Digimon prologue

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Prologue: Homeward bound


The boy's shout was drowned out in the chaos that was erupting around him. Not that it mattered anyway. There was one who mirrored his emotions exactly and was more in a position to do something about the source of their anger. A massive orange dinosaur with black stripes and horns rushed past him towards a large insect creature that stood triumphantly over a pinned Lion like warrior, and slammed into it with the full force of his weight. The boy began to follow the giant saurian that had come to be his friend over the past few months, but an explosion erupted in front of him and knocked him to the ground. Gritting his teeth, he struggled to get up, and stopped as a shadow fell over him. Looking up the boy found himself face to face with another large insect creature, one that he recognized all to well. He didn't need a digivice to tell him that it was a Kuwagamon. The oversized beetles mandibles separated and it lunged.

"SCISSORE CL…" The Kuwagamon began to shout, but another cry interrupted him as thousands of needle-like spines filled the air.

"SCALE BLAZE!" A large dragon like reptile ran at the Kuwagamon, and with the aid of its powerful legs it leapt into the air. "DIAMOND CLAW!" It shouted and smashed its front claw into the insects face. There was a bright light and a roar of rage and pain.

"RYAN!" Shouted a voice from behind him. The boy looked behind him to see a boy with blonde hair about his age racing towards him. "You okay, dude?"

Ryan nodded. "I'm fine, Chris. You'd better digivolve Dracaramon to Ultimate though if we're gonna get out of this in one piece." The other boy nodded in understanding. He could already see the other two digimon approaching, and if memory served they were on a higher level than the monsters they were already fighting.

"What about you?" He asked. "We're going to need all the help we can get for this…"

"You KNOW that's not a good idea!" Ryan shouted causing Chris to step back. Ryan looked back at the scene unfolding before them, watching as his large orange partner unloaded a fireball in a Snimon's face at point-blank range. The creature exploded into thousands of tiny shards with barely a scream. Maybe there was still time; the others hadn't arrived just yet, all they had to do was get into the temple and they would stand a chance.

"RAAARGH!" The sound of Dracaramon screaming brought Ryan out of his thoughts and both his and Chris's heads snapped to attention. Oh, no…Ryan thought. The four-legged dragon had gotten too close to Kuwagamon's face and was now being given a bear hug, Scissor Claw style. Chris' hand fell to the digivice at his waste, preparing to digivolve his partner to Ultimate, but he was only a second behind…

"FIST OF THE BEAST KING!" The image of a snarling Lion crashed into Kuwagomon, the impact sending both of the digimon flying and causing Dracaramon to de-digivolve back into his rookie form, a small reptile named Caramon. Chris shouted his name in fear and ran over to his fallen comrade. Picking him up gently Chris smiled with tears in his eyes as the little digimon said something. Ryan ran up to them and grabbed the kid by the arm.

"Talk later, we gotta get outta here!" As if to emphasize the point Kuwagamon fell to the ground with an earthshaking crash, its head just barely missing the two boys. A second later their rescuer leapt on top of the insect with a drawn sword, and without a moments hesitation, plunged it into Kuwagamon's chest. There was a bright light, and a second later the Kuwagamon went the way of Snimon. "Great job Leomon!" Chris said with a grin on his face.

"No time for thanks yet," snarled the great lion. "We have to get to…"

"DARKNESS SWORD!" A dark energy slash smashed into Leomon, driving him to the ground.

"LEOMON!" The two boys shouted. Ryan looked over his shoulder to see a BlackKnightmon charging towards them, a massive sword drawn and crackling with dark energy. Ryan turned to see his own partner, Terradramon lumbering towards them. Their eyes met, and the saurian nodded in understanding. Sorry, Terradramon. I was really hoping that it wouldn't come to this. "Get out of here," Ryan said to Chris darkly.

"Wha…why?" Chris asked.

"Just do it! Get Leomon and get into that Temple!"

"But what about…?"

