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Chapter Seven: What We Make

Duo woke in Heero's lap, he wanted to go right back to sleep, but something wouldn't let him. Duo took a moment to take his position into account. He'd fallen asleep in Heero's arms, in the middle of his living room.

Heero had somehow gotten them back against the couch so that he was sitting up, leaning back against the couch, legs spread out in front of him. Duo found himself between those legs on his stomach; his arms were wrapped firmly around Heero's waist and his head was lying against his own shoulder over Heero's thigh.

Duo became aware that Heero must still be awake, those his head was tilted back and his eyes were closed. His hand was running over his hair in small, comforting motions that made Duo shiver; he was so warm, so comfortable.

Heero started, looking down at Duo and seeing those violet eyes open and staring up at him. He tried to smile back, but lost it and then just stared back at Duo. Duo slowly sat up, bringing his knees under him and pushing himself up so that he was kneeling in front of Heero. He moved his head in a quick movement that sent his hair back over his shoulder. It was slightly limp and a little lack for luster, but it still moved as if made of water and the sight of he had Heero's full attention caught.

"How long?" Duo asked.

"You've been asleep for about four hours." Heero answered, missing the feel of Duo wrapped around him, under his hands, seeking warmth, comfort…love?

Duo thought about it, he'd come here, planning on demanding things of Heero, of maybe even forcing Heero to drive him back to Wu Fei's to explain everything. But it had all faded away in Heero's eyes, staring down at him in surprise. Duo had barely even registered the gun, now when he thought about it, it made perfect sense. He had rushed here, intent on some thought he couldn't really recall.

He'd stared back up at Heero, started to apologize then forced himself to ask what he'd come there to ask. He'd been expecting that response, but to hear it out loud had shattered though all his careful barriers instantly and he'd found himself both hating Heero and needing him so much at the same time. Skin contact, arms, everything was broken, his whole life was laying around him in tiny slivers of stained glass, so much like that night so long ago.

"May you have God's Blessing." Didn't that mean he was supposed to go and live his life the way he wanted, to be happy?

He'd wanted to hurt Heero, for the briefest moment he'd wanted Heero to feel some of the pain he'd felt, to know what it was like, to keep losing everything! And then he'd been in Heero's arms, Heero had been holding him so tightly it hurt, but Duo couldn't seem to hold onto Heero tight enough, he needed it to be hard, to know it was real. He'd cried, couldn't have stopped it if he'd tried and then he'd woken up to find out he'd slept in Heero's damn lap for four hours. Duo felt as if his own body had betrayed him, but tried to remind himself he'd been having trouble sleeping, had been holed up at a hotel for days, was in need of a shower, a good meal and about five gallons of ice cream.

He kept telling himself he had a right to be angry, that he should be, that he'd lost everything again, and that Heero had ruined it all with one kiss. But every time he looked into those dark blue eyes, he kept forgetting that anger. Every time he looked in to Heero's eyes all he saw was everything he'd ever loved about Heero. All those times he's tried to get close and been ignore or pushed away, and yet Heero would turn around and do something that denied everything he'd ever said, ever did.

Those eyes, staring down the barrel of a gun, trying to figure him out like he was some great puzzle. Heero had always seemed like he was trying to figure Duo out, even as he pushed him away, something else let him allow the arm draped over his shoulder, or accepted and returned a Christmas gift.

Duo stared into those eyes now, taking his turn to do the searching, the puzzling out. Heero was the king of mixed signals, this one was the most baffling…but for once, his actions matched his words, his eyes.

"Why didn't you tell me?" Duo demanded, trying to find and hold onto that anger again, he needed answers now more than anything, though a part of him was screaming at him to just give in, this was what he wanted, wasn't it? So why was he poking it, prodding it to see if it was real? Inviting in the light of day to destroy this lovely, confusing mist?

"I was trying to find you all night. People kept distracting me, kept taking me in the opposite direction whenever I tried to approach you. When I finally go away, you were gone." Heero gave him the straight answer he wanted, sat back and waited for whatever reaction Duo was prone to right now.

Duo stared back at him in disbelief. "What!?" Duo couldn't keep his mouth from dropping open, from his arms falling open in an eternal question. "That's it! We just missed each other and that was it!?"

"I couldn't find you afterwards and I was needed to help found The Preventors." Heero tried to explain.

"You gave up." Duo spat, "You couldn't have loved me that much if…"

"I saw you leave with Wu Fei." Heero finally said, he'd been unwilling to bring up that memory, but if it was what Duo needed, then he'd just state it straightforward.

