She doesn't like her own daughter. There is clearly something wrong with her, but she simply cannot feel any motherly warmth for the ugly creature, and doubts she ever will.

Melena peers over the edge of the crib with distaste as the baby sleeps, discontent written all over her tiny face. Well, who wouldn't be dissatisfied, she reasons, being born with such an affliction. As she stares, the baby's eyes open, and then her mouth; she is clearly preparing herself for another wail.

"Oh no you don't," Melena mutters, leaving the room almost at a run. Let Frex deal with the little horror. He seems to like her, though she can't understand why. He treats the little fiend like she is a princess, pandering to her every need - completely ignoring the other family members in the process, Melena huffs, as she stalks into the second bedroom. She closes the door quietly, breathing a sigh of relief as the cries are at last muffled.


"Go back to sleep, honey," Melena whispers, settling down in the seat beside Elphaba's small window. She reaches for a book, clucking under her breath lightly as her little lizard girl for once does what she is told, her eyes fluttering shut as easily as they had opened.

Melena can't help but smile at the contrasting sight, at the peacefulness on Elphaba's sharp face as she slumbers. She had been a little devil too, in her own way, but at least she had never kept her parents up all night, and then screamed through the day until she wore herself (and the rest of the household) out. In all honestly, Melena can't remember a time when Elphaba had ever cried at all, though that is probably just her mind building the girl up in comparison to her terror of a sister.

Besides, she had spent a lot of the time drunk. That could also have something to do with it.

Melena gives a small sigh, reaching out to touch Elphaba's cheek; even in the depths of sleep, the girl flinches. Melena withdraws hastily, then, gritting her teeth, leans forward and scoops her daughter into her arms. Elphaba wakes with a start, stiffening instantly.

"Go back to sleep, honey," Melena repeats. "Mama just wants to cuddle. Is that okay? You can do that for Mama, can't you?"

Elphaba nods, eyes as wide as if she is being held at gunpoint. Gradually, she relaxes, eventually drifting back to sleep, Melena following suit until the door flying open rouses her rudely.

Wearily, Frex rubs his eyes, Nessarose's cries as still as loud as they ever were.

"For pity's sake, shut that thing," Melena hisses, gesturing to the sleeping bundle in her lap. Frex gives her a strange look before cocking his head backwards, towards the crying.

"Your daughter needs you."

Melena continues to watch Elphaba, before giving Frex a pointed look. "I know."