Shaman King: Friends

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Summary: Five shaman friends, five different backgrounds, one crazy funny romantic angsty fluffy loud and possibly destructive adventure and tons of other comrades to share with. Nothing can hold them down. Well, almost. Inspired by kigen.

Author's Note: Wouldn't it be nice if the guys get to go to their own school prom?

Look out for: Um…the debate of the century?

Chappie 11: Prom Night (HaoLysergYoh, in a sense)

The school prom was just a few days away and Lyserg felt somewhat lonesome. Most probably because even up until now, the Asakura twins didn't come up to him (while squabbling in the process) and ask him to go with them. Not that he was hoping the two would ask him; heck, they've been keeping note since the student body president announced it months ago in advance, they wouldn't miss it! It's just that…

Though lately, Lyserg always caught a glimpse of Hao and Yoh coming home from Great Spirit knows where looking like they had another Shaman Fight. Sometimes he would see both twins glare daggers at each other whenever they met.

What's up with them, he wondered.

The day before the prom, Lyserg became more remorse and lonely. Even his favorite book wouldn't keep him occupied and ease his uncomfortable feeling. Jun noticed this, however. She went up to the dowser and sat next to him. "Are you all right, Lyserg?"

Lyserg turned to the older Tao and smiled sadly. "Yeah, I'm fine. I just need some time alone."

"Is this about tomorrow's prom?"

The boy was quite surprised. "H-how did you…?"

She smiled. "I can tell, Lyserg. Plus I noticed Hao and Yoh didn't come up to you and ask you whey they should've done it days ago." She put a gentle hand on his. "It's all right, Lyserg. Don't be so sad. You're still going to the prom tomorrow anyway."

"Even if I am, there's no way I could get an outfit in time for tomorrow…"

Jun grabbed Lyserg's hand. "That's why you're coming with me right now!"

"For what?"

"Shopping for your outfit, of course! We still have enough time, and I'm going to get you one that's going to make you the center of everyone's attention!" With that, she dragged Lyserg out of his room and straight to the city.

Jun took Lyserg into Rain Couture, one of the most well-known boutiques around. It was quite big, and Lyserg was almost speechless when he stepped into the place. The staffs there saw him and thought he was a girl-a cute one at that!-shopping with her pretty sister (since both Jun and Lyserg have green hair).

And Jun was so nice to Lyserg she helped him choose which outfit suited him. She made a mental note to pick a dress; for Hao and Yoh's sake, mostly Hao's sake. He said it would be his dream come true to see Lyserg in something other than a nightie or a schoolgirl fuku (school uniform that looks like a sailor suit with a skirt), more or less. "They're all so beautiful! I just can't decide which one's perfect for you!" Jun sighed. "What would Hao and Yoh like to see you wear?"

Something out of my comprehensive mind, Lyserg thought gravely.

"I'm getting this for Lyserg and that's it!!"

Was that Yoh he heard just now?

"Well I'M picking his dress this time! You said it yourself yesterday!!"

He could've sworn he just heard Hao's voice.

"Aniki, that doesn't even look like a dress! Do you expect Lyserg to wear that to tomorrow's prom???"

This time Jun heard it. "I could've sworn I heard Yoh. Where could he be?"

"Uh…over there?" Lyserg pointed to the direction. Somehow the twins weren't that far from Jun and Lyserg. The two went up to Hao and Yoh who looked like they were going to start squabbling again. "Hi there you two," Jun called with a smile.

"Jun!" At the sight of their koi, however, they went, "Lyserg honey!!!"

Lyserg blushed. So that's why he kept seeing Yoh and Hao looking like they were going to wrestle each other every time they met. They were fighting for who's to get him a prom dress!

Suddenly both twins came up to him and said in sync, "Lyserg would you go to the prom with me?" At that, both shot evil glares at each other. "Wait, I asked him first!! No you didn't!!!"

Lyserg couldn't help but giggle. "It's okay, you two." And with a blush, he said, "I'd love to go with both of you to the prom."

Luckily, the brothers didn't object to that.

In the end, Hao and Yoh let Jun pick the perfect dress for Lyserg. She was quite resourceful; taking notes on the twins' tastes and making sure it wasn't over budget. Yoh wanted something elegant and princessy. Hao wanted…well…something sexy and…if possible…provocative?

After surveying for almost an hour, Jun finally found the perfect outfit: an elegant long sky blue dress that exposes the shoulders with boat neckline, turquoise ribbons for straps and princessy short sleeves. It came with a matching long satin ribbon that serves as a choker that falls down at the back. The dress parted on the left side showing some of the leg.

In short, Jun made the right choice.

The moment Lyserg stepped out of the dressing room; Hao and Yoh were too stunned to react. Lyserg looked absolutely beautiful in that dress! "Oh my, you look fabulous, Lyserg!!" Jun crooned. She turned to the twins. "What do you think, boys?"

Yoh managed to hold Hao from pouncing on Lyserg in the dress, saying, "He's beautiful, Jun!!! You're a genius!!!"

Lyserg blushed at Yoh's remark. "Are you sure it's okay, Jun?"

Jun chuckled. "Of course it's okay, sweetie! You look wonderful." She turned to the salesgirl next to her. "Don't you think so?"

Even the nice lady agreed. "She looks so sweet in that dress. It's perfect!"

"See? I told you, it's perfect." She took out her purse. "Stay right there. I'm going to pay for the dress."

Lyserg was thankful the price didn't make him pass out. As they waited, both Hao and Yoh admired their koi in the outfit a little longer before Lyserg could take it off; it definitely suited him and also had both twins' preferences, more or less.

After making her payment, Jun went up to the trio with another thing in mind:

"Now, time to accessorize!"


It was a success. Lyserg was the belle of the ball that night. Other than the beautiful long dress, Jun had insisted on putting on a pair of clip-on faux diamond earrings on him and she even lent him one of her pair of shoes. Next to him, on his left and right, Hao and Yoh looked mighty dashing in tuxedos and black leather shoes. The others were just as elegant, pretty, dashing and adorable.

That night, Lyserg felt so much like Cinderella. The only difference was that he had two hot twins as his prom date instead of one.

The shoes?

He can give it back tomorrow. The night's still young…


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