"Do it NOW!" Ryan screamed at him. Chris's eyes widened and he reflexively gulped before he turned and ran towards the Lion digimon that was now just starting to get up. Ryan now turned back to Terradramon as he charged towards the BlackKnightmon. Slowly, calmly, Ryan pulled out his digivice. It was white with black trim, but it hadn't always been that way. Circumstances had seen to that little detail. Steeling himself for the coming storm, he raised the digivice to face his partner. A light began to emerge from it as Ryan felt the familiar feel of an electrical current cross his palm, and then it burst with the light of a dying star. There was no turning back now…


Jeeze, thought Chris as Leomon, dropped him down onto the temple ground. As soon as Leomon had seen what was happening, he just grabbed Chris and made a dash towards the structure without so much as a moment of hesitation. It didn't take much of a genius to figure out what Ryan had in mind, and the sad part was that he understood that he really didn't have much of a choice. The idea of two champions up against two ultimates really didn't appeal to him either. Chris just wished that there was another way. A few minutes later, Ryan came bounding up the temple steps panting. Chris turned to him.

"You okay?" Chris asked.

"Yeah," Ryan responded, breathing heavily.

"What about…?"

"He's buying us time," Ryan said harshly. A second later a voice that wasn't precisely a snarl, but still a far cry from anything human tore through the air.

"GRIM SLASH!" A scream of pain was heard, but the sounds of struggle continued unabated.

"I see…"

The two boys and digimon approached a pair of doors. Emblazoned on them were three circles merged partly together. If their source was correct these doors should be the way home. Chris's face fell when he thought of Centarumon. The guy had really meant well.

"So how are we going to go about this?" Asked Ryan. Chris looked at him. He really didn't have much of a clue…unless…

Chris pulled out his red trimmed digivice. "Centarumon," he paused. "Centarumon said that these things are something like keys, and that we haven't even begun to use them to their full potential."

Ryan nodded. Centarumon had also said that they seemed to function off of desire. Ryan grimaced as he held back the urge to vomit. He wasn't too sure if he liked what that said about him. Sure, it wasn't his fault, but he still had a hand…Forget about it for now, Ryan. Focus on the here and now. But in the back of his mind, he thought of his partner and friend. Oh, Richoemon, he thought miserably. I'm so sorry.

Chris walked up to the doors, closing his eyes and holding his digivice. Ryan soon followed suit. Leomon and Caramon watched uneasily. The battle outside was still raging, and didn't sound like it was going to end anytime soon, but things have a way of changing so fast. And what about Terradramon? Thought Caramon. We're not just going to leave him here, are we? A light began to be emitted from the children's digivices, and it was soon accompanied by a much brighter light along with the sound of stone scraping on stone. Caramon's eyes widened. The doors were opening! They were doing it! They were really…

There was a powerful crash and stone began to tumble to the ground. The kids turned around in surprise, the light from their digivices winking out in a second. As the dust began to settle, Ryan caught a glimpse of orange on the ground and knew beyond the shadow of a doubt that it was Richoemon that lay on the ground before them. And there was something standing over him. The dust cleared, revealing the smiling black and blue figure of Nightmare Blitzmon. The ultimate smiled with the knowledge of having cornered his prey and raised his arm. As if to add insult to injury he heard the sound of stone doors grinding shut, without the power of their digivices they had no reason to stay open anymore. NO! Ryan shouted in his mind as he saw Leomon and Caramon position themselves in front of Nightmare Blitzmon. NO! It can't end like this! Not when we're so close! IT CAN'T! Suddenly a light erupted from Ryan's digivice and cascaded over the room, and soon another, even brighter light joined it, obscuring Nightmare Blitzmon's look of stunned surprise. The last thing Ryan remembered before he blacked out was the sound of stone shattering.

The heart of a dreamer can shape worlds, bringing life to the places it goes; the gods of old can do naught but admire it…

So begins the story of the Digital Manifest…