretched, his back was starting to ache and his neck was sore. He pushed his chair away and leaned back till his back snapped and cracked and some tension eased out of his shoulders.

Heero turned to look out; it was a bright sunny day, the sun shone though the blinds, it was almost time for lunch. Heero decided to go early today, he was restless.

Heero stood and walked for the cafeteria in Preventor Headquarters, he passed several people on his way, returning their friendly greetings and banter as he went, smiling back. Peace had agreed with him, and he loved his job, it gave him purpose, but it was not all he was, he had a life outside of his work now. Heero stood in line and was still amazed that life was so much easier, that he fit in so well here. Not everyone had a past with the war like he did, but everyone had gone through the same training and everyone worked towards the same goal, to keep the peace that had been bought with blood and bullets.

Heero took his food and went to sit at an empty table, he was joined late by coworkers, but for now he sat in silence and began to eat. It was then that he thought of Duo Maxwell, as he often did at odd moments like these. He remembered the boy jester from the war, the one who perplexed him so with his smile and mischievous eyes, the same boy who could become Shinigamii with that same smile. And, he remembered the Duo Maxwell from the end of the war, the boy who was becoming, if possible, an even more attractive man, with elfish features, violet eyes, and a lithe body wound tight with muscle. Duo had always been attractive, but Heero had never allowed himself to see it till that day, and then everything had hit him, the way he'd always stolen glances, followed that braid from the corner of his eye. The way he'd reacted and hidden it, even when it was just Duo walking into a room. That day, when medals had been handed out, and hands had been shaken, and then Duo had disappeared.

He'd simply vanished and Heero realized his one mistake in the war that he could have taken back, the one mistake he could have righted right then, and he'd hesitated and then Duo was gone. Heero sighed, staring at his empty fork, he'd wanted Duo so much and he hadn't even realized it, and now it was too late, Duo was gone.

"Hey Yuy!" Heero jerked out of his daze and glanced up as fellow agent Phillips came and sat across from him. "You're here early; we usually have to pry you away from your computer, what gives?"

"Nothing, just needed a break." Heero started eating again.

"A…break?" Kitty asked, raising an eyebrow at him, her green eyes suspicious. "Are you feeling ok?"

Heero grunted his reply, he needed to get Duo out of his mind now, his chance was long gone. "How did your field op go?"

"Oh gods, don't get me started!" Kitty slumped in her chair in exaggerated exasperation. She took the subject change seamlessly and went into a tirade that lasted the rest of the lunch hour, and she was joined by their other friends as the lunch room filled. Heero was able to push Duo from his mind and laughed with them as Kitty used everything at their table to reenact her almost failed op.

After lunch Heero went back to his office, stopping by the mail room on the way. He sifted through memos at his desk and reports and found a large, off-white envelope mixed in with his mail. Heero scanned the return address, it was from Quatre.

Heero opened it and pulled out an invitation, Quatre was having a party a week from now, a masquerade of sorts. Thankfully, this had the promise of something small, limited to their friends from the war and not something too elaborate where Heero would be surrounded by politicians.

Heero checked his schedule and wrote it in when he found he had that night free, he quickly wrote Quatre a response and sent it off with the rest of his mail. It wasn't until later that day, in a lull between reports that the thought crossed his mind: Duo might be there!

He'd always been especially close to Quatre, he could, in fact, remember Duo promising to stay in touch with the blonde when last they'd all been together. Heero's heart lurched and Heero jumped when a sharp knock came at his door.

Kitty stuck her head in, "Sorry, um...could you help me with something?"

Heero shoved aside his sudden trepidation and smiled for her, "Sure."

"I've got this thing with a man selling young girls and Ember's still on leave from that bullet she took last week." Kitty smiled beseechingly, referring to her partner.

Heero hesitated, "When?"

"I was planning on going in Wednesday, I already have someone inside, but they're moving Wednesday, they know we're on to them." Kitty handed over her file.

Heero scanned it and nodded. "I'll take Ember's place…that's what you wanted right?"

