Zatrion presents: A Half-Life 2/Aliens Crossover

Fate of a Free Man

(This takes place just after the end of Half-Life 2, and in an alternate format. In this format, not only was Gordon taken by the G-Man, but so was Alyx Vance and Barney Calhoun. I also plan to make Gordon talk during this fic, as to provide actual interaction among the many people he encounters. As for the characters from Aliens, they will mostly remain the way they were in the movies, up until a certain point. What that point is, you may already know, but it will suffice to say that it will be pivotal.)

Prologue: Awakening

"Mr. Freeman, it is once again the time for you to do what you must." Out of the shadows steps the G-Man, walking up to a form lying down. Zooming in, we see that the man has a goatee and glasses, tending to make seem very uninteresting. What makes him different, however, is what he is wearing. While all other men are content with wearing jeans or a sweater, this man wears what appears to be armor, with a unique symbol on the chest. This man is Gordon Freeman, the One Free Man from City 17, and the hero from Black Mesa.

"I know you can hear me, Mr. Freeman, so I shall continue. My employers have found something that troubles them. They need you to…"

"No." Gordon speaks in a somber voice, showing that he has seen too much for one man to take. Sitting up, head in his hands, he continues speaking. "I'm sick of this. First, you blackmail me by threat of death to begin working for your 'employers', and then you threw me into a proverbial lion's den, and to top it all off, after I finished my 'job', you captured Alyx and Barney and held them hostage to insure that I continued to work for your 'employers'." Standing up, he looks the G-Man straight in the eye. "Well, tell them that they can give up using me as their pawn."

"Who said you were a pawn, Mr. Freeman? Of course we will set you free, but the situation must be taken care of. If you don't do it, perhaps they will." The G-Man turns around, looking out into the vast darkness. Within its vast depths, two doors of light appear on either side of him. Out of these doors appears two other G-Men, identical to the one in front of Gordon. While each one holds a metallic case in their right hand, their left hand is still within the light, as if holding something. After pulling, two other shapes emerge from the light. The one on the left is distinctly female, with short black hair, a belt that covers her hips, and a small electronic device. Out of the right is a man, somewhat overweight, but not too terribly pudgy, wearing baggy clothing.

"Let me go!" The woman tries to struggle away the man holding her when she sees him. "Gordon?"

Giving a signal to release them, the G-Man watches as both the woman and the pudgy man run towards Gordon. Smirking, he faces Gordon, once again. "So, Mr. Freeman, what shall it be? Will it be them or will it be you?"

"You slimeball!" Angry, the pudgy man runs towards the G-Man, his fist pulled back. The man lashes out with a punch, but the G-man catches it. "There's no way you could have stopped that!"

"Do not test my patience, Mr. Calhoun." Throwing aside Barney's arm, he smacks him with his metal briefcase. Barney is sent flying, landing on his side in front of Gordon.

"Damn it, leave him alone!" The woman kneels down to check on Barney.

"I'm fine, Alyx." Barney is getting up, sporting a massive bruise over his left eye. "No need to do anything stupid on my behalf. I'm the only one allowed to do that." He lets out a small chuckle, which gets Alyx chuckling herself, and Gordon smiling.

"If I may, Mr. Freeman, you still have to make a choice. Will you go out, or will they?" The G-Man looks at Gordon, waiting for the answer.

Gordon stands up, and walks towards the G-Man. Stopping in front of him, he cocks his head to the right, grabs the G-Man by the shirt, and whispers into the ear of the G-Man in such a low voice so that Alyx and Barney can't hear. "Once this job is done, I am going to kill you with my bare hands."

Without moving his lips, the G-Man speaks. "I look forward to it, Mr. Freeman." Pulling away from Gordon, he straightens his tie. "I suggest you grab what you must, since where you are going weapons are scarce." Another door of light appears behind Gordon. "Go through the door behind you to get any equipment that you may need, and I suggest that you make haste." Seeing Gordon pass into the door, the G-Man turns his attention to the other two G-Men. "Leave us." With these words, the other G-Men leave, and the light doors vanish with them.

"What do you want with us?" Alyx turns towards the G-Man, placing herself in front of Barney.

"Ms. Vance, we mean you no harm. We merely needed you to… convince Mr. Freeman to do his job."

"What do you mean, 'His job'? Considering that he vanished off the face of the planet for over 20 years, and suddenly reappearing, without aging, I must wager that your 'employers' must be pretty powerful beings. If this is so, why him? Why Gordon? Are your 'employers' too cowardly to do their own dirty work?"

"You tread a fine line with forces that you do not comprehend, Ms. Vance. You will learn about my employers in due time. Until then, I suggest that you two get ready."

"Ready for what?" Barney stands up, a little woozy from the briefcase shot.

"You two are to help Mr. Freeman on his assignment. While he may be a capable warrior, the odds in this endeavor are beyond even his limits. With you two however, I can assure that he, and you two, will return from this."

"And if we don't?" Barney once again steps up to the G-Man's face.

Undaunted, the G-Man continues. "If you do not assist Mr. Freeman, he would most likely die. If that is not enough of a motivation, this will most likely do." Behind him, a portal of light open. Unlike the previous ones, this one is not large enough to walk through. Walking up to it, Alyx and Barney see 2 G-Men holding two elderly men by the throat, one black and one white.

"Dad!" Alyx cries out. Her focus is on the elderly Negro.

"Doc!" Barney looks at the frail white scientist. "Let me guess, help Gordon, or else have the deaths of Dr. Kleiner and Eli on our conscious."

"Correct, Mr. Calhoun." The G-Man nods his head, with a smirk on his face. He knew very well that the employers will is always done, no matter the outcome or consequences.

Looking away from the portal, Alyx faces the G-Man. "Alright, we'll help Gordon. But so help me, if you or any others like you attack them, I will kill you with my bare hands." She notices that he is smirking. "What's so funny?"

"Mr. Freeman said the exact same thing just before he left. Whether you realize it or not, Ms. Vance, you two are so similar." Behind them appears a light door. "The door behind you contains everything that you will need for this mission. Take what you can, and do hurry. My employers are on a tight schedule."

"Come on, Barn." Alyx looks at the former Black Mesa security guard.

"Let's hope that this 'mission' isn't too severe. I was hoping to at least get some hot coffee after what happened at City 17."

"Grow up." Turning around, they enter the door. It soon vanishes, leaving the G-Man alone in the dark.

"I love my job." Smirking, he turns and walks off into the darkness.

I know that any semblance of Aliens never showed up here, but you must realize that I had to set up a backstory before the action begins. Despite them not showing up, there are references to two other game series within the prologue. Mention them in your reviews and receive my preferred choice of accomplishment: Digital Gold Stars!