"You saw…me…" Duo felt horror creeping onto his face as he remembered that night, he'd let himself get drunk when he'd seen that there was no way he was going to be able to talk to Heero alone, that Heero was ignoring him as usual, that there was no use waiting. Wu Fei had approached him as the part had begun to wind down and Duo had willingly thrown himself into Wu Fei's arms, needing something to stave off the pain. One night had turned into one week, into one month, into three years. Duo had really only meant to move on from Heero, to stop loving him, what he'd ended up doing was forcing himself into a relationship he hadn't really ever been in. But he'd done everything to keep that pain from coming back.

"Oh gods…" Duo moaned and put his hands up to his ears as if he could make the music of that party stop its endless track in his head. "I didn't…I just wanted…you were…" Duo found himself gasping for air. "Damn you Yuy!"

"Duo." Heero tried to grab onto Duo's wrists, but Duo jerked away and started rocking ever so slightly, mumbling something to himself. "Duo…DUO!" Heero reached out and grabbed Duo's wrists, forced him to stop and look up.

"I know." Heero embraced the pain that was surfacing, allowed it to show though his face what he couldn't explain with words. "I know I should have done a lot of things differently, that its my fault you went home with Wu Fei, that we're here now. I know I should have just pushed everyone else away instead of you…but even if I did do everything wrong, I do love you."

Tears pooled in Duo's eyes, unwilling to fall, still unwilling to believe. He turned his head from one side to the other, a slow shake of the head, a small no…but a no to what?

"Please Duo, if you want to leave, go, if you want me to leave, I will…but please…I need to know that you don't love me anymore, that you're happy with Wu Fei. If you're not, then I'm not waiting anymore. If you're not happy…then let me…let me…"

Duo closed his eyes slowly and the tears trialed down his cheeks. His voice came soft and hoarse, "I'm not happy…"

Heero was kissing him before he'd finished, was pushing Duo backwards to the floor. He was kissing him as if Duo was air and they were floating out in space. He held on tightly, feeling a little of the disbelief he'd seen so plainly in Duo's eyes.

And then Duo was kissing him back, was wrapping his arms tightly around Heero's neck and searching his mouth. Heero found the flat plains of Duo's stomach and chest with his hands and peeled back the tank top till he could lap at Duo's hot skin, loving the small noises he worked out of Duo as they both gasped for air.

Heero dragged the shirt over Duo's head and past his hair, helped Duo unbutton his own shirt and both were lost. The feel of Duo's skin against his was electric, his back arched against the floor, willing them to be closer, never close enough.

Duo dragged his fingertips over Heero's back, dancing over the taunt muscles there, like steel under velvet or satin. The soft ridges of his scars only made the planes of his body more enjoyable to explore. Heero came back up and kissed him, holding himself up over Duo's body, so close that their joined heat in the air made sweat start to glisten on their skin. Duo reached up, holding Heero away from him, keeping him poised there.

Duo left Heero mouth and made a line of kisses down his neck and bit him lightly there, then traced his lips over Heero's collar bone with just a hint of teeth, a graze, a promise. Heero shuddered above him, his hips jerking in response. Duo felt a smile grace his lips, joy overflowing, knowing that he could make Heero Yuy react in such a way with just the touch of skin. He gently sucked Heero's nipple and clung tightly to Heero who fought to stay above Duo's body and not just drop down on him.

Heero moaned and Duo let go, looking up into Heero's face, loving the look he found there, the hunger, the need. Heero did drop down then, startling a small squeak from Duo, and the swallowed down Duo's cries as Heero's fingers began to trace the edge of Duo's pants. Duo eagerly helped as Heero began to pull them down, they only stopped when one of the pants legs stuck and refused to move.

Heero pulled it sharply, actually moving Duo along the carpet with the force and they both stared down at the rope still tied off there. Heero looked up at Duo and found pain in his face. Duo looked about ready to cry again, was shaking and holding himself tightly. Heero reached out and gently began to untie the rope. He waited and watched as Duo stared at his bare ankle and then slowly looked up at him.

"Duo…" Heero began to ask, the suitcase coming back to mind, just what had happened to bring Duo to his door in the middle of the night. And now that he was down at Duo's feet he noticed that they were cut and dirty, ragged from what looked to be miles of walking barefoot on the streets.

"I need a shower." Duo suddenly broke his train of thought. Heero looked up in surprise, a deep blush taking him over. Duo watched him turn an odd shade of red and then gave a little laugh. "I didn't mean…"

"Oh!" Heero coughed and looked away. Duo smiled, he leaned forward and cupped Heero's cheeks with one of his hands. He gently kissed Heero's cheek, moved to his ear and let his tongue flick out to gently lap at Heero's ear lobe.