"Yeah!" Kitty sighed in relief, "That or a recommendation, but you were my first choice."

Heero grunted, he would not have invited himself into the case, but he'd been wondering what Kitty was going to do while Ember was still on leave.

"Thanks, I'll make a file for you." She smiled and dashed out of his office.

Heero went back to alter his schedule, noting the part was on that Friday. The two events shouldn't conflict, he just had to be sure to leave that day open.

Duo picked up the mail on his way inside after work. He spread the mail out on the kitchen table and then went to the bedroom to change so he could start dinner. Duo changed out of his Dockers into a pair of old jeans and exchanged his button down shirt for a tight black one with mesh sleeves that stopped at his elbows.

Duo left his boots by the bed and then went to search the kitchen. He found the makings for pasta with chicken and got to work, he only got out a little before Wu Fei, just enough time to start dinner.

Duo slid around the kitchen in his socks, turning on the small radio that he'd put there after only his first few days there, and dancing to the music. He didn't like the silence in that house when he was there alone, it rattled his nerves.

Wu Fei came home; he draped his coat over one of the chairs and came to stand behind Duo at the stove. His arms snaked around Duo's waist and pulled him close as he breathed in deeply with his face pressed at the nape of Duo's neck.

"I missed you." Wu Fei said huskily.

"Welcome home, how was your day?" Duo smirked as he blackened the chicken.

"Exhausting." Wu Fei kissed his neck and then left him to change.

Duo drained the pasta and portioned it out. He ladled out sauce next and then topped both bowls with the chicken. He carried them to the table and then went back for drinks as Wu Fei returned.

They sat and ate as Wu Fei sorted through their mail. He handed a large off-white envelop over to Duo. "Open this one." He said as he took the bills and tossed the junk mail.

Duo's eyes widened in surprise, but then saw both their names on the address and Quatre's return address on the letter head. He smiled and tore open the envelope.

"It's a masquerade!" He announced excitedly.

"Another party." Wu Fei grunted in disapproval. Duo's heart dropped, he tried not to let his voice betray him.

"Can we go?" He hated the way he had to ask, hated how it sounded so much like begging, but he never let that show.

Wu Fei looked up at him, his face only showing calm curiosity. But Duo's eyes pleaded even when he tried to hide it, he really wanted to go.

Wu Fei smiled, smirked really, and nodded once. "We can go." He relented.

Duo smiled brightly, he loved Quatre, hadn't seen him or Trowa in so long! And it was a masquerade, costumes and masks, Quatre really did throw the best parties! They ate and talked a little, then retired to the living room to watch the news. Wu Fei took him on the couch, with Duo screaming into the pillows.

They went to bed, and Duo drifted off thinking about a costume set that wouldn't upset Wu Fei. Animals maybe, dragons…

Kitty sat next to Heero on the floor of the warehouse, the wall at their back as other agents rushed around them, subduing their captives and trying to calm the girls they'd released from cages.

"You doing ok?" Kitty asked, rubbing her head and smiling at him.

"Yes." Heero put more pressure on his side.

"The paramedics should be here under five minutes." Kitty pulled away his hand to look at his wound. "Bleedings slowing, clan through, I don't think it hit anything."

Heero grunted, he'd already surmised as much. The bullet had gone through him and into the wall; it was nothing life threatening and looked worse than it was.

"How about you?" He asked addressing Kitty's head wound, she'd been slammed into the wall at one point. There was a long cut at her left temple that looked like it might need stitches.

"Headaches worse than the cut." Kitty winced as she smiled. Heero smiled back, they sat and waited while their team took care of everything else until the paramedics arrived.

Heero was taken back to the hospital and given stitches and wrapped up. Kitty got stitches as well and they were both released in the wee hours of the morning.

"Go home." Kitty laughed as they were driven back to Preventor Headquarters and Heero had started to walk towards his office. "My op, I'll do the report, go home and sleep."

Heero thanked her and went home. He glanced at his costume for Quatre's masquerade hanging on his door as he walked into his room at four am. He smiled to himself and began to undress; he pulled on green pajama pants and lay down, wincing as his stitches pulled a little when he bent at the waist.

