A/N: Counting Bodies Like Sheep To The Rhythm Of The War Drums reminds me of GAARA so of course this is a Gaara fic- and he is DEMONIC like he's supposed to be!! This is a KankuroGaara Fic- Don't like don't read.

Counting Bodies Like Sheep To The Rhythm Of The War Drums

Crippled Anger




"Let's see how you look with this knife through your neck."



"You overdid it Gaara.", Kankuro said glaring at his younger brother. Gaara looked up at Kankuro for a quick moment with an expressionless face, before turning and walking up the stairs. Kankuro growled under his breath and sat down on the kitchen table with a scowl.

"I really fucking hate that guy.", He said to know one in paticular- but it didn;t go unheard.

"Don't say that.", Said Temari emerging from the bathroom. Kankuro turned to look at Temari, then snotred.

"What the hell are you wearing?", Temari glared at Kankuro and looked down at her clothes.

"What!? I like this outfit!", She countered, lifting her skirt just a bit and twirling around. Kankuro just laughrd and stood up to go to his room. Walking up the stairs, he glared at Gaara's door whitch was the first door to the left. Gaara would stay in there most of the time - only coming down when Temari forgot to bring up his dinner.- Kankuro never knew what Gaara did in his room. No sound ever came from it. He doubted Gaara ever used the T.V that was in there. As Kankuro passed the door he noted that Gaara's door was slightly crooked- but brushed the thought of it away quickly,

Entering his room Kankuro shut his door and grimaced at the mess. Clothes were scattered in every corner CD's were spread on his desks- his many Game stations stacked in a corner - wires awkwardly surounding them on the verge of twisting and breaking. He shrugged and tried to lay down on his cluttered bed. Closing his eyes he waited for Temari to call for dinner,



Kankuro winced and slowly got up from his bed. Grabbing a pair of torn slippers he headed out the door, past Gaara's room, down the stairs, into the kitchen, and sat on the table. Temari smirked at him and put the food on the table. Kankuro stared at the plain rice- then looked at Temari. Then looked at the rice again- then turned to look at Temari.

"What the hell?", Asked Kankuro glaring at the food again. Temari laughed.

"You are on a diet Kankuro my brother.", She said still laughing.

"What do you mean a fucking diet?!! I don't need a diet!!"

"Yes you do. Have you been listening to what people say behind your back?"

"No!! Even if I did I wouldn't care!! If I'm hungry I eat- GOD!"

"They call you chubby Kanky"

"Oh fucking wel- What?"

"Chubby Kanky."

"What!! I'm not even that big!!!"

"I know- but you still are heavier than most."

"At least I'm not like that boyfriend of yours-"



"Oops...sorry...got a little out of hand there...Just eat it okay. It's a dieting kind of rice that actually makes you stop getting so hungry...I know it's you whose been stealing my chocolate!"

"...Those are yours?"

"They were in my room!!"

"Oh yeah...? You could share you know!! You got like -stacks of them!!"

"I need them!!"

"For what!!! It's not like a flashnading pain reliever damn it!!!"

"...You don't even know!...(sigh)... When a girl...has...things that come...every month...you need - wait- why am I telling you this?"

"Beats me."

"What ever- Just don't touch my chocolate."

"You'r egonna get fat you know."


"You just said I need to lose weight because of what people say about me- and you don't count because...?"

"I have a boyfreind."


"Hopeless.", Temari walked out of the kitchen with Gaara's food in a tray. The tray had white beans with a decent a mount of meat on the side making some kind of pretty design with the green leaf right in the middle. On thre side of the plate was a cup of what Kankuro presumed was soda. On the left side of the plate was a small pie with a cherry on top.

"What the hell! How come the brat get's to eat like that!!"

"If you haven't noticed Gaara hardly ever eats. If I make something that looks good maybe he'll eat it!", Temari said cheerfully.

"Or he'll show signs of the apocolypse- The bastard."

"Kankuro! You very well know that Gaara has-"

"A sick mind! He cut a guys throat! We had to run out of there!"

"Calm down Kankuro! The guy was pissing Gaara off-"

"Stop taking his side!! The fucker has anger management problems!! We could have taken him to the fucking hospital- bu noooo 'We'll be seperated' you said 'He won't like it there' you said!!"

"You know what? I'm not listening to you!"



Temari stomped up the steps fuming. Kankuro glared after her already red in the face. He stabbed the fork on his plate and began eating the rice that Temari prepared for him.



Kankuro jerked up almost knocking down his chair in the process. The scream was Temari's. His eyes widened when he realized it was coming from Gaara's room. He ran up the stairs and burst through the door.



I kinda like where this story is going.