Author's Note:

I just finished watching the last episode of Danny Phantom: Phantom Planet. Now, I'm mad. Not only because it's the last episode… It's because of what they did to Vlad!! I'm outraged this is the end of our beloved Vlad Masters… Sooo… I'm thinking of writing a sequel. Tell me if you think it's a good idea and perhaps give me some ideas of your own. Also, if you have seen this episode, tell me what you think about it.

I made this chapter extra long, woohoo!!

The Divorce?

Chapter 09


After hours they were finally there. Jazz immediately ran to the building, checking what state it was in. Danny, less cheerful, grabbed his suitcase and started dragging it towards the mansion. Vlad followed him from a short distance and opened the door.

"I'll show you the way to your room," Vlad said.

"If it's the same as first, I can find it on my own, thank you," Danny responded. He began pulling his suitcase up the stairs, which… wasn't an easy task. Maybe he shouldn't have brought more then the Fenton Thermos…

"If it's too heavy, I can help you--" Vlad started.

"NO! I don't need any help! I'm… perfectly capable… of… dragging my own suitcase… upstairs…!!" he said, by doing so.

"I can see that," he responded, not that convinced. "Well, now you've climbed four treads, you only have twenty-six more to go."

Danny shot a glare at him. He began pulling on the suitcase again. Only, he didn't expect his ghost sense to go off… again! Startled, the suitcase slipped out of his hands, landing in front of Vlad. "Make that thirty," he said, amused.

Danny angrily walked downstairs again. Just when he picked up the suitcase, Jazz walked in with hers.

"What are you doing?" she asked.

"Dragging my suitcase upstairs," Danny mumbled.

"Watching him try to drag his suitcase upstairs," Vlad said.

"Danny! That thing is half your size!!" Jazz gasped. "Here, let me--"

"Why does everyone think I can't do this!?" Danny yelled, annoyed.

"…Because no one can," she answered.

Vlad put a hand on Jazz' shoulder. "Let him try. He'll learn soon enough. Now, about those books you wanted… If you would follow me…"

Danny was glad when the two walked out of the room. At least there was some peace and quiet now… He sighed and began pulling that stupid thing upstairs again. One way or another, that suitcase will reach his room.


"That bastard! I'm gonna kill 'im! Nobody hurts my lil' sister!" Alicia yelled.

"A-Alicia…" Maddie sobbed. "We don't know a-anything for sure yet… right…?"

"Honey, that woman was in you're house! Even if she lies; what would she be doing there!" her sister said. "Maddie… The fool forgot your anniversary 18 times… he's almost never giving attention to anything other then ghosts and now there's a strange woman in your house, saying she has a relationship with Jack for five years!? I dunno what to think, sis."

"M-maybe it's best to talk to him about it…" Maddie said.

"I'm gonna check if Little Harry can fix his car. Maybe it's best to get over it as soon as possible… And, Mad, just.. don't think you're alone. If anything happens, you still have two wonderful kids… and I'll always be there for you if you need me."

Maddie smiled and gave her sister a hug. "I know, Alicia. I know."


"There you are!" Vlad called when Danny came in. "I already began to worry…"

"You, worry?" Danny said sarcastic. "I want to talk with you."

"Go ahead, your sister is in the library, working on her project. I assume your suitcase is upstairs? I noticed that it wasn't something Danny Fenton could do…"

"I said that I could do it alone and I did," Danny glared. "I want to know what you meant back then."

"Back when?" Vlad simply asked.

"You know what I mean! You said that I might not be able to handle 'the truth'. I swear, if you had anything to do with my dad's disappearance then…!"

"I didn't do anything with him," the older man answered. "And even if I did… what are you going to do about it?"

"I'll…" Danny started. "I'll make you regret it for the rest of your life!"

Vlad laughed. "Is that the best you can think of. Honestly, Daniel, I thought you were more creative then."

"I mean it," he glared.

"I'm sure you do. Now, why don't you join your sister in the library. I heard that you have an assignment to do?" Vlad said, standing up from his chair.