As long as he didn't overdue it at the part, he would be ok. Heero fell asleep instantly, his apartment quite in the growing light of the morning. It was going to be another sunny day, windy, but sunny.

Duo tied back his hair with a deeply purple ribbon but left it lose down his back. His was dressed in a black coat over a tight shirt and pants, there was tiger print at his cuffs, the inside lining of the coat, and at his collar. His mask was tied over his face, Tiger to Wu Fei's dragon.

He felt alive with vibration, wanting to run out into the night, it had been overcast all day with the promise of rain, the air was electric. It called to Duo, ran over his skin and tickled down his spine.

Wu Fei came out, his coat that was also black with hints of green and purple, his mask was also on and he was ready. His hair had grown in the three years they'd been together; it was now about a foot long and lay down his back, tied back with a matching purple ribbon. He smiled at Duo, letting his hunger for Duo fill his eyes, Duo blushed and danced happily.

"Ready?" He asked, edging towards the door.

"Yes, let's go." Wu Fei smiled at his caged tiger, stalking its cage, eyes alight with life. His Duo.

Heero walked into the Masquerade, he handed his coat over, the promise for rain outside was hugging the dark, blotting out the moon, and he didn't want to be caught tonight without it. He walked into a big hall in Quatre's mansion that was usually closed; tonight it was filled with flowers and people. The chandeliers overhead shone brightly and their light was reflected back in glitter on the masks that surrounded him.

Heero was a wolf, he wore a long coat that was a deep green with blood red lining and he'd even sprung for cane with a silver head in the shape of a wolf that matched his mask. He found Quatre across the large hall, standing with Trowa; they were talking with Sally Po and Noin.

Heero went over to greet them; Quatre's hair marked him while he hid behind the mask of white and gold. Trowa beside him had copied his own mask from his circus act and had come masquerading as a clown. On a closer look Quatre's was a match, two clowns. Heero greeted them.

"Heero!" Quatre smiled at him and gave him a quick hug, almost afraid that Heero wouldn't accept it, but Heero had returned it, nothing more than a quick hand to the back, but it was more than Heero had allowed three years ago. Quatre smiled brightly as Trowa greeted Heero with a warm hand on his shoulder that Heero returned.

"How have you been!?" Quatre asked brightly after Heero had nodded to both women in greeting, less forward with them.

"Good." Heero didn't want to mention that his side was bothering him a little, any mention of a wound would send Quatre into worry and Heero wanted to enjoy tonight.

Sally laughed, "As brief as ever I see, a man of few words." Heero smirked at her.

"What are you?" he countered, addressing her red and orange dress with gold inlays. She brought up her mask from her side and held it over her face; it danced with flames and small beads.

"Fire of course." She laughed. "Try guessing Noin." She challenged.

Heero studied Noin, she was in a dress that was a deep grey with blue and silver sleeves, she had a veil with little silver beads sewn on it and her mask was a grey cloud when she held it up, tinsel falling from the eyes. Heero raised an eyebrow to her.

"Rain. My lightening count is around here somewhere." She smiled at him.

"How appropriate." Heero wasn't sure if he approved or not, but it suite them, and it was well thought out.

"Young wolf, how is life in the Preventors?" Heero turned to find Relena curtseying to him. She was all in pink, her mask that of a flower.

He stiffly bowed back, his side protesting to the movement. "Very well beautiful flower." He replied and she smiled at him.

Heero chatted with the group and accepted a drink when a tray was offered. He was enjoying himself, but something was nagging at him, where was Duo, surely Quatre had invited him! Had something happened? Or was Duo not coming after all.

"Oh! There they are!" Quatre said and waved at someone behind Heero, Heero turned and nearly dropped his glass. His heart pounded in his chest and he had to concentrate not to shatter the glass in his hand once he had it in his grip again.

Duo had just walked in, there was no mistaking that hair, no mask could hide him, not from Heero. But he'd come in on Wu Fei's arm.