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A boy with messy, raven hair sat in a train compartment; next to him sat a girl with bushy, mid brown hair. Across from him was a lanky boy with tomato red hair and freckles.

Anyone looking at the children would have though that they were normal teenagers, journeying home from a boarding school on the train, but they were far from normal …

Harry Potter looked up as his bushy haired friend, Hermione Granger, nudged him in the ribs, and pointed out the window. They were coming into the station.

"C'mon, mates," said Ron, standing up and taking his trunk down from the rack above the seats. "Let's get out before the crowds do."

They all pulled their trunks down and walked out into the corridor, waiting by the old fashioned carriage door to get out onto the plat form. The train pulled to a shuddering stop, and they climbed out onto the steamy platform.

As soon as Harry was standing safely on the platform, he found himself grabbed up into a crushing embrace by Mrs. Weasley, who was waiting with several other Order members on the platform.

Mrs. Weasley released Harry after what seemed like several minutes, and turned her attention to Ron and Hermione. Harry walked over to Remus, who was standing a little apart from the others.

"Hi," said Harry, feeling suddenly tired.

"Hullo, Harry," said Remus, rubbing his face wearily; his eyes were red rimmed. "How was the train ride?"

"Same as ever," said Harry, trying not to sound like he was forcing the conversation.

Remus nodded, "Good. Listen, Harry, you can't tell us where you and Dumbledore were on the night he … he, you know, can you?"

"No, I'm sorry, Remus," said Harry, looking at Remus. "Dumbledore told me not to tell anyone at all."

"Right," said Remus, looking over to where the others were standing. "We'd better go – are your aunt and uncle coming to pick you up, or do you need a lift?"

Harry did not want an escort, "No, they'll come and pick me up."

"Are you sure? It's really no trouble. We've got a couple of ministry cars waiting."

"I'll be fine, Remus," said Harry, mustering a relatively genuine smile.
Remus put an arm around Harry's shoulders, and together they walked through the barrier. They emerged on the other side and walked over to where the two black ministry cars stood, gleaming cheerily in the sun.

"They mock you, sir," whispered Harry, staring at the shiny cars, and the bright, cheery sun.

"What was that, Harry?" asked Remus, looking down at him questioningly.

"Nothing, Remus," said Harry quietly, "just me thinking out loud."

"Lupin, we'd better go; got a schedule to keep to!" called Moody, turning his attention on Harry and Remus.

He walked over to them, "Now, you take care of yourself, Potter, and you just owl us if there's anything you need. Got that?"

"Yes, sir," said Harry, finding himself shocked at the way his voice had suddenly changed; it was cold, and strangely broken, but somehow … older? Yes, older.

He vaguely felt Moody clap him on the shoulder. He called a faint goodbye to Remus, and walked over to sit on a bench and wait for his aunt and uncle.

He could still be seen, sitting and waiting, some three hours later. He allowed another half an hour to pass, before walking over to a taxi, and asking to be taken to Surrey.

He loaded his trunk, and Hedwig, and climbed in.

"Where was it you wan'ed to go 'gain, Gov?" asked the driver; a brawny man, with stubble and a bald head.

"Privet Drive, in Little Whinging, Surrey" said Harry.

"Right-o, Gov," said the driver, and shifted the car into gear.

They drove through the thick traffic, and exhaust smoke filled back streets. Nearly another hour had passed before they came off the slipway and onto the M3.

They sped down the motor way, through the twilight, and into the dark night.

When they arrived, it was nine-thirty in the evening. Harry pulled out all the Muggle money that Hermione, in her great foresight, had given him when they got on the train, saying he might need it. He was uneasy about accepting her money at the time, but now he was extremely grateful.

"Here Gov," said the taxi driver, handing him a twenty pound note, and some coins.

The driver them climbed out of the car, and helped him unload his trunk onto the pavement.

"Want me to 'elp you carry 'em in, Gov?" asked the driver.

"No, I'll be alright thanks, Mister … um?" Harry paused and looked at the driver.

"Harvey. Don Harvey," said the driver.

"…Mister Harvey, thank you for driving me," said Harry.

"My pleasure, Gov," said the driver, climbing back into his car and driving off.

As soon as the car was out of sight, Harry turned and looked down the street at No. 4 …

The windows were dark, but the car stood in the drive, as if the Dursleys were home.

Harry sighed; they were probably out at one of the neighbouring houses, having dinner.

With that thought in mind, Harry walked a hundred yards down the street, and up the paved path to the door…


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