Chapter 3 Goodbye

Surprisingly, the shot hit the T.V. Ben looked around and saw Hero, and Marcia, his parents, dived in with Rahu. Rahu broke out of the duel and ran through a busted window. Hero and Marcia ran over to Ben and gave him a big hug. They then put him to bed.

"I can't believe that Rahu would come back, at least not this soon." Said Marcia. "I know," said Hero as he started pacing over the new rug, "I thought that he wouldn't come back for another hundred years." "Well," said Marcia, "Let's just go to bed and we will deal with this tomorrow."

The next morning Marcia went and woke up Ben. Ben went downstairs and ate some breakfast – his dad's famous pancakes! He then went back upstairs and started getting ready for school. When he was done he threw his backpack over his shoulder and headed back downstairs. His parents were waiting, and they walked out the door.

Ben was dropped off at school, as always. Marcia and Hero went off to work at Steel Hearts. Ben went and put his books in his locker, except the ones he needed, and headed off to class. He sat down at his desk, which is right next to Mechant's, and they started talking. Their teacher walked into the room, and the kids quieted down. The teacher walked over to her desk and set her stuff down on it. "We have a few guests today, class. Please pay attention and don't act up! I'd like to welcome Roy and Mira! They are police officers." She said, as she and the class started clapping.

Roy and Mira walked into the room. "We are here to talk to you about the threat known as Rahu. Roy will talk with you about the dangers Rahu possesses. Ben, I need for you to come with me. We need to speak about something." Said Mira, as she walked to the door.

The class sat there thinking, "What did Ben do? He never gets in trouble!" Ben got up and went to the door, and Mira and he walked out of the class room. "Okay, so let's get on to the topic of Rahu." Said Roy, trying to divert the class' attention away from Ben and back to him. "What did he do?" asked Mechant.

"(sigh) Rahu attacked Ben's house last night." Said Roy, as the class gave him a blank stare. "YOU'RE KIDDING!" said the surprised teacher. "No, I'm not," said Roy, "He was going to bed when he heard sounds of fragile objects breaking. He was scared and went to see what it was. Well, he got down there and he ended up seeing Rahu, smashing everything up. The next thing he knew, Rahu had his gun pointed at Ben and was giving him a taunting stare. Ben had no clue what to do, so he dived into a fight with Rahu. Rahu, naturally, creamed Ben. Rahu, once again, stuck his gun at Ben, but this time, he was charging up a shot. Luckily, Ben's dad hit Rahu. The shot hit the T.V. instead of hitting Ben. His mom and dad fought Rahu and got him to leave."

The class just stared at him, like "why is this guy so dangerous?" The teacher, on the other hand, was in some sort of shock. "Well," continued Roy, "I guess you need to know a little about Rahu before you fully understand how dangerous this was. We live in a dome, and as you know this dome is all that exists, but that is a lie, to some extent. This world use to be round. People lived where ever they wanted to and there was wide open air and water. Rahu, at that time, was a spirit going around terrorizing the people. They were defenseless, mainly because Rahu was invisible. But, for reasons unknown, Rahu targeted a little boy's action figure. It was in a toy series called custom robo. Well, Rahu went an accidenty got stuck in it. Now being able to see him, the people made these toys to fight off Rahu. They all carried them and were able to put Rahu into sleep mode. They then made the dome with what was left of the world. They then brainwashed everyone to forget about how they use to live and so everyone thought that the world was just in this dome. Rahu stayed in sleep mode until about 12 years ago. He awakened and the Steel Hearts Bounty Hunters, along with Mira, Sergei and me, were able to put Rahu back in sleep mode. Unfortunately, he has awakened, and he is stronger than he has ever been. Ben could have died."

The class was shaken and scared. Roy then waved and departed from the room. He contacted Mira using his phone and said, "Have you informed him on Rahu? Good, good, I'll meet you back at headquarters…. Yes I'll get food from Bogey's. Yes I remember… Okay bye."

Roy continued to exit the school. When he exited the school he continued to advance towards Bogey's Café. He walked into Bogey's and picked up their ordered food, and he then went back to headquarters.

When he arrived, he went into the Chief's room. Well, they were about to appoint a new chief, because the old chief had just passed away. Everyone was in a seat. Roy started handing out the food.

Ernest hung up the phone, with a concerned look on his face. Harry, Marcia, and Hero all looked at Ernest. Ernest, in return, also gave them a similar look. "Go to the outside world," he said, "Remember, Rahu is dangerous. Marcia, Hero, don't worry Ben will be staying with me while you are gone. Don't come back until Rahu is done with. You are dismissed." The group nodded, and took a look around the room that they wouldn't see for a while. They hesitantly left, not knowing when they would return.

The police informed Ben of his parent's departure. He left out certain details though. Ben was informed of his lodgings and the unknown time, for when his parents would return. They walked out of the office in time to see Hero, Harry, and Marcia walking toward the secret elevator. Ben ran and jumped into Marcia's arms and gave her a final hug before she left for her journey.