Set in the episode: Prisoner of Love. What if someone made sure that Jack wouldn't be able to give the anniversary-present in time? Someone that doesn't wants the two of them together. What would happen if he succeeded?

The Divorce?

Chapter 01


"Alicia!" Madeline Fenton called, as he saw her sister.

"Maddie! I thought you wouldn't come anymore," Alicia said as she pulled her into a hug.

"I'm sorry for getting you into this mess. I just needed someone to talk to."

"Doesn' matter. You sounded serious on the phone. What 'appened?" she asked.

"I don't know. It's just… Jack…" Maddie sighed.

"Don't gimme any 'just Jack's. What did that fool do this time?"

"He forgot our anniversary… again. For the 18th time in a row already. It's like he doesn't cares about anything but ghosts."

"I warned ya before, sis. Told you he's no good. Believe me, you're better of without 'im, then with 'im," Alicia said. "Or whatever that saying goes."

"Oh, I don't know…" Maddie sighed, resting her forehead in the palm of her hand. "I just don't know."


"Out of my way! Coming through!" a man known as Jack Fenton called, as he made a way through the mass of people. He was still trying to catch his breath. He had to run half the way to the airport himself to get his luggage back. Darn taxi's... Trying to steal his suitcase...

"I need a plane to Arkansas," he breathed.

The woman behind the pay-desk looked at him annoyingly. "What is your name?" she asked.

"Jack Fenton," he answered.

"Well, Jack Fenton, if you still want to get a flight to Arkansas, you'd might want to consider WALKING TO THE END OF THE LINE!!"

Jack blinked and looked behind him, just now noticing the line of people behind him. "Oh… right. Then I'll just…"

"NEXT!!" the woman had already called.

He bowed his head in defeat and walked to the end of the line. Looking at his watch and at the many people in front of him, he sighed. "I'll never make it in time now…" he muttered.

"Excuse me," someone said behind him, tapping on his shoulder.

Jack, startled, turned around and yelled: "GHOSTS!!"

"Ghosts?" the woman behind him shrieked, alarmed. She now looked in every direction, searching for any ghost at all. But there were none. She sighed in relieve.

"I'm sorry…" Jack apologized. "I didn't mean to scare you."

"S-scare?" the woman repeated. "I wasn't scared, just… unprepared. Besides, I should be the one who's sorry… Salcia Medendaal."

"No, I'm Jack Fenton," he said.

Salcia stood there for a moment. "…Ah… right…" she said. "Wow, he really is an idiot…"

"What did you say?"

"Nothing! I… err… heard about your problem," Salcia began to tell. "I have a problem myself. I have a private plane, but it can't fly because there are… ghosts in there…"

"Ghosts? How many of them?"

"I think three, maybe four. Now, I've heard all about you, Jack Fenton," she said, placing a hand on his shoulder.

"You did?" he asked, surprised.

"Of course! Your reputation is outstanding! The best ghost hunter in whole Amity Park."

"Well…" he started, blushing. "Just.. trying to do my job!"

"Of course. Now, I want to make a deal. If you can get rid of the ghosts, I'll fly you to… where ever you needed to go."

"Arkansas," he answered.

"I'll fly you there! Deal?" Salcia asked.

"Well… I could use this opportunity to test my newest invention..." Jack started.

"Then it's settled! Come with me. I'll show you the way to your deat-- I mean the jet!"


"Jazz!" Danny called, running to the living room with a present in his hand. "Jazz! Dad forgot his present! We need to give it to him before it's too late!"

But Jazz didn't even seem to hear him. She was more busy with the books she was reading through.

"I must have missed something…" she whispered to herself. "Dad isn't smart enough to realize his mistakes… I must have missed something… I must have…"

"Jazz! Come on! Snap out of it! We have to deliver mom's anniversary present!" he said, while shaking her shoulders.

"What? Danny?" she said, dazzled. "I can't… I- I was wrong…"

"Everybody is wrong once in their life! What is more important? Saving mom's and dad's marriage, or coming up with a reason of why you were wrong?"

Jazz stared at him for a moment. "…You're right. Let's go."

"Erm… Jazz…?" Danny started. "Can I borrow some money for the buss?"


"Salcia, I've checked it twice, but I can't find any ghosts in here…" Jack said, coming out the jet.

"You're sure?" she asked. "Oh but Jack, that's wonderful!"

"It is?" he asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Of course it is! You're the best ghost hunter I've ever seen! They must had run away the minute as they saw you! They probably knew that they wouldn't stand a chance to such a great ghost hunter like you!"

"But I wanted to test the Fenton Flashlight…" he mumbled.

"I'm sure you'll get enough chances to do so. I'll be honest with you, Jack. I'm the leader of the GFA. The Ghost Fighting Association. We catch dangerous ghosts from all over the world, and… we want you in."

"Why?" he asked. "I mean… great! Do I need to emigrate?"

Salcia started to laugh. "Don't be silly, of course you'll stay in Amity Park! Who else could guard the Ghost Portal!"

"You know about my Ghost Portal?"

"The GFA knows everything," she simply stated.

"And… what would I need to do?" Jack asked.

"The same that you usually do. We'll only call you if there's a dangerous ghost around Amity Park that needs to get back into the Ghost Zone. And we might call you sometimes, when we really need your help in catching a ghost. You have many great and dangerous inventions we could use, and since you're the creator of it, it will only be fair to let you use them!"

"Deal!" he smiled. "Speaking about inventions… do you want to know how the Fenton Flashlight works?"

"Erm… maybe later. We need to get to Arkansas, right?"