"But I wouldn't say no…" Duo felt his own blush dance across his cheeks. He picked himself up off the floor, reached down and snagged the loop of Heero's pants. He led Heero to the bathroom and helped finish the undressing. Heero turned on the shower and pushed Duo in, shutting the glass door behind them. He shoved Duo against the wall where the spray wouldn't reach and kissed him.

Duo reveled in the feeling of the cold tile against his back and the heat of Heero in front of him, pressed up against him. He could feel Heero's need pressed tightly against his stomach, matching his own. Heero pulled away and slowly turned Duo around till he could tilt Duo's head back under the hot water, his hand holding him gently behind the neck.

Duo came back, smiling, water rushing down his face in fine rivulets. His eyes looked brighter with his hair dark and saturated with water. Heero ached with need, need to be inside Duo, need to possess him…no, not so much possess as be allowed inside. Be welcomed.

Heero was surprised when it was Duo who reached out for the soap, lathered up his hand and boldly reached down to run his hand up and down Heero's erection. Heero turned Duo around and placed his hands on Duo's lithe hips, forceful now, need overcoming all rational thoughts. He drove himself into Duo's entrance, allowing for Duo to adjust only minutely.

Duo reached out and braced himself on the tiled wall. He moaned as Heero paused, reigning himself in, the feel of Heero filling him so completely made it hard for Duo not to move beneath him, not to wriggle and make Heero lose that precious control he was so very proud of.

But Duo didn't have to wait long as Heero slowly pulled out till just his head was inside Duo and then he slammed back in, making Duo cry out and throw his head back. Heero pushed Duo's hair out of the way and over one shoulder, licking at the little pathways the water tracked down his back. Heero picked up a rhythm and then grabbed one of Duo's hands, he steered it around till Duo was holding his own erection and began to guide Duo into a pumping action that matched his own.

He nipped lightly as Duo's shoulder as he shoved himself in and out of Duo. He waited until he felt Duo's own need matching his and then he broke the rhythm and let his need overtake him. Duo's orgasm fell over them, making him tighten around Heero so that one more firm thrust brought Heero deep inside him. Heero rode them both so that the hot water seemed cool to the touch, but the feel of beating down Duo's back and Heero's chest added just enough sensation to make it that much more.

Duo gasped for air, Heero's arm holding him up as his knees tried to give out. He was so sure this was all another dream…had to be. But the feel of Heero inside him, the feel of the endorphins slowly wearing off and leaving him sore but happy, the feel of the hot water against his skin was all telling him that he really was there, in Heero's apartment, in Heero's arms…

Duo started to fall to the floor, Heero caught them quickly and eased them both down. Duo curled against his chest, his arms flying around Heero and holding tightly, and Duo stayed there, holding on for all he was worth.

Heero hid his tears in the spray from the shower, crying for his new lover who had no tears left. They stayed there till the water went cold and Heero quickly washed Duo's hair for him. He cleaned Duo's feet as best he could then took them both to bed with a towel wrapped around Duo's hair.

"Heero…" Duo whispered as Heero slowly began to kiss him, lips brushing lightly over his closed eyes.

"Hn?" Heero asked…grunted.

"I'm sorry." Duo whispered in the dark.

"Good God, for what!?" Heero asked in exasperation.

"For…for leaving with Wu Fei…that night." Duo's voice struggled not to crack, wavered in face of such rawness.

"Duo, that wasn't…" Heero started.

"I know…I do…but it kinda is." Duo kissed Heero back lightly. "But I'm warning you, if one more person leaves me, I'm gonna crack and Quatre's gonna either help me hide the bodies or paying for a nice padded room at the Looney bin!" Duo threatened.

"Then I'll never leave you." Heero smiled against Duo's lips, kissing him soundly.

"I…I love you…" Duo ventured, the words sounding right on his tongue even as a child in his mind screamed that they were going to be hurt again.

"I love you." Heero kissed him again and trailed his fingers lightly along the line of Duo's hip, playing in the curve of the joint where hip met leg. Duo jerked in response and reached out to wrap his legs around Heero. The child in his mind shut up and let Heero's soft voice sooth his worries and fears till he let hope back in.

Heero loved him.

The phone rang. Heero groaned and burrowed his head further under the covers, waiting for the answering machine to pick up. He breathed in deeply, ready to let out a heavy sigh and his whole world stopped as he breathed in Vanilla. Heero opened one eye, peeking out, his face wasn't burrowed under the covers, it was snuggling down into Duo's neck, his hair lose around them in golden waves.

