A Walk Down Memory Lane

By Mrs. Yoshiko Hatake

Rinslet and Sven meet up 6 years later. He invites her out to have coffee. And they have a trip down memory lane, but soon their coffee turns into drinks and Rinslet says something she regrets. But is it the truth that can change their fates or is it something that will hurt him instead?

Rinslet Walker was sitting in the small coffee shop looking out the window. She had a cup of cold coffee in front of her, as her mind wandered throughout the past five years. She wondered how Eve was doing by now she was 17. And Sven as well, he would be 36…

She laughed out loud, which caused a few people to look up questioning her sanity.

She smiled at them and returned to the window, Now I'm 27. I guess I am getting old. She thought, and chuckled quietly.

"What's so funny?" A man asked, she looked up wondering who it was, seeing as Jenos had 'disappeared' from her life.

"Sven?!" She gasped, since her mind was on him already.

"Who else?" He sat down in the seat across from her.

"What are you doing here?" He asked as he took off his hat and sat it down on the table.

"Me? Well…Just stopping here, I guess…And you?"


"Where's Eve?"

"She's with Tearju. I'm going to pick her up from there soon."

"Oh, it must be nice to spend time with her……Er…mom?"

He chuckled, "I guess you can call it that."

"How about we get some drinks?" The girl spit out all of a sudden.

He raised an eye brow, but nodded none the less. "Sure, it is getting a bit late to be drinking cold coffee."

She laughed but nodded.

After paying for the coffee and leaving the small café, Rinslet and Sven had headed off to a local bar.

There they had a few drinks, and chatted merrily. Rinslet on the other hand couldn't hold her drinks and was getting drunk.

Sven sighed, he had only a few drinks, none the less, she didn't.

"Rinslet?" Sven nudged the girl, she was sleeping on the table they were at.

"Sven……I love you…" She muttered quietly.

He stopped nudging her and his eye widened.

"Rinslet?" He asked again, and this time she moved quickly and had a tight hold onto him, while she huggled him.

The next morning, Rinslet woke up in a bed that was not her's and the sound of loneliness in the hotel room.

She looked around and realized this wasn't the one she had checked into previously, it was the one that Sven had. It helped that when she rolled over a note was on the pillow beside her.


I'm sorry, that I can't be here when you wake up.

Last night you said you loved me. Whether it was true or not, my feelings for you are the same.

But I can't.

I had to go, please forgive me for that mostly.


She groaned and rolled back over onto her back and grabbed the pillow to shield her face from the world. The note in her hand.

Sven, I do love you. With all of my heart. I'm sorry that we can't be here together. I hope I can see you again………

Okay, it was short. But oh well. I hope you enjoyed reading it. This was created for the SvenXRinslet pairing. Even though Jenos was supposedly dating her or watever. But I think that those two would be cute together…In this fic, Sven would be 36. Rinslet would be 27, and Eve would be 17. XD Am I the only one to realize the two are like sisters and that there is a ten years of a difference?