WARNING: This story contains spoilers for Pirates of the Caribbean

Author's Note: I know that putting these two stories together doesn't make sense and that the timelines are all wrong and whatnot, but I just wondered what Manny's worst day could include, which lead me to think that surely someone being resurrected wouldn't be too good for business, would it?

Disclaimer: I do not own Grim Fandango or Pirates of the Caribbean.

A Grim Day at the Office

As Manny sat quietly in his office with his latest client, he couldn't help but feel like today was one of the worst days he was ever likely to have. His client was completely miserable and complained about everything and the hassle of actually getting to him had almost been enough to drive Manny insane.

'How many people are expected to get to an island that nobody can find?' he thought to himself as he waited for his computer to load up. That had been hard enough. But then, after reaping the dead man, all he had muttered about was revenge and apples. Manny couldn't quite work out how those two things went together, and ended up sitting in silence for the whole of the journey back.

Manny suddenly jumped as the screen on his computer lit up, showing the ways in which his client would be able to cross the Land of the Dead.

"Well, I'm very sorry Mr Barbossa -" he began, but was cut off by the enraged client.

"Captain," he growled, in a threatening manner.

"Yes, Captain, of course," continued Manny, wondering how it was that he ended up with all the lunatics.

At that moment, Manny's boss burst into the room.

"What are you doing?" he yelled, looking as though he was about to explode, "Don't you read your messages? This guy has to be sent back, pronto! He's been resurrected!"

"He's been what?" exclaimed Manny in amazement.

"Resurrected," repeated Copal, as Barbossa made his way out of the door. "But don't worry Manny, I've got another job for you. Interesting death, this one. A Mr Jack Sparrow. Shouldn't be too difficult for someone of your ability!"

He smirked as he left the room, and Manny was left wondering if this day could get any worse…