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This is crap. Total and complete crap. Derek thought as he got out of his dad's car. He slammed the door once out.

"Hey, hey, hey. This is your fault, kid. Don't take it out on the ride." George Venturi said to his son through the rolled down window.

"Oh, yay, another 'This is your fault's'! I can add this one to the list." Derek said sarcastically.

His dad had been spurting out 'This is your fault's', 'You chose to do it's', and 'Now you have to deal with it's', all morning long. And unfortunately enough for Derek, it was only 8:00 a.m.

He had been driven out of bed an hour earlier. Against his will. He'd been hoping everyone would forget about him, and he could stay asleep and skip out on everything, but his dad chose to remember to do something, for once, and came barging in his room.

"Get up, Derek. I'm not letting you shirk away from this one." Derek opened one eye to look at his father, before closing it again, and shoving his head back into his pillow. "Up!" his dad said loudly. After standing in Derek's doorway a couple minutes, realizing that his son wasn't going anywhere, George Venturi walked up to Derek's bed, grabbed a hold of a piece of his comforter, and stepped back, yanking the comforter.

With that, he was able to pull the comforter off the bed, along with it, Derek, who had been wrapped up inside it. Derek mumbled several bad words, as he opened his eyes to look up at his father from the floor. "I told you to get up." Derek's dad said knowingly, before walking out of the room.

Derek rolled his eyes as he sat up, looking around his room. 7:06 a.m. His alarm clock blinked meanly at him, almost like it was mocking him. It was way too early for anyone, especially Derek, to be up on a Saturday.

He shuffled around his room for a couple minutes until he put on some jeans, a wrinkled shirt that smelled clean, (sort of), and his favorite leather jacket. He made a quick pit-stop to the bathroom to brush his teeth, before heading downstairs.

"Ah, there you are." Derek's dad said, placing a cup of coffee on the counter. "I was wondering if I was gonna have to sick Casey on you."

"Excuse me?" Derek asked with an arched eyebrow. Casey gave a questioning look after hearing her name as she entered the kitchen.

She looked completely awake, and impeccable, as usual, in a light pink cardigan, brown pleated tweed micro-mini, and brown thigh boots.

Casey's not usually a micro-mini girl. Derek thinks to himself. At least she knows what works for her, though.

"You and Casey are always fighting. I'm sure that her going to wake you up at 7:15 on a Saturday morning would be enough to get you up to start a bicker battle with her." George explained.

"Uh, huh." Derek said. He took a quick glance at Casey and her legs before turning to rummage through he cupboards.

Yep. She really knows what works for her. Derek didn't think much about thinking this. He didn't think about how Casey looked often, but it occurred occasionally. He couldn't help that he lived with a hot girl. Who cared if she happened to be his step-sister. Its not like it mattered. Yeah, she was hot, but she was still Casey. They disliked each other way too much for anything to ever happen. That never really bothered Derek. Casey was really annoying.

Derek continued to search the cupboards for an easy breakfast. Casey came up next to him and opened the refrigerator, pulling out a carton of orange juice. Derek may have been tired and grouchy, and, well, that was all the more reason to start something with Casey.

"It's a good thing I already know you're an uptight alien, or else I may have to ask what you're doing up so early on a weekend."

"Oh, ha ha. It's nice to know that you're able to keep up your retardism, even in the morning!" Casey said pouring sarcasm over her words. "So tell me, dear step-brother, what does have you up so early?"

"Oh, nothing that would interest you. It doesn't have anything to do with books or homework." Derek smirked.

Casey sneered at Derek, downed her orange juice, and started out of the kitchen. Derek followed, after grabbing one of Casey's granola bars, (if she noticed, it would be another way to make her mad), so that he could go to the living room. Casey stopped when she saw her mother walking toward them, making Derek unable to move anymore. She was blocking him.

"Hey, mom, I'm going out. I'll be back later, ok?" Casey informed her mother Nora.

"Yeah, sure honey. Be careful." Nora said.

"Hey, how come if I tried that I'd either get shot down or interrogated and then shot down, but Casey asks, and it's, "Oh, go. Have a good time." Derek asks.

Casey and Nora turn and look at Derek as if he was crazy. "Derek, if you really have to ask that question, then there's a whole nother reason for you to get interrogated and shot down." Casey says.

"Whatever, Klutz-"

Derek was cut off by the fact that both girls turned and walked away from him. He watched Nora go upstairs, and saw Casey pick up her jacket, put it on, and leave the house.

Derek walked into the living room and plopped down on the couch. He tore into the granola bar. "Girls." he mumbled before taking a bite.

And now here he was, standing on the lawn of his high school. He slowly started walking toward the front double doors.

He glanced behind him, hoping his dad had driven away so that he could sprint off somewhere. No such luck. His dad was still in his car, watching Derek walk up to the school. His dad motioned Derek to keep walking.

Derek sighed as he trudged up the remaining steps. He pleadingly glanced at his dad once more. Still nothing. He just shook his head at Derek. Derek turned and opened the doors with a sigh. Of all the ways to spend a Saturday. He thought, and then he entered his school's hallway.

Derek cursed silently to himself as he walked down the locker lined hall. As he made his way to the library, he kicked some of the lockers. Why on earth, you may be thinking, would Derek Venturi be heading for his school's library on a Saturday? Well, that's because the school library's Saturday use was Saturday detention. Yep. Saturday detention.

Derek opened the library doors. "Oh, Mr. Venturi, you've decided to join us." the school librarian said to him as he walked in, letting the door slam behind him. Derek nodded his head, and then looked to see who his Saturday companions would be. Among the four faces he saw, he was surprised to see Sam, slumped in one of the chairs at a reading table.

But his face turned to scowl, and he clenched his jaw shut, as he glared at the person occupying the seat next to Sam.

"Oh, well this should be interesting." Derek murmured.

Because, scowling up at him with her jaw clenched shut, was Casey Macdonald. Her light pink cardigan and all.


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