"STOP turning around it!!" Danny yelled. "If you did something… anything it all… I want to know it, now!"

From only the look on his eyes, Vlad Masters could see that the 14-year old was deadly serious. "Very well…" he sighed. "It's not like you won't figure it out soon enough. I know this isn't going to be easy, but--"

"Hello?" a voice suddenly called. There, in the doorway stood Jazz, looking rather concerned. "Is… everything ok? I heard you yelling…"

"Everything's alright, Jasmine," Vlad assured her. "We were just talking about… cell phones…"

"Cell phones?" Danny repeated.

"Sounds… fun," Jazz slowly said. "Can I borrow Danny for a second?"

"Why?" he immediately asked.

"Sure, go ahead," Vlad said, a bit more relieved then it intended to be.

"Great!" she said, grabbing her brother's arm. Against his will, Danny was pulled out the room.

As they left, Vlad let out a sigh of relieve. He let himself sank in the chair again, letting his head rest against the palm of his hand. Maybe he should have thought out this plan a little more. For years, all he wanted is to get rid of Jack Fenton… Maybe he rushed things a little bit. The look Daniel gave him… he never stood still with how the rest would react if they found out that Jack died…

Suddenly, a head came sticking out of the wall.

"I'm alone, Skulker," Vlad muttered.

"Is something wrong?" the hunter asked, now phased through the wall completely.

"Nothing," he replied.

"Right," Skulker said, not sounding very convinced. "I want you to know that Salcia is back. With the present."

"That's great…" Vlad simply responded.

"There were some complications though…"

"WHAT!?" he yelled, jumping up. "What kind of complications?"

"I don't know," Skulker responded, smirking at the sudden alive appearance. "She only told me something went wrong. She's waiting in your lab though."

"I swear, if she didn't bring back the present, I'm going to bring her back personally," Vlad muttered, storming to his secret laboratory.

Skulker followed shortly after him. "Are you sure? There's a reason why she ran away, you know."

"Then she should have escaped with an other portal!" he responded. He opened his secret entrance and walked downstairs.

A red haired woman with bright green eyes stood in front of the portal, knowing she would be thrown back in there soon. She waited until Vlad and Skulker were right in front of her and took a deep breath.

"I'm sorry," Salcia whispered.

"It would help if you told me where you're sorry for," Vlad responded. "You didn't bring back the present?"

"It's right there," she said pointing at the table.

Vlad raised an eyebrow. "Then what is the problem?"

Salcia looked at the ground. "When I was there, the phone rang… I picked it up. It was Madeline…"

"Maddie called?" he repeated.

"Yes! She demanded to know who I was and… and…" She paused for a moment,

"And what!?" he now yelled.

"I… told her I was his girlfriend.. Jack's… For five years."

Vlad's mouth fell open. Skulker frowned.

"This is…" the halfa started.

"I know," Salcia moaned. "I'm SO sorry! I didn't knew what to say… I…I… Oh, just send me back into the Ghost Zone…"

"This is… This is… PERFECT!!"

Both Skulker and Salcia yelled: "WHAT!?"

"Think about it!" Vlad said. "If we say that Jack is having an affaire, we don't have to worry about his disappearance, Maddie will be easy to gain and Daniel wouldn't suspect a thing! It's something I could have thought up! It's genius!"

"Does… this means I can stay?" Salcia asked.

"Of course! In fact, I'll need your help. If you could come back tomorrow at… what shall we say? Noon? We can make a deal. If that's alright with you, that is."

Salcia was stunned. "Y-yeah! Sure!"

"Wonderful! Now if you'll excuse me, I have other business to attend to…" Vlad said, walking back up the stairs. "I assume you can find your own way out."

She stood still for a while, hearing the footsteps slowly dimming. It was then when it sank in.

"I can stay!" she yelled happily, "I can stay!!" She smiled brightly. "Well, I guess I'll be here for a while to annoy you even further," she said to Skulker.

"How wonderful," the hunter replied sarcastic, but couldn't help to smile when she wasn't looking.