Heero came more awake and watched as Duo stirred and reached out a hand till he grabbed the phone next to the bed. Heero smiled as the phone disappeared under the mess of covers and hair.

"Hello?" Duo's voice was heavy with sleep and muffled against the pillow. "Yeah he's here…hold on." An arm reached over Duo's shoulder with the phone held out. "It's for you." The words were slurred together into one word and Heero had to suppress a chuckle as he took the phone.

"Hello?" Heero asked and was greeted by Kitty.

"Who was that!?" Heero could even hear Ember in the background, demanding to know what was going on. It made him smile bigger.

"That was Duo."

"Oh." Kitty's voice was soft and quick. "I was gonna invite you out to lunch but never mind! You just go on doing what you were doing! We'll call back tomorrow…or not…are you going to be busy?"

"I'll talk to you tomorrow Kitty." Heero laughed.

"Duo answered the phone!" He heard Kitty telling Ember, then she returned her attention to him. "No seriously, if you're busy…I wouldn't want to interrupt…I mean, we completely understand if you and Duo are…"

"Goodbye Kitty." Heero said.

"Bye Heero!" Both girls coursed into the phone. "Bye Duo!" Heero hung up, cutting off the voices loud enough to carry so that Duo reacted to his name.

"Huh?" Duo turned at the waist, his legs still tangled in the blankets.

"Nothing. We're going out to lunch tomorrow. There are some people I want to introduce you to." Heero snuggled back down, pulling Duo to him, basking in the warmth of the sunlight that was softened by the curtains.

Duo 'hmm'd' softly and made little satisfied noises as he lay back into the pillows and Heero's arms. Heero smiled against his neck and kissed it softly before falling back asleep.


Heero waved goodbye to Ember and Kitty as he left work for the day, they waved back and ran for their car, each gathering snow along the way. Heero laughed to himself, a snowball fight was about to start in the Preventor's parking lot, the idea made him want to call Duo to come and they'd join in.

"Heero!" Heero jumped at Duo's voice, turning to find Duo somehow walking towards him in a heavy jacket and an uneven, mismatched scarf. The fresh snow falling all afternoon was now landing in his hair and dusting his coat as he walked.

"Duo, hi!" Heero met him with a kiss and smiled brightly. He gathered Duo to him and brushed snow out of Duo's bangs.

"Hey, I got out early, thought I'd come down and pick you up for a change." Duo smiled. They carpooled; Duo got dropped off a block away at the public library in the morning. They worked close enough that they could have lunch together.

"Ember and Kitty are about to have a snowball fight, want to join?" Heero laughed, Duo's eyes instantly brightened. He'd become as good a friend to his coworkers as Heero was, though he'd known that all along, he and Kitty got along perfectly and Ember seemed to go after him like a big sister.

But Duo's eyes came back a second later, serious, leaving behind the longing they'd had a moment ago looking over Heero's shoulder.

"Um…we can't." Duo shuffled his feet. "I got an e-mail at work. Sally wanted to know if we wanted to come over for dinner. I said I'd call her after I asked you."

Heero looked surprised, about as surprised as Duo had been opening the e-mail at work. "Oh…sure, if you want to that is."

Duo had thought about it long and hard, misplacing several books at work while re-shelving, his mind thinking things over. He'd only had a few meals with Wu Fei in the last two years, always with Sally and Heero there; they'd been getting less awkward. Duo really wanted Wu Fei back as a friend, and this thing with Sally was really working out, Wu Fei seemed to have finally found someone who really loved him back. And Duo love Sally, she was so full of life, and she held her own in their battles of wit.

"Yeah. I was thinking we should get together, just the four of us, before Quatre's big Christmas dinner." Duo smiled, grabbing hold of Heero's hand and squeezing it.

Heero smiled and they started walking towards the car. "Ok then. What is Sally making?"

"She said it'd be lasagna." Duo moved closer till their shoulders were touching.

"Good, we won't have to stop for burgers on the way home." Duo laughed as they neared the car.

Heero was about to get in when a snowball hit him in the back of the head followed closely by another that hit Duo in the ear. Both men turned around to see Ember and Kitty, laughing and stumbling over each other, duck behind Kitty's truck.

"Dinner's not till seven." Duo smiled across the car at Heero.

"Then we've got some time to spare." Heero smiled back and gathered the snow off the roof of the car. Duo gathered his own snowball and they ran, laughing after Kitty and Ember.

The End.