I literally just wrote this. Sorry if the narration is.. awkward but I like it. I didn't want to do first person or third person and I LOATHE second person for the most part. I think I did okay. Leave a review :D Originally titled "Cancer Sticks"

The inspiration bug hit me XDD


Pay for the cigarettes, leave 'Kaba's money on the counter and go. Leave the gas station and its disgusting, overpowering smells. Pull out a soft paper cylinder and light it up. (Ignore the little girl who just came up to say 'Smoking is bad for you' before her mother shoos her inside.)

Fumble with a match, because that's all that's on hand, and then slowly inhale the noxious fumes.

Breathe in. Exhale out.

Marvel at the power of Shinigami lungs, healing themselves of damage that should have caused cancer years ago. Ignore Tatsumi-san's dissaproving scowl at having them in the office. Replace the spent butt with a new cigarette, repeat. Slowly suck the smoke in, drink the calming, soothing niccotine.

Let the sickly sweet smell of the drug sooth the monster within, the Beast that Should Not Be. Feel him simmer, go away, go away.

Simmer, heal, sleep, kill, regenerate, sleep, lull...smoke.

Revel in the feel of burning lungs, continue to be amazed as they heal right back up. Wonder how much abuse an immortal body can take. Consider using dumbass Watari or dumberass Tsuzuki to test that thought.

Empty the ashtray and pull out a third cigarette. A habit that was never broken. Death itself could not cease the need.

Grit the end between animalistic fangs, glare at paperwork. Hope it combusts.


Growl. Fill out gods-be-damned forms. Wait for partner.


Get a fourth stick.


Fight the Beast.

Ask partner where she was, try to avoid thinking about the answer. (Damn Tsuzuki..)

Don't meet her eyes as she sees the cigs are still there.. still there. She has never approved.

("Hajime when are you going to quit?"

"When I'm darn good and ready to!" Which is never)

Ignore that sad little sigh. Ignore it.. ignore it...

...douse out unfinished cancer stick. Aplogize.

"...I'm sorry." Ignore the creature that says to attack her.

"I'm sure you'll do better tomorrow." A lie. The same one she said yesterday, and the day before that, and the day before that. And the day before that too.

...Break down an hour later and whip out the box.