Wake up

Disclaimer: I don't own FLCL.


It's getting so cold I keep forgetting to breathe

But the weather hasn't changed, like everything else

Static buzz

I watch the world from my window

I guess it's safer that way

I'm not crazy but sometimes I wonder

Just what would it feel like

To wake up

You came

Into my life

Throwing everything out of balance

Claiming you fell from the sky

And you know what?

I'm not really sure what to believe

But the stars are really bright tonight

I can't make sense of anything

Could I ever before?

And when you leave me

Tired and in pain

I'm left with a longing I just can't contain

Maybe my brain is in disarray

These second-hand highs keep me going

Around in circles

And the aftermath stays with me when I open my eyes

I can still see the sunspots.