Hey y'all! Just thought I'd check in and give you all an update on the sequel!

I don't have an ETA yet, but I'm going to finish another story first and then start writing it. I may well try and write it all before posting, though, just as a warning, so it could be a while before anything's up.

I promise I'm thinking about it though! I've got the first few chapters kind of pencilled out so far. I know some of you asked me to skip forward a couple of years, but I really wanted to see how Brooke and Lucas' relationship develops, so it's set directly after Bean at the moment. But hey, maybe in a further sequel, who knows?!

So if anyone's got anything they want to see, let me know. And I mean anything – huge storylines or just a word you want to see someone say – and I'll try my best to get it in! Oh, and especially if anyone's got any ideas for a title, that would be fantastic – I'm really struggling on that one.

Again thank you for your continuing support and all your lovely reviews – hopefully I don't disappoint you when I finally get it posted!